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Song Submissions Are Accepted By These Radio Stations Around Tampa Bay

Song Submissions Are Accepted By These Radio Stations Around Tampa Bay

Tanoa Bay

  • WMNF | Community Conscious Radio
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: The proverbial creme de la creme of radio stations in the Tampa Bay metroplex for music. Posting a listing comes late as I didn’t find the submissions page sooner.
    The submission page highlights local artist content submissions, but the door is open for artists in general to submit music. WMNF let me know that:

    You can submit it to the music department, but also check out the schedule and shows, and submit it straight to the different programmers. We get a ton of music that way. Thanks
  • Music Tampa Bay
    Web Site ||
    Note:  This is a non-profit streaming/terrestrial station in the St. Petersburg, Florida area that takes music submissions from artists of west-central Florida (and central Florida). There is no submission page, things are handled through email; you’ll have to hunt on the site for proper contact.
  • Radio St Pete / Sunshine 96.7 Fm
    Web Site || About Page
  • 97X – Local Motion”
    We Site || Submissions Page
    0Notes: Tama By-based musicians, this is another for you. Thy play it up as A0pp-based. I eon’ know if his leads 5o any on-ar airplay on the tra0ditional broadcast station.
  • WURK 96.3 FM Tampa
    Web Site || Submission Page
    Notes: WURK changed operations this fall (2021) and is taking submissionsdigitally (MP3 via email.)
  • WZIG 104.1 LP FM Palm Karbor
    Web Site ||
    Notes:” Happy and upbeat music” with not much else said.
  • Waves of the Bay
    Web Site ||
    Notes: Hip-Hop, R&B, and raggae.
  • Smooth JazzTampa
    Web Site || Submissions Page
  • See Also: College – Florida,

Unseen Sund: Glen Clark, “The End of Something New”

This song reminds me of Phil Collins, “One More Night” in one way or another. I’ve heard it perhaps twice on Lonely Oak Radio since its release in May 2022. I was surprised to be tje first person to view/listen to the song through YouTube in late November.

Glen Clark is from New Zealand. That and indie status will explain things a bit. How you take to this tune is up to you.

A noteworthy conversation about spreading music with indie rockers Novus Cantus

While making music is art and self-expression, ri be ab independent musiciab abd get your completed works out into the soundscape is a different kind of personall forray han planned when recorrding. It’s also a business necessity to complement production and distribution.

The word is marketing. Public exposure to audio creation. It can be a heavy investment of tine and emotion. Success can lead to a financial anbd social windfall.

“It’s incredibly important for bands to be aware of, and include radio outreach in their marketing plans,” said Christian Herasimtschuk. Christian and his brother Alex make up Novus Cantus, an indie-rocl duo based in Albany, New York. “And yes, sorry, marketing has to be part of your overall game plan, even if you don’t want it to be!”

I interact with Novus Cantus on Twitter regularly. They’ve long talent interest in radio and music submission options I’ve compiled over the years. lowing they spend time looking into radio stations that accept submissions, and how it’s an uncommon thing to read about, I asked the pair a few questions about thier experience with radio and submitting songs. Take this as insight and enciyragement to other independent musicians who have yet to go down this route with their music.

in general: What musicians influenced you two into music?

When we started out we had influences that were all over the place – Your typical rock groups like Jethro Tull, Metallica, and Nirvana, but also more eclectic groups like Deep Forest, Enigma, Muzsikas, and Rusted Root. We would say that hearing Rusted Root was one of those major moments that we realized a sound similar to ours could be popular and successful.

When did the notion radio airplay was an option come to mind?

Back in 2004 when we recorded our first demo, we already had in mind that we should try to reach terrestrial radio stations in our area (Hudson Valley in downstate NY). We were a tad on the, how do you say, nieve side, however. It was a strange time. CDs were still popular, even though MP3s and digital music were on the rise, but people had to hear us to be interested, and on a larger scale that still meant brick and mortar radio. But terrestrial radio was already being carved up by companies like ClearChannel. We even brought a press kit with our demo to an affiliate station in Poughkeepsie. We had no idea that ClearChannel and its affiliates had no interest in local bands with no following. That’s not their business, to discover new bands; just play what brings in revenue. We had no clue, so that didn’t work out.

When was Novus Cantus’ first accepted, by what site/station, and for what song?

Our first CONFIRMED station acceptance didn’t come until many years later (we know, not the positive note y’all were hoping for). It was not until 2017 that our song Storm was played on a local (Albany NY) station, 97.7 FM, for the Local 518 Show” It really put some wind in our sails. Shoutout to Andy Gregory for his willingness to give us the time of day.

How has ‘Net radio airplay paid off directly for the band?

We have to say that internet radio absolutely motivated us to, at times, keep going when things were looking bleak. The internet really opened up a world of opportunities for us; we went from spending time printing CD labels, burning CDs, printing press packets and sending out via snail mail (and maybe hearing back from a couple of stations), to now having a consistent presence on certain indie radio stations online. The payoff hasn’t been monetary (sorry) and any band should be prepared for that. Sure, we’ve made maybe $20 in the past year in streams, but most of the indie stations that will consider you will ask you to waive your royalties. Our benefit has been purely through exposure, networking, and gaining a trickle of new followers with every acceptance. Plus of course, it looks great when writing the next station to show you have a reliable track record of being accepted.

What should a musician keep in mind before submitting music anywhere?

This is such a great question… and it’s a huge topic! But we’ll try to keep it short. Maybe the most important thing, is to actually see if that station is active. Life is hard – the people running these stations are human beings. This isn’t iHeart radio with computerized playlists that run 24/7. Check their social media, check their recent posts, and see if their streaming service is working. The same goes for truly indie terrestrial (land) radio – I’m looking at you college radio! These are STUDENTS running this thing. There are some semesters when station leadership all graduates, and boy, that ball gets dropped. If you don’t read any other part of this paragraph, read and remember this. It’s OK to contact stations directly!!! Are they on Twitter? Great. Follow and shoot them a message asking if they are currently accepting submissions. Are they ‘old school’ and only have a phone number? Call. Don’t hesitate, just call.

The second thing to do is check to see if you can contact a show’s DJ directly, especially if their show is in your genre’s ballpark and the music director is MIA or non-responsive. For us, because we decided to make music that’s a cross between Last of the Mohicans and Metallica, finding shows that match our sound has been super challenging, but we still try. Last of the Mohicans is an amazing movie, by the way (theatrical version only, please!).

What information have you learned to keep on standby for a submission (stuff to include in an email/form)?

Another great question. We, first of all, have a shared Google Drive folder with all radio submission materials (organizing your materials is a must) and in there are little nuggets we’ve prepped. This includes a short AND long version of our bio, AND an elevator version (super short) that a DJ can read on air when introducing our song. We also include, believe it or not, a 1-pager fact sheet about submitted songs. This is typically used for terrestrial stations as it give detailed information about each submitted track, including intro time before lyrics begin, max peak sound levels, and overall tempo/feeling. For internet radio, this isn’t AS needed but it doesn’t hurt to have prepared for a curated show. The last thing is a bit technical, but we also export various formats of our songs. By that we mean we export our song files in both WAV and MP3 format, with variations of the MP3 in bit rates of 320 kbps and 128 kbps. Stations sometimes specifically ask for one or the other… Lastly, TAG your songs – there is great freeware called MP3Tag.

What has been the most intimidating factor you’ve had in a submission?

Certainly listening to other artists on a station can be intimidating, especially if their songs sound more “produced” or radio ready. Our sound is niche as is, so hearing a song of ours like “Moon” and then hearing a really intense modern rock song makes us feel like fish out of water – but that can’t stop us, and it shouldn’t stop anyone in a similar situation who is reading this. Music sounding different is a GOOD thing, it just may take a while to catch on, and maybe not even get a lot of traction. It cannot stop you from casting a wide net… it’s actually even more important that you do so.

And the biggest disappointment?

The biggest disappointment was the lack of response from local DJs at the independent stations where we grew up. After repeated contacts, sending physical and electronic demos, we pretty much “gave up”. And I know, you’re not supposed to do that. But we are talking about TIME to put packages together and do research. We could be doing something else with that time. It doesn’t mean we won’t circle back again. But come on, how many times can you play the same Phish song.

Has airplay on out-of-town stations ever led to in-person performance requests?

Unfortunately, no! . ?

What station do you find as a must for submissions and why?

I would say that Lonely Oak is a great station for every radio campaign. They have a ranking system as well where they’ll note the quality of the track, so you get some feedback (I believe it’s a star rating) and even if it doesn’t rank high they give it a chance and add it to rotation.

How about the ones to avoid?

Yikes! We don’t want to make too many enemies but consider avoiding “pay-to-play” scams – particularly if there is no free option. It is different if an indie station is willing to play you for free, BUT also has a paid option for a longer rotation. Lonely Oak has a system like that, and it’s very reasonable. MPG Radio also had a system like that, but I’m currently unaware if they are still operating.

Speaking of pay… What about pay-to-submit? Some stations – locals – do that to cover costs…

[Christian]. I am okay with SOME pay to play situations. More so if they are a legit indie radio station, who will consider playing your music anyway but will boost plays in exchange for support of the station. Like, once again, Lonely Oak. I ALSO think it is wise for bands to open their minds to paid advertising on major platforms, such as Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, Youtube, etc. I start to draw the line when it’s just a promoter who claims “10k plays/streams for $50”, or joining this corrupt BS of profit-sharing between radio and labels. Pay to SUBMIT, we are even LESS open to, but would consider for a truly indie station that has accepted non-mainstream sounding bands. Yes, we have been burned by SumitHub several times. Overall “play to pay” as a concept… seems wrong. It should be about the art, right??

However, I also am trying to walk a line here because in music… promotion and marketing has become synonymous with “airplay”, which essentially is the definition of “pay to play”. Radio is so consolidated by the industry, and frankly corrupt, that one hand is just washing the other, and they pay to get their music on rotation 20x more times per day. Just imagine all the millions of indie artists in a metal trash can, while major labels are sitting on the lid, screaming at and handing gold bullion to radio conglomerates passing by. And we scratch the lid like “but we have talent!” while radio stations are like… “but… we are making record profits this way” as they take the gold to the bank and nominate Taylor Swift for 30 more awards.  And in the trash we are hoping by networking enough and getting a few spins on sympathetic indie stations we can “break out” of this galvanized echo chamber. Does that sound realistic? I know I make it seem hopeless – it’s not – but it is incredibly difficult and disheartening at times. It requires real PLANNING and bands do have to be careful not to, as a principle, avoid putting resources (money) toward promotion, which may include radio. It’s the only way we can get any sound outside of that damn echo chamber of a trash can to real human beings and potential FANS on the outside, away from the noise. And sadly, yes, some of these efforts will just be a waste of money and time. But I know from our experience that we wouldn’t have (almost) ANY fans if it weren’t for paid promotion. This of course does tie into the need to also perform live in combination with these online efforts… 

OMG this is better than therapy

And have any fallen into your listening habits?

Yes! We will turn on Lonely Oak, as well as the Local 518 Show, which is a program local to Albany, NY. Believe it or not, MOST of the time I listen to terrestrial radio in the car, and try to tune into the local indie stations.


To learn more about Novus Cantus, click here. Their latest EP album, “O Thou Man”, was released \ Thursday, December 1st for the 2022 holiday season. Their music is available through Amazon Music, Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify, and YouTube / Youtube Music.

A song for Tampa and Games 3 and 4 of the 2022 Stanley Ci[ Final

It’s debatable how fitting a sound for the city of Tampa Gypsy Star;s “A Night in Tampa” is. It may be a bigger argument when the sport of ice hockey and the Tampa Bay Lightning are involved.

In title and with a grand event involved – in this case, the NHL’s 2022 Stanley Cup Finals – it seems oh-so fitting.

Gypsy Star is not well known. They’ve shown an eclectic range if sound since their 2007, self-toled, debut album. “A Night in Tampa” is a song with a Spanish flare which seems fitting to Tampa and the city’s Spanish elements.

It is not a hockey sound, but that does not mean NHL fans who are into music shouldn’t listen. Hell, would I be posting if O yhought the song was to be dismissed?

TunedQuest: The Radio Music Submission Resource to Help Gain Airplay

Artists Will Discover Many Radio Submission Options for Music Here

Last Updated 14.4.2023

Promotion of the independent musicians art should not be limited to Spotify playlists. Musical submissions to broadcast or streaming radio stations is an intimidating undertaking and not a straightforward task to attempt, especially with how many internet articles are out there promoting the “best” or “top” stations to submit music to.

I started the following listing in the summer of 2019 and it includes many broadcast entities and promotional agents that accept music submissions as I have been able to find through search ebfine and sicial media research.

There are four sections: General, Genre-Specific, College Radio, and Regional, with each further divided into more specific options. The menu to the left provides quick-jump navigation to each section.
The stations and sites vary in their submission processes, as some cling to the arcane mail-physical-copies (CDs/vinyl records), while others make it easy with online submission forms and clear information requests. Simple submit-by-email stations are listed too but vary in how they want those emails

While pay-for-airplay stations are listed (along with a few pay-to-submit regional stations), it is the artist who is to be paid by commercial stations that pick songs up.

Most importantly, don’t wait for the official results of submissions before trying again. You are looking for success with your music, and that comes by way of airplay/exposure and listener reaction. Keep submitting and put your best foot forward as you do so, with the music you submit and the information you share with the stations/sites you deal with.

Notes listed with the stations are more submission info and not broadcast details or deep station details. Some notes are wild rambles– Hey! This is a personal weblog! I do that sometimes! The original TunedQuest lead-in is a good example!

And typos. You will find typos in those notes..

Ultimately it’s the links that matter and your submissions. Good luck!

Please Note

  • hile most category sections are alphabetically listed, the lists thensekces are completely random in order.
  • The listing order in the North American regio0nal section is an imperfect geographical order.
  • The college section contains all 50 US states and 8 of 10 Canadian provinces.
  • In the Regional category, a city will be listed if it has 3 or mlre stations or sites. here are 13 cities listed.


For more common updates or to just comment to me, follow me on Twitter. You can a; so comment on Reddit.


Major Networks ♫ Internet Rad ♫ At– Cost Other

Major Networks

  • Pandora
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: The addition of the Pandora streaming service was put off, in part, as I saw news that submissions upon publication through distributors was now possible.
    From my own experience, this is album submissions, not single tracks… And true album data needs to be provided. In my recollection, this isn’t new-only content either, so old albums and e.p.’s are up for submission too. That doesn’t mean acceptance though. That is a truth to music submissions anywhere.
  • SomaFM
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: They’ll take download codes from Bandcamp or download links from the common services like Deopbox, Google Drive, etc. They also want high nitrate MP3 files and not alternative file types.
  • SiriusXM Canada
    Web Site || Submissions Page
  • Fab Radio International
    Web Sire || Submissions Page
    Notes: This UK-based station is a broader radio service than it appears, with multiple channels that host multiple genres, as well as the online stream.
    The fon6rasting element in the depth of Fab Radio is the means with which you – yes, you – can submit music. High Quality (production, mixing) is pushed on the submissions page ane a file-size limit of 12 Megabytes.
  • BigTime Radio
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: They boast a very wide public reach. I did not go as thoroughly through the music submission process. It starts at a registration/memmembe4ssip sign-up, If I take a stab, notes will be updated.
  • CBC Music
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: I’m a little uncomfortable posting this one as their method seems to key in on programming — note a program with submissions. ^here is even a second submissions pate about program submissions. It’s a major Canadian broadcast company, though, so it’s worth exploring.
  • BWH Group Music
    Web Site || Submissions Page*
    Notes: Powerful PR opportunity BUT
    I was actually researching submissions to Indie Spoonful and they heralded BWH Music Group on their submissions page without giving clear instructions on how to submit. Ultimately, contact seems to be done via email (i t w a s a n a w k w a r d p r e s e n t a t i o n) but the format of the page made me move on without as much research.
    All that said, this is a big-shit company with several broadcast arms of net-based and terrestrial broadcasts. This is ultimately PR, folks. It’s business.
    I’m not very comfortable posting a PR page as a “submissions” page, I much prefer individual stations with streams.
  • Indie Radio Network
    Web Site || Submission page
  • HD Radio Network
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: They don’t elaborate on rules with submissions – single songs or full albums can be submitted. Be wise with fike- anr submission-quality.

Internet Radio

  • M3 Radio
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: “New Music” — less than a year old – “24/7, 365”. Submissions are via email and a download link. Seeing Iggy Pop was atop their weekly charts at the time of this post, it shows you are in stiff competition for airplay,.
    The charts of M3 Radio show they play a multitude of genres. They highlight the adds (new airplay) in Heavy, Electric, World, Hip-Hop, and Jazz. That doesn’t mean they don’t accept submissions (or add artists) in other listed genres though.
  • The Shift
    Web Sit te || Submission page
    Note:  This isn’t just music but also video submissions. The Shift TV promotes music videos submitted by artists. If memory serves correctly, you have to sign up for an account. Not a big deal, but time-consuming.
  • 113.FM Radio
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: But quite freeform, but close. At a casual glance,, it;s a multitude of channels through one site. What gets ion-air attention spans decades of nysuc histiry.
    In fact, you need to find the channelOsP your tunes would work on and tell them that within your submission email.
    MP3/WAV files submitted need to be a 320 bitratwe
  • Cheers to the Vikings
    Web Site || Submissions Page
  • Respect the Underground Worldwide Radio
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Form submission. This site is bigger than I know. I looked at genres listed on the submission form; when “Big Band” is listed along with many variations of common indie music, you know a station is covering a lot of stuff. You must be a member of the site to submit content, you also must be 18 or older.
  • The BIRN
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Origionally listed as a Regional station, while owned and controlled by a college, Berklee Internet Radio Network is four channels and devoted to music… Not to city or campus life.
    The station accepts physical and email submissions – with music download links and info included.
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Call it freeform, the site plays a world-wide variety of music (they alsop like their neighbors of central upstate Neew Yorkm but this isn’t a local only station).
    Physical copies of music can be mailed or digital copies emailed (MP3 files only, please)
  • BE 100 World Hit Radio
    Web Site || || Submissions Page
    Notes: I see “underground” in titles and descriptions of many stations/sites taking submissions and try to highlight indie music. BE 100 says they’re mainstream. My interest is piqued. “Diverse multicultural” music is another way of saying they are freeform with music.
    Submissions are via email and the files must be MP3 or Wav.
  • Catorweb Radio
    Web Site || Submission page
    Notes: Mixing submitted artists and traditional major musicians. I’ve had a habit of tuning into their online stream and catching Stevie Ray Vaughn’s songs more often than indie acts. Blame that on when I was listening.
  • KISS Radio
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Taking ew song submissions and promoting itself as playing today’s best…
  • BTD Radio
    Web Site || Submissions Page
  • BMS Radio Network
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Motes: A collection of streamig channels covering many music genres. I dom’t truly know how vide BMS Radio’s reach is They do
    have a Chicago arm (devoted to hip-hop/R&B) and most importantly, take pride in blending mainstream amd indie music.
    Sibmitting music is a process I did not explore in full… The submissions paqge asks tiy to submit tiyr bane/email for instructions
  • Indie Radio FM
    Web Site || Submission page
  • Indie X FM
    Web Site ||
    Notes: While the station is alll indie and accepts a variety of genres, litejijg shows pop/EDM (and high-quality production) drive a8rplay
  • Ths is tip-tier.
  • Indie Scene
    Web Site || Submission page
  • Lucid Vibe Radio
    Wbn Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: They’re upfront with requesting much music — 10 to 12 song submissions in a folder, submitted in email. They are also pretty clear in what they are looking for: We are looking for any underground, new age, lofi, instrumental, EDM, chillstep, reggae, acoustic music that speaks to your soul. There’s more info on the submissions page, but this gives you the gist.
  • Insomnia Radio
    Web Site || Submission page
    Note: There are two different submission options: Plain-jane send-us-your-music.
    The other option is sending music, album art, biographical data – stuff so you can be highlighted – but you also need to make the music available for download on the station’s site.
  • Indie Music Plus
    Web Site || Submission page
  • Indie Music Discovery
    Web Site || Submission page
  • Lonely Oak Radio
    Web Site || Submission page
    Note: I’ve written at length to herald Lonely Oak Radio before. In essence though, if you’re just starting out with going toward radio/streaming options as an independent musician, this is where to start.  Also keep in mind that they sort of introduce you to the fact that Twitter accounts can lead to numerous, automated messages aimed at major accounts (from stations your music is airing on in this case).
  • Mov’em Radio
    Web Sitee || Submissions Page
  • Excite Radio
    Web Site || Submission page
    Note: Submissions are to be done by way of social media
  • Radio Outlaw
    Web Site || Submission page
    Web Site || Submission Page
    Notes: I’ve seen this site prominently in web searches and… Well? Dopecausewesaid throws me off simply because of how it looked. “Dope Cause We Said” isn’t bad phrasing, but optics and grammar didn’t hit me right. Useless personal note, that one. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    The submission page is also a mite tricksy. A business pitch is prominent after the submission write-up, and so is popularity boasting. Between them is a button to submit your music via a form pop-up.
    So, what about what they’re looking for?
    They take a wide variety of genres – Pop, Hip-Hop, RB, Folk, Rock, etc. They do review music videos as well as music. It’s also worth noting they want submissions that are available online and in embeds, via Spotify, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and others.
    There are plenty of other do’s and don’ts that they talk about, but the most important one for the musician is to submit new music. Nothing older than three (3) months in age. Got it? Good… or should I say Dope, yo.
  • Desert Storm Radio
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Theu don’t discl0se if they are a free-form or j genres of music preference. If it’s on the main page or submission form, I did not see it.
  • Radio Avenue
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Devoted to more underserved genres of music sucj as Blues, Bluegrass, & Folk.
  • Cygnus Music
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Unless I read this wrong, they want file-download URLs (sent via email) AND hard copies sent in? It may pro e to be one-or-the-other, it may not (meaning you must do both).
  • The Funny Music Project
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes:The FuMP: wants pro-quality hilarity submitted. Funny songs are to be MP3sand will be listened to / voted on over two weeks.
  • WIGWAM Radio Online
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Open genre, fans of independent musicians. If they like what is sent to them through their submission form, they’ll play it, Social-media A friend holdsWigWam in high regard fast responses and his music getting regular airplay. Take a listen, take a shot with a submission.
  • Edge Radio
    Web Site || FAQ Page
    Notes: While this is a Downunder station, their multi-genre acceptance and goal to “helping new and emerging artists in Tasmania, Australia and around the world” led me to post their listing on the “General” section. Submissions are accepted physically by mail or digitally by email (with bio info, streaming links, and download links included in your mailing).
  • Eagles Nest Radio Network Network
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: I haven’t gone through the complete submission process, but Eagles Nest piques my interest as it takes submissions of content from the common services online for music Form submission. This was another station referred to me by a friend in music. Give it a shot, tell us how it goes in comments.
  • idobi
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Simple submissions form with the option to submit to a specific show on the station/network. They seem open to all submissions and don’t say a genre. I haven’t had a change o review the site as a listener, but their About page touts the site as “unfiltered” and “hardcore.”
  • Mizfitz Radio
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Submissions are done via email and the MP3s are to be in the high bit rate (320). There’s data you’ll have to include with your submission; you can find all that on the submission page.
  • Fresh on the Net
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: “One “new” track may be submitted. The track must be public on SoundCloud and you will have to provide acce3ss for this site (I don’t mean just a link). You will not be able to submit again for three months…
  •  Trend City Radio
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: While this seems to be a generalized indie music station, make sure you pay attention while dealing with song-submission. No, you don’t have to buy a service to submit music… That “Buy Now” button is for the social media packages they promote
  • Cypher City Radio
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: 30-day rotation. on submissions. They are forward regarding paying royalties. They’ll also post music videos…for a price. They also want album artwork with submissions as well as other ddgzilx.
  • FUNN Radio
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Email submission that comes with the caveat that you must provide the ISRC Codes of the submitted song.
  • Blackberry Radio
    Web Site|| Submissions Page
    Notes: For unsigned acts
  • Let’s Talk About the Music
    Web Site || Submissions Page
  • Sunlight Radio
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Utilizing form submissions, the site is looking for musical content – all originals – in the genres of, “Gospel, Reggae, Contemporary and  Jazz.”
  • Sensational Songs Radio
    Web Site || Submissions Page
  • Under the Radar
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Artists can submit a song and fand can suggest an artist. The submission fotm is rather simple, which may lead to email contact.
    Then again, maybe it’s a single song submission and I missed some info? I dunno… Take a chance either way.
  • Khlo Radio
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: In name, I mistook this for a terrestrial station. Nope, ‘net radio. The submission requirements are pretty simple I can’t say if they have a music-genre preference.
  • Bandwagon Network Radio
    Web Site || Submission Page
    Notes: Open to all genres coming from Indie musicians.
  • Bong Music Entertainment
    Web Site || .Submissions Page
    Note: Preference giess to urban Contempo r a ry, Alt/Undie too, vut all genres are accepted.
    Web Site || Submissions Page
  • Fresh Unsigned
    Web Site ||
    Notes: The submission process isn’t clear – no submission/contact page. There’s a contact form on the home screen… I guess a message may start the ball rolling.
  • Emendy Radio
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Note: A general station covering a variety of genres.
  • Skycast Indies
    Web Site || Submissions POage



  • MiRoc Global
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Music;omled to film can lave a mark deep, With that in mind and with how common movie-making has seemingly become, to be picked up for a soundtrack is not an easy feat, This site presents an avenue for a chance at ur.
  • NACC CHarts
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: The North Americam Vpllege and Community Chart is basically popular music in the public music sector.
  • Music Crowns
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: A music discovery platform, I may be wrong where I’m listing he site – it may be major a-la BN4IA.
  • California Music Chnel
    Web Site || Video Submission Page
    Notes: This listing may change in time, but it’s an aspect of music promotion that isn’t the general focus of this list: Music videos. The subject likely has a wide variety of coverage out there already, but in essence: YouTube and other networks offer playlist options a-la Spotify, with music videos being the focus.CMC is but one example
    GTP upload, License agreements… I don’t read the policy through. I did note CMC has other channels that nullify the idea this is a regional station.
  • MP3s for DJs
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: This one is a reach. I’ve never used it or known of it, and it seems named at labels and the top of the recording industry.
    You’re indie? Congrats, you are your own label.
    Submissions are via email with download links. Files are to be either MP3 at 320kbps or WAV. There’s more regarding how clean/dirty your music is, but I’ll let you read that.
  • Stingray
    www || Contact Page
    Notes: A form that supplies music to stations and stores. Simmons are by email, but no info is given on whar they want in an email.
  • Music Gorilla
    Web Sie || Submissions Page
    Notes: All about getting music used in other media (TV, movies, etc.)
  • Marmoset Music [Agency]
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: This agency was showing up in search engine results as I l0ked for radi9 stations. Open to everything musically — or at least their submission page says. Form submission
  • Girls I Rate
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Posted in “Other” because I didn’t look deep into the site to see if this is radio or blog. What I do know is a submission page is a form and, ladies, this one’s for you.


Jump to: B8g Band SwingBluesChill / Easy Listening Country ♫ ♫Ekectribuca / E.D.M. ♫ FolkHip-Ho JazzMetalPianoRock and RollTropical / Raggae

Big Band / Swing


Chill / Easy Listening

  • Ocean Radio Chill
    Web Site || Submissions Page
  • Chill Lofi
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: email submissions. They also ogger music video making.
  • Sleep Radio
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Based in New Zealand, looking to sedate with their chill. They even have an app!
  • Sad Chill
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: YouTube channel, not a radio site.
  • jazz Not. rock. Not hip-hop.
  • Calm Radio
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Multiple genres are open to submission here but listening to make sure you fit in is also a wise move. Albums submitted (sent in a download link in an email) must be 320kbps. Also include hi-res album art.
  • See Also: Regional – Southeast


Electronica / E.D.M.”>

Folk, Roots, and Americana

  • Folk Radio
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Based in the United Kingdom, they urge you to listen before you submit — does your folk music even fit on their station? Submissions of the digital variety are through email and download links, not attachments.
  • Folk Roots Radio
    Web Site || Submission Page
    Notes: Dabblines in the genres of folk, roots, Americana, singer/songwriters, alt. country and blues, this Ontario, Canada-based stream takes download-link submissions via email and hard-copies via mail.
  • Folk Alley
    Web Site || Submission Page
    Nots: Music submissions are to be in the WAV format, and also include relevant info (“liner notes”) in your email.
  • See Also:

Hip-Hop and R&B




Rock and Roll;;

  • Hot Wax Radio
    Web Site || Submission Page
  • Only Rock Radio
    Web Site || Submission page
    Note: Unsigned, independent musicians of the rock, pop (and likely alt/indie) genres.  It’s another station that’s a good starting spot to get airplay.
  • Rarity Rock Radio – Under the Radar Gems
    Web Site || Contact Page
  • Indie Rock Café
    Web Site || Submission page
  • Girls Rock Radio
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Gender-specific – girls only! They have a rambling submission page of do’s and don’t. Ultimately your options to submit music are via upload or by mail.
  • Woody’s Radio
    Web Site || Submissions Page*
    Notes: *ABOUT page, with the following submission info[ you need your own research before outreach” For band submissions please check out our DJ’s and email the one you see fit at their Facebook pages or visit them in chat and let them know that you fit their format!
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Submit music via the form. You’re also providing download links to your submitted song,
  • Punk Rock Demonstration
    Web Site || Submissions Page
  • Insane Realm Radio
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: They are pushing quality on their submissions page… In essence, don’t send a shit-quality recording. I’m not talking bitrate specifically here, I’m talking audio-recording quality. Your files also have to be properly tagged.
    it’s also notable that the station wants more from an artist, “The more you submit the higher your chances are for getting airplay and the more tunes we have of yours, the higher your chances are of staying in a longer rotation”.
  • Bifchh Street Radio
    Web Site || Submissions Page
  • Free Rock Radio
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Submissions are to be made through one of several listed third-party submission services.
  • Righteous Rock Radio
    Web Site || Submissions Page
  • Steady Rock Radio
    Web Site || Submissions Page
  • Primordial Radio
    Web Site || Submiddiond Page
  • Maximum Rock n’Roll
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Y9ou got o go old-school to rock with MRR: digital music submissions are not accepted. CDs, cassettes, or vinyl copies are the means for exposure through this route.
  • i99 Radio
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Alternative Rock in the genre in the broadcast. You can submit multiple MP3s via form submission
  • Solid Rock Radio
    Web Site || Submissions Page
  • Rogue Rock Radio
    Web Site || Submissions {ahe
  • See Also: General – Internet Radio,Genre – Tropical,; College – Illinois, Massachusetts
    New Jersey, New York; Regional – No0rtheast, Great Plains & Texas

Tropical / Reggae

Collegiate Radio

Jump to U.S.Canada World

Always r mmebmerL — the Music Director i almost always the person to go to in many cases or music submissions/ At the same time, they’re inundated with a lot of content and contact so getting a response to a submission to them – or any type of contact to them – is doubtful. I say this in part do to media-inquiry non-responses from several schools.

United States



  • WVUA – University of Alabama
    Web Site || Policy Page
  • WEGL- Unibersity of Auburn
    Web Site || Staff Page
    Note Director contact information is provided jere and no music submission guidelines or policy. Put your best foot forward with any submission.s:

  • KSUA – University of Alaska Fairbanks
    Web Site || About Page
    Notes: Only Music Director contact information is provided jere and no music submission guidelines or policy. Put your best foot forward with any submission.
  • Border Radio – Arizona Western College
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Form-submission that wants tthe details (and the Dropbox). No profane content.
  • KAMP Radio – U. of Arizona
    Web Site || Contact Page
    Notes: You are going to do email here It’s not straight, but it’s an avenue to explore.
  • KJACK Radio
    Web Site || Submissions Page*
    Notes: Student-run radio of Northern Arizona University. Music submissions are via email or standard mail. Put your best foot forward in the submission process .
  • KHDX – Hendrix College
    Web Site || Contact Page


  • KXUA 88.3 FM – The eclectic destination of the Ozarks. (U. of Arkansas)
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    High preference for physical copies, but digital copies are permitted (via download links sent in email)
  • “Arkansas Roots” on ASU – Arkansas State University
    Web Site ||



  • KSR – San Diego State
    Web Site || Submission Page
    Note: The process is different for other collegiate stations. This one is different as they want everything digitally.
    It’s San Diego State University and this submission page isn’t a form as-so-much telling you how they operate and giving you an email address to send music to (and the criteria it should follow)
  • KCR – San Diego State
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Another SDSU station option…
  • Fresno State Radio 90.7 FM KFSR
    Web Site || Contact Page
    Notes: I was thrown off with how I initially read the Contact page and latched on to “Submissions”. Staff with the station cleared things up by pointing me to the station’s FAQ page. You can email the station OR the listed genre director on the contact pag
  • KZSU – Stanford Unibersity
    Web Site || Submissions )age
  • KSJS – San Jose State
    Web Site || Submission Page
  • KSSU – Saceamento State University
    Web Site || Contact Page
    Notes: Sacramento State’s student-run, free-
    form station. Physical or email submissions are accepted.
  • KSPC – Pomona College
    Web Site || Submissions Pate
    Notes: East of LA, the community station takes download links or direct file attachments in email submissions.
  • KALX – University of California-Berkley
    Web Site || Contact Page
    Notes: You’re emailing thw music directors here. Don’t send files. Download links are likely the way to go. The contact page shows the station is inundated with music being sent to everyone. Be careful and wise.
  • KDHR * California State University, Dominguez Hills
    Web Site || Contact Page
  • KPoet Radio- Whittier College
    Web Site || Submissions Page
  • KWDC – Delta College Radio
    Web Site || Submissions Page
  • KSFS – San Francisco State
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Note: They prefer you email them links to your music. I don’t mean download oinks, I mean streaming olinks like Yo9uTube, Reverb Nation, etc.
  • KCSB – U. of California, Santa Barbara
    Web Site || Contact Page
  • KUCI – University of California, Irvine
    Web Site || Cpmyact Page
    Notes:   Intimidating; you need to call the music director to submit music.
  • KXSCC -University of Southern California
    Web Site || Submission Pag
    Notes: Commonly found in search engine results,  this University of Southern California station is a central location for artists and labels to submit music. The station accepts submissions by mail or email. It also notes contacting program directors with submissions may be something to consider.
  • KZSC – U. of California Santa Cruz
    Web Site0 || Contact Page
    Notes: Mail it in to the prper music director.

  • Web Site || Submissions )age
  • Mile High Underground
    Web Site || Submission Page
    Note: In Denver, Colorado. The submissions are in an email but the submission page will tell you what the deal is (the email to contact is at the top of the page).
  • Radio 1190 – University of Colorado Boulder
    Web || Submisssions Page
  • KVNF – Fort Lewis College
    Web Site || Contact Page
    Notes: Community / College station in Fort Hood. It is also only a Music Director listing with a music submissions reference.


  • WCNI Radio 90.9 FM – Connecticut College, New London
    Web Site || Contact Page
    Notes: Accepting submissions? Yes. Music file submissions? No. You have to send CDs or vinul.
  • WESU – Wesletan University
    Web Site || Contact Page


  • WVUD – University of Delaware
    vWeb Site || Contact Page
    Notes: Only Music Director contact information is provided jere and no music submission guidelines or policy. Put your best foot forward with any submission.
  • WVFS – Florida State University
    Web Site || Submission Page
    Notes: Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida. While they accept digital submissions (via email, while including links to stream-sources of music and download links), they prefer physical copies of music (CDs or vinyl). They’re an album-orientated station and use physical catalog stuff (meaning if you digitally submit, they’ll have to burn a CD if your tunes are accepted)
  • EVUM – University of Miiami
    Web Site || Contact Page
    Notes: There is no info disclosed on music submissions. It was a tweet that ;;ed me to listing the station. Submissions to WVUM follow the college default send-to-music-director.The tweet encoutaged locals to disclose that in their email subject line.
  • – Unibersity of Florida
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: A campus and regional station in north central Florida. Gorm submission is in place.
  • The WIKD 102.5 FM – Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Form submission with requested links. They also accept tangible submissions by mail. Thie fact this is a tourist region  adds weight to potential airplay.
  • WUCF – University of Central Florida
    Web Site || Contact Page
    Notes: I may have 5his wrong, but WUCF appears to be a Jazz station when it comes to music. As for submissions: CDs by mail. There is no true submissions page, but this submit info was on the station’s staff directory page:
    If you are a musician or a music promoter, please send all submissions to:
    Attn: Music Director
    12461 Research Parkway
    Suite 550
    Orlando, FL 32826
  • WPRK 91.5 FM — Rollins College
    Web Site || Contacts Page
    Notes: I feel horrible that I forgot Rollins College. I kvetched about a lack of music submission channels in the Orlando area and even said I had to look into schools. I’d been exposed to Rolins through TV new while growing up, and always tied to music.
    Open to all music genres, submissions are to be done physically by mail. They do not say what objects hwy accept (CD, vinyl, flash-drive, cassette) omo angles are available too (see the contact page – linked as “Submissions page” – above).
  • PanthersNOW – Florida International University
    Web Site || Submissions Page9
    Notes: Based in the Miami area, all submissions are to be emailed to generalmanager[at] I post the email addy because it isn’t up-front on the contact/submissions page.
  • WUTT Xpartan Radio – University of Tampa
    Web Site || Contact Page
    Notes: While submissions are tken thru email, no guidelines are olisted. The Music Director is also listed on the Team page but they did not respond when contacted for info.
  • Spinnaker Radio- University of North Florida
    Web Site || Staff Page
    Mpyes: No info on music submissions are on the page, only music direcror email address.


  • WUOG – University of Georgia||
    Web Site || About Page
  • Owl Radio
    Web Site || Submission Page
    Notes: Kennesaw State University’s student-run radio operation in Georgia. Owl Radio wasn’t coming up prominently in college radio searches…it appeared later on in general stream sites. It’s also a pretty straightforward, form-field submission page that is akin to generalized stream sites. That fact is highly notable as other colleges have avoided such things because of how many submissions they see.
    I don’t know if there is a preference for will-perform-live acts (local/regional performers), but they do inquire about this on the submission page.
  • WREK – Georgia Tech
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: The station gives preference to music on CDs or LPs (vinyl). They will take digital submissions but solid-submissions are preferred. Digital submissions are through email.
  • Album 88
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Georgia State student-run radio station.. New music and hard-copy mail-in mandate.
  • The WOLF Internet Radio
    Web Site || Submiddiond Page
    Notes: Email submissions, but the University of Western Georgia’s student-run station confused me with phrasing. They ake submissions from “local and unsigned” acts. Should this be read as local artists and generally unsigned acts, or local, unsigned acte of Georgia? Inquiring minds want to know.
  • SCAD Radio – Savannah CCollege of Art and Design
    Web Site || Submissiions Page
    Notes: They accep0t submissions in physical or digital form. Digital submissions are by way of emailing download links.


  • KTUH– University of Hawaii
    Web Site || Directors Page
    Notes: Only Music Director contact information is provided jere and no music submission guidelines or policy. Put your best foot forward with any submission.



  • KUOI – Unibersity of Idaho
    Web Site || Subniss Pageions
  • Idaho Music – Boise St. Public Radio- Boise State University
    Web Sites ||
    Notes: N9 submissi9n inf0 besi8des mail/email addresses.
  • Radio DePal – DePaul Universityl
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: This isn’t a submissions page” like most others with an extensive write-up tied to mailing or form information, this is just a contact form which takes attachments. It came up on generic search results for submissions pages so…
    Put your best foot forward when submitting — if you don’t paste bio info in the form, tell them that you’re willing to share info upon request.
  • WXAV Radio – Saint Xavier University
    Web Site || Contact Page
    Notes: Accepting submissions from “local and independent artists”… So, is that locals-only (Chicagoland area)or indie artisrs in general? WXAV told me it’s in general, all indie artists. Submissions are to be .WAV files.
  • WIMU – Millikin university
    Web Site ||
    Notes: A mailing address and a contact name/email are the only info provide
  • WMXM – Lake Forest
    Web Site || Contact Page
  • WSIE – Southern Illinois University East
    Web Site || Contact Page


  • WSND – University of Mpire Dame
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: This is for what is dubbed as Streaming episode 247 (is the follow-up e#365?). Rhe station itself is listed as Alt/Indie in genre, you should confirm before making a move..
  • WIUX – University of Indoama
    Web Site || Contact Page
    Notes: You are to make sibmissons to the music director, amd the door is left open on how and what to submit.
  • WGRE – DePauw University
    Web Site || Nusic Page
    Notes: Only submission info disclosed is a mailing addy. Physical copies, mmm’kay?long as you mail in the submission and i
  • WCCR- University of Purdue
    Web Site || Contact Page
    Notes: Accepting physical copirs in the mail.





  • wrfl. – University of Kentucky
    Web Site || Contact Page
    Notes: Multiple music directors are listed here – general, library, local – with only the local director calling for submissions. That does not limit who can submit music;. Non-locals should tarfet the general music director for airplay.
  • Rev0olution 92.7 fm – Western Kentucky U.A46
    Web Site || Contact Page


  • KLSU 91.1 SM
    Web Site || About Page
    Notes: LSU’s student-run radio station. The “submissions page” points to their Facebook page, where only an email address will be found. Do yourself a favor and research the station before deciding to submit. You may also want to try contacting the music director.
  • WTUL – Tulane University
    Web Site || Contact Page
  • DXSR Dolphin Radio -Delgado Community College, New Orleans
    Web Site || Submissions Page



  • WRBC – Bates College
    Web Site || Contact Page
    Notes:: You’re mailing submissions. They don’t say CD/Vinyl/Flash Drive, You could call their office to check th


  • WMUA 91.1 FM – University of Massachusetts
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Fair warning – this comes off rather blank. Yes, UMASW radio accepts music submissions (via email and standard mail). This pafge focuses on acce3ss to the Music Di3cdtor and does not list benchmarks to have with submissions.
    It’s a shot-in-the-dark. follow standards sett on other submission pages on other stations – add info in your email, make yourself accessible. It’s still a shot-in-the-dark, though…
  • WTBU – Boston University
    Web Site || Contact Page
    Notes: Only Music Director contact information is provided jere and no music submission guidelines or policy. Put your best foot forward with any submission.
  • WZBC – Boston Cp;;eg
    Web Site || Contact Page
    Notes:No submission ingo is directly available except contact info for music directors…ROCL music directors
  • WUMB – University of Massachusetts-Boston
    Web Site|| Info Page
  • WBRS – Brandeis University
    Web Site || Submissions Page
  • WSKB – Westfield State University
    Web Site || Faculty Page
  • Wildrfm – University of Western Michigan
    Web Site || About Page
  • WAAYN – Wayne State Universiy
    Web /Site || Contact Page
    Notes: Detroit, Michigan area school. The submission page is actually their contact page, They encourage “clean” submissions via email. Put your best foot forward here with the submission — include info on yourself, download and streaming links, and make sure it’s a high-quality song in a high bitrate file
  • Radio K
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Like KXSC and The Owl, Radio K has shown up pretty prominent on search engine results for general streaming/submission options. The station is a student-run organization at the University of Minnesota. They play music of the past and present, which is great for the listener but a challenge NEWfor the submitter.KUMM – Universirt 9f Jinnwsota-Morris
    Weh Site ||Contact Page
    Like many college stations, they take physical copies (CDs) of music. but also take digital copies (in .zip files, posted to a file-sharing site). It’s also relevant – and this goes for more than just this station – that they ask you to review their music (posted in playlists). If you stuff rits in with what they post, it should be a green-light for you to submit content.
  • KVSC – Saint Cloud State University
    Web Site || Submissions Page


  • Real Radio – The Voice Ole Miss
    web Site || Submissions Pate
    Notes: “Submissions Page” has a URL for a Google Docs page, you are to submit content through that


  • KCOU – University of Missouri
    Web Site || Contact Page
  • The U: UMSL Radio
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Digital submissions are to include a press release in PDFftorm. While they’re open to submissions from all artists, the PR-in-PDF might be taken as intimidating for a more casual artist. It’s a chore, but it’s worth doing (having a press release).
  • KSLU “}Myc Check ” – St. Louis University
    Web Site ||
    Botes: Gip-hop/R&B are welcome submissions, but iy seems you mail it in.
  • KDRU – Drury University
    Web Site ||
    Notes:Music submissions are simply an email link. Put your best foot forward.


  • KBGA – University of Montana
    Web Site || Su About Page
    Notes: You can only email the music director at the disclosed email address. No other info is clear.


  • KZUM – University of Nebraska-Lincoln
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes:  Accepting music “of all kinds” though the majority of their airplay is generally blues, Americana/folk/bluegrass, country, jazz, rock, and world music, “but with a little of everything sprinkled in.”
  • KRNU – University of Nebraska
    Web Site || Contact Page
    Notes: Contact the Music Director.

New Hampshire

New Jersey

  • WSOU – Seton Hall University
    Web site || Requests Pafe
    Notes: “Requests page” is a fitting place for submission info… You are requesting airplay. Jus’ Sayin’. 🙂
    Anyway, thw station asks for CDs firstly, but will take digital submissions. In both cases, send song lyrics too.
  • Radio Rutgers
    Web Site || Contact Page
  • WMSC- Montclair State University
    Web Sit0e || Contact Page
    Notes: They say it outright: They are an alternative Rock station. Submissions can go by way of fioe sharing links via email.
New Mexico
  • KUNM – University of New Mexico
    Web Site || About Page
    Simply put, you must contact the Music Director.

North Dakota

  • KNDS Radio – North Dakota State University
    Web Site || About Page
    Notes: Only the Music Director’s contact information is provided jere and no music submission guidelines or policy.

New York

  • WHCR – The City College of New York
    Wen Site || Submissions Page
    Notes Submissions are ultimate via email (or US Mail), but you have to find the right show first. The genres of the station are more urban – Hip-Hop/Soul/Funk/R&B/Jazz – with pop and World Music sprinkled in.
  • WNYU
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Accepting CDs, vinyl, cassettes(!), and digital submissions. Not in-person submissions. You need to contact WNYU’s Music Director regarding digital and cassette submissions, The Music Director’s contact info is on the WNYU Staff page.
  • WRHU Radio Hofstra University
    Web Site || Suhmissions Page
    Notes: Situated within the Cutt That Never Sleeps… The audience is not going to be just college school kids.
    They do not accept digital submissions. The reason I list them – as this CD-or-Vinyl-Only aspect is not a quick-solution 00 is the weight of the location and potential audience.
  • WCWP Public Radio – Long Island University
    Web Site || Contact Page
    Notes: “Public Radio that Rocks“, the station says its sound is diverse, adult-appealing,m and is on the fringe of mainstream pop and rock. Submissions are via download links or mailed-in CDs.
  • WUSB – Stony Brook University
    Web Site || Contact Page
  • WVBR – Cornell U.
    Web Site || Contact Page
    Notes: Submissions aare thru a song request form,
  • VIV Radio – Ithica College
    Web Site || Cobtact Page
  • WGSU – SUNY Geneseo
    Web Site || Contact Page
  • WSBU – St. Bonaventure University
    Web Site || Contact Page

North Carolina
  • WXDU – Duke University
    Web Site || Contact Page
    Notes: While the contact page will provide a multitude of contacts tied to music with the stusdent-run station, they want emailed-in music. If you’re up for that task, here’s the mailing address:

    WXDU 88.7 FM
    PO Box 90689 
    Duke Station 
    Durham, NC 27708
  • Wake Radio
    Web Site ||
    NotesSubmit via enail mentioned on the main page.
  • WXYC Chapel Hill – University of North Carolina
    Web Site || FAQ Page
    Notes Open to all genres,, signed or unsigned, local, national, or international. The catch is that submissions must be physical – CDs or LPs.
  • WASU – Appalachia State University
    Web Site || FAQ Page
    Notes:Digital submissions taken via email.
  • WWCU – Western Carolina University
    Web Site || Submissions Page


  • Black Squirrel Radio – Kent State University
    Eb Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: I’ve sought music submission info from Black Squirrel Radio for a yea4. Today [5.19.21] I find a submission form. They want original content.
  • Ohio Wesleyan Internet Radio
    Web Site || Sub\Contact Page
    Notes:For music submissions, please contact the Program Director and/or Music Director. ?
  • WNUW0000000000 Scope Radop – Northwestern University
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Hio-hop is there thing, make sure you follow the rules with what you submit.
  • WJCU – Joohn Carroll University
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes Cleveland based; music submissions are through YouTube…?
  • WXCU Radio – Capital University
    Web Site || Contact Page
    Notes: Private school in Columbus. There is no stated submission policy, but a mailing address is provided for physical music submissions and the Music Director’s email address is on the page0
  • WRDL – Ashland University
    Web Site || Contact Page
    Notes:Inquire by phone r email about submissions.
  • KXZY – Oklahoma State University
    Web Site || Contact Page
    Notes: They give submission-by-mail priority on the page but enf t with the note digital submission are accepted thru the music director.


es: Digital submissions via email… They’re environmentalists. I dig it. ???
  • The Lion — `tate
    Web Site || Submissions Page
  • Albright Collegr Radio
    Web Site || Submissions Page
  • WHIP – Temple University
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: They outright preach their need for quality. I’m not just talking good music but lossless audio files or high bit-rate MP3s. Don’t send vulgar music.
  • WIRH – Lafayette College
    Web Site || Contact Page
    Notes: Disc Jockeys make the call on airplay; The Music Director is who you should submit to, but know/contact a DJ who might play the song.
  • WUSR, 99.5 FM – University of Scranton
    Web Site || Submissions Page
  • WCLH -Wilkes University
    Web Site || Contact Page
    Notes: Yoou’l find music submission contact info on the right side of the contact page.
  • WPPJ – Point Park University
    Wev Site || Submissions Page
  • WIXQ – Millersville Universityy
    Web Site || Submissions Page
  • Da Cave Radio – WDKU Drexel University
    Web Site ||
    Notes: An overnight program, once-a-week. Submissions are :via email but nothing else is said.
  • Hear, Hear Rddio Radio – Drexel University
    Web Site ||
    Notes “[…] mostly folk, rock, pop, and electromib”. Sun,omissions are via email.

Rhode Island

  • WRIU
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: You are appealing directly to a disc jockey here, with a multitude of genres represented. Digital submission criteria is not listed more than that, so put your best foot forward (download links, nio info, etc(.


South Carolina

  • Wsbf – University of Clemson
    Web Site || Contact Pahg
    Notes: Only Music Director contact information is provided jere and no music submission guidelines or policy. Put your best foot forward with any submission.
South Dakota


  • WTSR TSU Radio – Tennessee State University
    Web Site || Submissions Page
  • WYXR -b University of Memphis
    Web Site || FAQ Page ||
  • WRVU – Vanderbilt University
    web Site || Contact Page
    Notes: Only Music Director contact information is provided jere and no music submission guidelines or policy. Put your best foot forward with any submission.


  • KUTX – University of Texas
    Web Site | Submissions Page
  • KVRX – University of Texas
    Web Site || Contact Page
    Notes: :”None of the hits, all of the time!” Ooooh, I like’em already! Outright they state limitations on submissions due to COVID-19: No Singles, EPsm, or physical copies. I believe you are emailing the Music Departmentm but it nay be another.
  • KTSW – Texas State
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: They want harf copies – CD ore vinyl – mailed to them.
  • Vibe Houston – Texas State University
    Web Site || Submissions  Page
    Notes: Hip-hop, R&B, and neo-soul.
  • Radio UTD – Unibersity of Texas at Dallas
    Web Site || Sub,issions  Page
  • KNTU 88.1 The Onee
    Web Site || Submission Page
    Notes: It’s a one-hour radio show on a college radio station, but it is locals-only in the north Texas/southern Oklahoma region. Open to all genres of music, submissions are via email.

  • Aggie Radio Uth State University
    Web Site || Contact Page
    Notes: Only Music Director contact information is provided jere and no music submission guidelines or policy. Put your best foot forward with any submission.


  • WWPV – Saint Michael’s college
    Web Site || Submissi
  • George Mason University – WGMU
    Web Site || Submission page
  • WTJU – University of Virginia
    Web Site || Submissions Page
  • WUVTT – Virginia Tech
    Web Site || Staff Page
    Notes: Physical submissions only. I liink to the staff page for music director reference. Their addy is linked there too.
  • WODU – Old Dominion Univesity
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: They want physical copies of digital files — USB Flash Drives – given to them.
  • WNSB – Norfolk State
    Web Site ||
  • WRKE – Roanoke College.
    Web Site || Contact Pafe
    Notes: No info on submissions, just an email listing. Research the station.

Aeis to be a physical-submissions thing.

  • KAOS Radio – Evergreen State College
    Wen Site || Submission Page
    Note s: Based in Olympia, they prefer physical submissions but……. Obviously they know that’s not in the cards as much these days as they have a submission form. The musical selection is up to their DJs, so while “anything goes” you might want a listen to see if your stuff will fit.
  • KBCS – Bellevue College
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Accepting a multitude of genres, full-length CD submissions are the preference, but MPP3s via email are accepted too. All submissions need to include a tracklist with explicit-lyric songs noted.
  • KEXP – Where the Music Matters
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Very long write-up; it’s a  blog-like post. Sit back, relax, learn some about KEXP – linked  to the University of Washington and based in Seattle – and the submission process. The station gets inundated with promo content and music, making it a challenge for the musicians to gain airplay. Streaming or download-link submissions are open as is tangible media submissions (CDs/Vinyl).
  • KUGS – Western Washington University
    Web Site || About Page
    Notes:I encpourage listens/time investment in the station before deciding top submit. Music submission is via email, listed atop the “About” page.

Washington D.C.

  • WGTB Georgetown Radio
    Web Site || SuAbout Page
    Send them to our offices in the Leavey Center and if you want, email the music director as well. Here’s the address:
    Attn: Music Directors, WGTB
    432 Leavey Center, Georgetown University
    Washington, DC 20057
  • .WRGW District Radio
    Web Site || About Page
    Note: George Washington University’s student-run station that runs 18 hours a day. Submission info is not elaborated on more than this on the “About” page:
    or digital submissions, please email music[at] For hard copies, drop them off or mail them in to:

West Virginia


  • WSUM – University of Wisconsin
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Only accepting pre-approved physical submissions. You gotta email/call and get a green-light to submit. That’s intimidating.
  • WMSE – Milwaukee School of Engineering
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: They want physical copies – CD, vynal, cassette – mailed in or handed in but digital is also taken via WeTransfer.


  • KUWR- University of W#yoming
    Web Site || Submissions page
    Notes: Wyoming Public Radio.It seAeis to be a physical-submissions thing.


Note: These arw community stations tied to colleges for the most part.


  • Cjsr – University of Alberta – Edmonton
    Web Site || Submissions Page
  • CJSW – University of Calgary
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Based in Calgary, Alberta, the station is now only accepting digital submissions (yay!) unless you are a “local” act (Calgary and I would assume other southern Alberta), they encourage physical as well as digital from locals.
    Here’s the thing: No singles. Albums and EPs of four tracks or more are preferred for on-air consideration. I may have read this wrong but I think they want both download (Dropbox) links and streaming links to go along with other data in submission emails. Check the page for more info. Submissions are via email.
  • CKXU – University of Lethbridge
    Web Site || Submissions Page

British Columbia

  • CITR – University of British Columbia
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: The station is in Vancouver, B.C. on the west coast of Canada. While the submissions-page link I used is for music, their official page points to a multitude of promotional options.
    They state a preference for physical copies of music — and no CD Singles — but will accept digital submissions. They’re picky about what they want — 320kbps MP2s, at least four tracks in a submission, and inro…lots of info.
    They also truly come off like college radio as they have a preference for local acts. It doesn’t mean this is a locals-only situation, but it does mean this is an opportunity for musicians in Vancouver and the Pacific Northwest. ..
  • CHLY – VHLY – Vancouver Island University
    Web Site || Submissions Page
  • CJSF – Simon Fraser University
    Web Site || Submissions Page
  • CHMA – Mount Allison University
    Web Site || About Page
    Notes: An email for music submissions is listed, nothing more.
New Brunswick
  • CHSR Fredericton
    Web Site || Submissions Page
  • CHMA – Mount Allison University
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: The good news is that this college/community station is open to all genres of music,has a Top 31 chart of submitted msic, and their library is open to the community. The bad news is: CD submissions only, no MP3 file submissions.
Nova Scotia
  • CKDJ – Algonquin College., Ottawa
    Web Site || Contact Page
  • CKCU – Carleton University
    Web Soye || Contact Page
    Notes: Taking digital or physical copies.
  • Radio Laurier
    Web site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Wilfrid Laurier University campus radio up in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. They accept radio-friendly submissions of either music singles, Eps, or full albums. They also want info about the band/artist who is submitting, so be prepared with your details when you submit content. 
  • CJAM – University of Windsor
    Web Site || Submission Page
    Notes: A border-area station in Ontario that is also picked up in Detroit. There’s a guideline article about content submitted. There’s also the stated fac they aren’t keen on digital submissions.
  • CIUT – University of Toronto
    Web Site || Contact Page
    Notes: Submission info shows up on search engine results for tje Contact Page but not on the page I post it here:

    To submit your music for airplay electronically please send to ciutmusicdepartment@gmail.omc
  • CFRC – Queen’s University
    Web Site || Contact Page
  • Radio Western – Western Ontario University
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Digital file submissions are a no-no; they want CDs.
  • CFRC – Queen’s University
    Web Site||Contact Page
  • LU Radio – Lakehead University
    Web Site || Submissions Page
  • CFUV – University of Victoria
    Web Site || Submissions Page
  • Radio – – Humber College
    Web Site || Contact Page
    Notes: Music submission go through another page that is linked Contact Page to on the Contact }age.
  • CFMU – McMaster University
    Web Site || Resource Page
  • CFRC – Queen’s University
    Web Site || Contact Page
  • CFRU – University of Guelph
    Web Site || Contact Page
    Notes: They want full EP/album sin,emissions, not single songs.
  • CHUO – University Of Ottawa
    Web Ste || Submissions Page

Prince Edward Island

  • CJLO – Concordia University
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Accepting digital and physical submissions of all genres, just make sure your contact is the appropriate director and that person alone.
  • CKT- McGill University
    Web Site || Submissions Page
  • CJTR – University of Regina
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: I am not marking this “Locals Only”, but the say locals and Canadians are preferred.

Turks and Caicos



  • Bermuda Coloege Radio
    Web Site ||
  • Wired FM – Limerick Institute of Technology
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Based in Ireland; and open to all music genres.
New Zealand
  • Flirt.FM – National University of Ireland
    Web Site || Info Page
    Notes: No info on submizzions, just the “Music Submissions” selection on the contact for,.
South Africa

Regional Streams/Stations

Asia AustraliaEuropeBirth AmericaSoyth Africa

While these stations denote locations, and regions, it remains vital in general to gain airplay and exposure. Explore submissions everywhere.

Most stations listed are terrestrial — traditional radio broadcasts — while some are ‘net-based \.Cities are posted in regions if they have 3 or more listings.

North America

Regopms: Northeast southeast MidwestGreat PlainsMountainsWest
Cities: AtlantaBostonChicagoDallasDenver IndianapolisKansas CityLos AngelesNashvilleNew York CityPhiladelphiaSan FranciscoSeattleTampa Bay


  • DC Radio
    Web Site || Subisaszons Page
  • Smooth Jazz DC
    Web site ||
    Notes: Email submissions; the address is on the home page.
  • WHCP
    Web Site || Submission page
    Notes: One of the early station listings, I need to review submissions again and better update this review.
    A Baltimore-based community station. I don’t know if they’re only accepting music from a local artist). With how prominent the station is online, I don’t think it’s just “locals”.
    Submitting to the station is more of a process simply because you must find the proper show/deejay to submit your music to.
    Unrelated to WHCP: Community broadcast stations (NPR affiliates) are also all over the United States. Some are locals-only, some will only take CD submissions. 
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Hip Hop and R&B in Baltimore.


  • WPRB 103.3 FM Princeton, NJ
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: They don’t accept digital submissions; you can call or email the music director but don’t just send music files! Open to multiple genres, look into the station to see if you’d fit somewhere.
  • WFMU – Jersey City
    Web Site || Submissions Page

New York City

  • NYC House Radio
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: You need to register to submit music. I didn’t. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    That’s not a wrong, it just leaves you unable to see what they are looking for outright from submissions.
  • Brooklynn Radio
    Web Site ||Submissions Page
    Notes: Submissions are via email. The notable submissions aspect is their request for a promo photo.
  • Radio Free Brooklyn
    Web Sites || Submission page
  • The Peak WXPK 107.1 FM – New York
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: They’re looking for original artists with “roots in New York’s backyard”. Consider that statewide and, not city-only. While it’s a  form submission proves, they don’t say much more than wanting original bands.
  • At-CosrWNYR – The Rock og Manhattan
    Web Site ||
    Notes: While it’s great to find a station in the City that Never Sleeps taking rock submissions, it comes at-cost. Seeing as the station resides in the media capital of .the world it is justified.
  • See Also: College – New York
  • WVKR – Poukipsie, NY
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: While you will have to submit by email or standard mail, submissions must be sent to Music Directors or the appropriate musical genre director. Check the submission page for all the contact info. Some of the genres: Classical, Electronica, Folk, Hip-Hop, Metal/Hard Core, and New Age.
  • At-CosrUpstate All-Starz
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Upstate New York.
  • WICB – Ithica, NY
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Accepting submission in rock, hip-hop, jazz, and local.


  • Boston Emissions
    Web Site || Submissions Page
  • WERS Boston
    Web Site || Submission page
    Notes: While I haven’t submitted music to the station before, I have had another indie music contact do it. The music did not have to be a new release.
  • Boston Rock Radio
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes:  Highlighting “emerging” artists/bands who are local (Boston, Massachusetts region), “national”, or mainstream – I quote national because I see this as US-indie rockers and not indie-in-general. One song – properly tagged and current – is to be submitted through the on-page form.
  • WBCA 102.9 FM
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Part of the Boston Neighborhood Network, the station is open to just about all music genres… As long as you are a Bostonian.
  • 92.5 The River – Homegrown Music Showcase
    Web Site || Submissions Page
  • Oh, Hello Boston
    Web Site || Submissioms Page
  • See Also: College – Massachusetts
  • 23 Moose – Augusta, Maine
    Web Site || Submissions Page
  • Generation NextRadio on The Rock 94.9 FM – Oshawa, Ont.
    Web Site|| Submissions Page
    Notes: “Generation Next Radio” airs multiple times a week on the station, and a live event show also happens… which you could be invited to. The submissions page doesn’t say if they take content from only certain genres or locations. It does say that they want a press kit link in your form submission.



  • 94.7 The Link – Atlanta’s Party Station
    Web Site || Submissions Page
  • V-1033 – The People’s Station
    Web Site || Contact Page
    Notes Hi[-hop. R&B, and a straight forward email submission.
  • WJZA 101.1 FM Smooth Jazz
    Web Site || Submissions Page
  • On Blast Radi Arlanta
    Web Site || Contact Page
    Notes: A PR station? That’s what it feels like… Free submissions unless you want airplay for sure… Then\n it’ll cost $5.
  • Hot 107.9 – Hotspot Atlanta
    Web Site || Sbmions Page
  • See Also: College – Georgia
  • Cool Jazz Florida
    Web Site || Submissions Page
  • Magic 101.3 – Gainsville
    Web Site || Submissions Page
  • 104.5 The Beat. Orlando
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Hip-Hop/R&B
  • 107 WBRR – Orpamf[
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Bpyes: Actove rock and metal.
  • Chill Lounge Florida`
    Web Site ||
    Notes: They aertrn’t up-front on submissions except disclosing means of contact, so I dropped them a line, and here’s relevant info on submissions:
    They are open to submissions from all music genre for review, with no restriction on age of the songs (it does not have to be new music) Digital submissions should be MP3s with a high bitrate. Files should have Artist – Song Name in the file title and all metadata within it.
    In my listening experience, the music is primaril yinstramental, dance/EDM, and Electronica, with the occasional Jazz number and other genres sprinkled in. If you are a folk, rock, country, RnB, or even just a piano player and have a chill/easy listening instrumental in your library, that may be your best chance for airplay You’re not restricted (instrumentals only? no) but this is a tough nut to crack.
  • DaOne Radio
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Urban Contemporary station in the Miami area. Physical submissions only, you are prompted to call for submission criteria. You also have to fill out a form they’ll provide.
  • Smooth Jazz Florida
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: You’ll need to do more research with this site as only contact info is pro died on their submissions page

Tanoa Bay

  • WMNF | Community Conscious Radio
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: The proverbial creme de la creme of radio stations in the Tampa Bay metroplex for music. Posting a listing comes late as I didn’t find the submissions page sooner.
    The submission page highlights local artist content submissions, but the door is open for artists in general to submit music. WMNF let me know that:

    You can submit it to the music department, but also check out the schedule and shows, and submit it straight to the different programmers. We get a ton of music that way. Thanks
  • Music Tampa Bay
    Web Site ||
    Note:  This is a non-profit streaming/terrestrial station in the St. Petersburg, Florida area that takes music submissions from artists of west-central Florida (and central Florida). There is no submission page, things are handled through email; you’ll have to hunt on the site for proper contact.
  • Radio St Pete / Sunshine 96.7 Fm
    Web Site || About Page
  • 97X – Local Motion”
    We Site || Submissions Page
    0Notes: Tama By-based musicians, this is another for you. Thy play it up as A0pp-based. I eon’ know if his leads 5o any on-ar airplay on the tra0ditional broadcast station.
  • WURK 96.3 FM Tampa
    Web Site || Submission Page
    Notes: WURK changed operations this fall (2021) and is taking submissionsdigitally (MP3 via email.)
  • WZIG 104.1 LP FM Palm Karbor
    Web Site ||
    Notes:” Happy and upbeat music” with not much else said.
  • Waves of the Bay
    Web Site ||
    Notes: Hip-Hop, R&B, and raggae.
  • Smooth JazzTampa
    Web Site || Submissions Page
  • See Also: College – Florida,
  • Radio Memphis
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: I could be wrong but the site appears locals-only. It’s open to all genres. The submission guidelines don’t say anything regarding digital submissions – just an email address.


  • Lightning 100 – Nashville
    Web Site || Submissions Page
  • It Feels Good Radio | WIFG-DB Nashville
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Urban/Adult Contemporary in nature with listed genre ideals of “Jazz, R&B, Gospel, Soul Classics, Neo-Soul, Caribbean, Blues, Motown and Tasteful Hip-Hop.” You can submit a track or two (radio-friendly onea) via email or by standard mail, but heed their instructions for music labeling.
  • RadioSoBro
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Twisting “Locals only”, it you are from Nashville or recorded in Nashbille, you are encouraged to submit (all music genres).
  • WXNA
    Web Site || About Page
    Notes: This station is an extension of WRVU – Vandy’s student radio – controlled by those related or friends-of those running WRVU.
    The stattion is freeform…but only taking mailed-in Physical; submissions.
  • See Also:

Great Lakes / Midwest

  • Indie88
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Toronto-based, this is Canada’s big-time indie station. It also has high-exposure levels when it comes to web searches for music submission pages, so keep that in mind; lots o submission you will be competing with.
    Submissions are via email – you send music links and tell them about your tunes. They do not say
    which services they prefer or if they want to download links. You should put your best foot forward with submissions — send a bio as well as a musical description.
    Notes: Via the station FAQ page: G98. 7 is delivering the first-ever Urban Adult
  • WYEP – Pittsburgh
    Web Site || Submissions Page
  • WFPK 91.9 Louisville
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Now, I haven’t reviewed the site in full to see if they take submissions on other shows, but in this instance? They want to hear from local acts in the Louisville, Kentucky area.
  • River Radio – 104.9 the River
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: This one caught my attention as it’s locals-only in the Columbus, Ohio area and its class of music is Adult Contemporary? You don’t see local-only going that route often.
    Submitted files are to b in the .WAV format.
  • North Coast Underground
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Cleveland/great lakes area. It seems an email/form submission combo (fill the form, send the files). It’s also original music alone; don’t submit covers!
  • Real 0106.1 – Cleveland
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Hip-hop / R&B for a show called “Homegrown”.
  • VomcyMusoc
    Wev Site || Submissions Page
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: I did not go deep through the site to see if this is locals-only or if the location name is just for name sake. They take more than music in submissions though., Submissions of songs, videos, photos, events, or other content is done by way of a form.


  • WNOU – RaduoNOW 100.9 Indianapolis
    Web S0ite || Submissions Page
    Motes: Po music station taking hard-copy submissions by mail.
  • WQRT-LP Indianapolis
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: They may accept wider submissions but in the instance, I crossed — it stresses the local element. This exposure won’t pay you back via royalties, but it gets you out there.\
  • Indy Underground | WTTS
    Web Site & Submission Info ||
    Notes: Mail in your music and a signed waiver to be heard on the weekly show.
  • See Also


  • Radio One Chicago
    Web Site |Submissions Page
  • Power 92.3 WPWX
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: An Urban Contemporary station in the Chicagoland area, the station uses a form submission tool on their site with little info otherwise. Best foot forwarded with the info you provide, file quality, and the song itself.
    Web Site || Submission page
    Note: While I have not submitted to the station or done a more immaculate review, it is very much worth noting this is in the Chicagoland area on a terrestrial signal as well as online.
  • WSRB
    Web Site || Submissions Page
  • See Also: College – Illinois
  • 88Nine Milwaukee
    Web Site || Submission page
    Notes: To compliment CHIRP, this station is in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. While the station takes submissions from anywhere, they also stress they’ll give at least one play an hour to local talent.
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: While searching for stations in multiple cities and regions the past few months WORT had a habit of popping up prominently in the results. Madison, Wisconsin isn’t in the Rocky Mountains, deep South, Northeast or on the Pacific coast now is it?
    The station will take digital submissions by email but they prefer CDs. Unlike other terrestrial stations taking submissions, they will accept songs that need to air after 10 PM (read: foul content/language).
  • KZ88 – Cabool, MO
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    In the Ozarks in southern Missouri, the community station is accepting physical and digital submissions. Oddly, the link-for-download is listed as the slowest submission avenue to use.
  • Hot 103 Jamz
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Hio-hop, RnB, and Urban Contemporary in K.C.

Great Plains & Texas

  • Flin Flon Online
    eb Soyr || Submissions Pahe
  • Notes:
  • Prairie Publice – Jome Grown”” Series
    Web Site || Contact Page
    Notes: Broadcasting to 19 stations from two studios in North Daajita. While I list the station, I haven’t reviewed shows or found clear submission policies besides the facto you submit to specific shows.
  • The Current – Minnesota Public Radio
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    • Carbon Soubd
      Web Ste || Submission Page
      Notes: Part of The Current. All genres are free to submit via form or by mailing hard copies.
  • KFAI – Minneapolis
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: They want hard copies 0f content mailed in.
  • KMOJ- Minneapolis Community Radio
    Web Site ||
  • 93xLoud & Local (Minnesota)
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: An hour-long Sunday night program that highlights musical artists and groups from Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. Form submission
  • .KRUI – Iowa City
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: While they sa they’ll take any and all music submissions from any and all sources (labels, indie, kids fooling around) they only take tangible content through the mail with CDs and vinyl preferred.
  • Radio NB
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes:  Texan radio station. “Americana”, but the only submission page information is an email address. They prefer physical CDs mailed in, but digital submissions are accepted (MP3 or WAV)

Kansas City

  • 90.9 The Bridge
    Web Site || Syvnussions Page
    Notes: Posted NIY submissions form is not working and locals-only is not confirmed.
  • KKFIL Kansas City
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: “New Music Submissions” by way of download-file or physc al submission, and can also play into acceptance or failure.
  • Hot 103 Jamz!
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Urnam cobtemporary.
  • See Also:
  • KJHK The Sound Alternative
    Web Site || Submissions Page
  • Texas Country Music Radio
    Web Site || Submissions Page
  • Texas Rock Station
    Wen Site ||
    Notes: Send in original tunes in MP3 format.
  • The Core 94! – Houston
    ||Notes: || Submissions Pahe
  • 97.9 The Box – Houston,
    Web Site || Submission Page
    Notes: Houston, Louisiana and Mississippi region artists and performers.. Criteria must be met and other standards apply to be considered for airplay. It’s the music business at work…

Dallas / Fort Worth0

  • Sun Radio
    Web Site || Contact Page
    Notes: Lnce listed as locals-only, “Sound of our Town”, it is now an open-submission listing.
    Submissions are to be done via emaiil with download links provided.
  • KDRT 95.7 FM – Davin
    Web Site || About Page
    Notes: An email addy is provided….without any other guidelines or rules.
  • Rock 92.7 Corpus Christi “Loud and Local”
    Wbe Site || Submissions Page


  • CKUA – Radio Alberta
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: My tendency is to post collegiate, community radio in the College Radio section. CKUA is the head of an entire network of stations throughout the province of Alberta. That’s a wide opporunity for airplay.
  • Big E Radio – Edmonton, AB
    Web Site || Submissions Page
  • The Colordo Sound
    Web Site || Contact Page
    Note: Indie music highlighting.Submit high bitrate files – 320kbps or above – via email.


  • KUHS Denver
    Web Site || about Page
    Notes: They take submissions by snail-mail or email. The catch is that you include the name of the radio show you are submitting your music for So know the station before sinmitting
  • MileHi Music
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: This Denver-area site piqued my interest even with missing context (What genres do they prefer? Locals only?). EDIT: Upon further review…this is a site aimed at the mountains/promoting musicians of Colorado.
    While the submission page lacks context on submissions, it pushes “Song of the Week”.
    A “Song of the week” is picked andf promoted…with a video produced to promote it. A video that will ge a paid advertisement for a week on Facebook. That should seem reason enough to submit music without caring about other factors, but I advise you to do some listening and better research on this than just knee-jerk, gotta-do-it reacting.
  • KS 107.5
    Web Site || Submissions Page
  • See Also: College – Colorado
  • KGNU  – Boulder, Colotado
    WWeb Site || Submissions Page
  • KBCZ 89.3 FM Boulder
    Web Site || Contact Page
    Notes: They disclose on the homepage that they take digital music submissions through the contact page without other info on files or submitter data. They also talk about scheduling and genres on the main page but I didn’t go through it.
  • Colorado Public Radio
    Web Site || Submissions Page
  • KRFC Radio Fort Collins
    Web Site || Contact Page
    Notes: They host a wide range of music genres, nut submissions appear ro be physical copies through the mail.
  • KUVO
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Colorado, be heard here.
  • KUPR 99.9 FM-LP – Placitas, New Mexico
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Seeking content from New Mexico state residents.
  • KBER – Salt Lake Soundcheck
    Web Site || Submissions Page
  • Downtown Radio – Tuscon, Az
    Web Site || Cpmtact Page
  • KWSS 93.9FM – Independent Radio
    Web Site || About Page
    Notes:A low-power commumuity station in the Phoenix area, their music focus is ib alt. rock, pop, and the indie variety. Submit tunes via enaul.
  • KWNK 97.7 FM – Reno, NV
    Web Site || Submissions Page
  • KLYZ 97.5 The Beat – Las Vegas
    Web Site || DJ Page
    Notes: A hit music station, their stated means of music submission is by contacting DJs. You’re competing with chart-music along with other submitting music.
  • Wyoming Public Radio – KUW
    Web Site || Submissions Page
  • KBear 101 – Idaho’s Only Real Rock Station
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Eastern Idaho-based station, this submission form is “4 Locals Only”. Those in the immediate region (Montana, Wyoming, Utah) may want to take a shot here too.

West /’Pacific

Los Angeles

  • At-Cosr KGUP FM Emerge
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Three things surprised me on this L.A. based station:
    – Locals only
    – A fee for musical submissions
    –  Dropping a (censored) F-Bomb to explain the submission fed options.
    Ir selected lots of: airplay. Yout submission must be single-length in time (not exceeding 5-minutes).
  • Power 106 KPWR – Los Angeles
    Web Site || Submission Page
    Notes: Hip-hop… Submitting here is one hell of a challenge… fo” shizzle…
  • KPFK – Los Angeles
    Web Site || Submissions Page
  • See Also: College – California

[Sorry, missing stations bwrween LA + SF]

San Francisco

  • KSFM – Sacramento
    Web Site || Submission Page
    Notes: They want it clean in your hip-hop’RnB/Urban song submissions, that makes so much F’CCing sense!
    The oddity is how they seem to want streamed-music as part of submissions (at least initially) and not files… That means sharing a YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, or other service link.
  • ||
  • OPB Music
    Web Site || Submissions Pahe
    Notes: O5egon Public Broadcast covers the state and southwest Washington state. It’s unclear if this is a locals-only station, though they do make it a note that submission emails should include whee they can see you play live. What is abundantly clear is the notion they are a digital-first station and want huge files – WAV being preferred. You can find that info on the submission page along with CD submission guidelines.
  • the detour radio network
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Affiliated with the Pacifica Radio Network, the detour is Free form – any and all genres.
  • KBOO – Port;and
    Web Site || Submissions Page
  • KYRS Spokane
    Web Site || Submissions Page
  • KZAX – Bellingham
    Web Site|| FAQ Page
    Notes low–0wer, freeform, community station. They are clear in listing info to provide with submissions.


  • Seattle Wave Radio
    Web Site || Submission page
    Note:   Catering to regional artists of the Pacific Northwest.
  • KBFG 107.3 FM
    Web site || Submissions Page
    Notes: By-mail or form submission The catch is this volunteer station declares on the main page they want to highlight quality local music. They don’t repeat that on the submission page…
  • Seattle Smooth Jazz
    Web Site || Submissions Page
  • See Also: College – Washington
  • 90.7FM KSER – Everett
    Web Site || Submissions Page
  • KPTZ 91.9 FM Radio Port Townsend
    Web Site || Staff Page
  • The BLOCK with Bryson Worden
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Bryson’s radio show is scheduled on CIVL in Abbottsford, B.C., and is open to new/fresh releases in all genres He’s not sweet on explicit content but it is acceptable. Submissions are through a form on Google.
    If you make the cut and gef featured on THE BLOCK, your music will also be added to the CIVL music rotation. More airplay/exposure.
  • Hi93 – Honolulu, Hawaii
    Web Site || Submissions Pagq
  • Hi95 – Kaui, Hawaii
    Web Site || Submissions Page




South Africa




Australia & Down Under

  • Bank/s Radio
    Web Sit4 || Submissions Page
  • 2SER 107.3
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Let’s go down under! 2ser is in Australia, Sydney to be more exact. They take submissions via email and will go as far as full albums. They also do interviews and other promotional stuff.
    I did not go through shows to see genres. They also didn’t make it obvious if they want Aussies and blokes down under alone (g’ day to the Tasmanians and New Zealanders out there(. It’s worth taking a shot with or at least researching more.
  • 106.7 PBS FM
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Confession — I crossed this site on search engine results and immediately assumed it was what Americans know as the Public Broadcasting Service… Uh, that’s television. On the radio, it’s National Public Radio (NPR). Oops.
    PBS is Downunder in Melbourne, Australia. They’re a direct form submission and say it — they prefer digital copies/submissions and would like to hear from local acts and the international community. You’ll need to include a press release or a bio with your submission to go along with other standard form stuff.
  • See Also: Cokkege – New Zealand


British Isles

  • BBC Music Introducing
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Registration is required, and I don’t know the depth of the processm but it was pointed out by others that you must be a resident of the UK to submit.
  • Express FM
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Portsmouth residents only.
  • In Yer Ears
    Web Site ||
    Notes: Radio show based in the UK. Music is submitted via email and that info is on the show page. I asked on Twitter for more submission info (genres, file format) and they replied
    Pretty much anything that is covered by the word Rock and Blues. Also happy to receive roots and folk submissions. MP3 and WAV files please.:
  • Radio Hartlepool
    Web Site || Submission page
    Note: Based in the United Kingdom, the station only accepts submissions of new music. All stations vary in their stance on how old songs and albums can be that are submitted. In this case, the station is very forward about the matter; it’s gotta be new.
  • Channel One
    Web Site || Submissions Page
    Notes: Unclear on the submission process — do they accept digital or is it just hard copies mailed in. You’ll have to contact them about new music submissions and get this clarified.


An Open Letter to Tampa Bay’s Pulse Radio


My intention was to send this to you through your contac and found out it was tong. This is business and not intended to offend

Take what I say here as 697 will:Each point is relayobely short… As I said, this was intended as email:

  • TBPR is unknown in Tampa Bay. If things are too averse to operating an ONLINE station right now, shutting the site and focusing on the media magazine would not be wrong.
  • The FCC-license idea needs to be held off. Get online operations going again, and build a local reputation. Then consider an FCC license.
  • It is HIGHLY recommended that TBPR explores LoneLonely Oak Radio for ideas on finance. I iss also highly recommended charging for submissions immediately cease. this site/station is unknown and not broadcasting… What are artists paying for? A potential Spotify playlistb spot? T That is wrong.

Social media involvement is a must. TBPR is uninvolved on Twitter. Following 13 accounts and rarely*posyomh has gotten the station 11 followers. That is not an agency or networking with other stations/media in Tampa Bay. Artists that TBPR picks up ship’d be followed – they may promote your Tweets, especially when you mention th4em.

All of this is written by a man on the outside. I don’t know staff of Tampa Bay’s {ulse Radio, or if this is a one-man show. Nor do I know personal challenges you face (mine arephsical; mind the typos). This is still a nnickel’s worth pf free advice.

Good Luck,
John Fontana

When Doubts and Dollar-signs Muffle Daydreams

I have the conflict between concept and cynic playing out in my head. It/s an empty daydream at the moment that inspires this contrast “♪ and probably will be for life♫”.

In recent months, I’ve thought to start a fundraising campaign tied to the rare genetic disease I suffer from, Neurofibromatosis Type 2, you can find reads about my plight with that here on Johnny Fonts. I tried to fundraise in 2016 at Raw Charge and had it fail with no network support from fellow hockey blogs or SB Nation. Or many readers for that matter. “Deke The Deuce” didn’, it died.

That was straight finance. My passing thought this time is purchase-of-music through a charity album.

A charity album of songs provided by independent musical artists the mainstream doesn’t know for a widely unknown disease? Oh, that has #FAIL all over it!!… or does it?

It’s just a thought. I have no clue on costs, artists who would agree to partcipate (tough I know performers I’d approach about this), or even the ideal medical institution researching NF2 specifically. I just know it’s a path creative and challenging. Especially for someone in the state I’m in.

I want to save others and fight the suffering, that’s grounds to seek charity… Can I achieve via rythem, harmony and goodwill? One can dream…

Consistant music in lyrics and genre, album art, costs, living with that black hole… The promo challenge to sell any music to make any mone… The list of challenges is intimidating, as is the doubts…

So is life with NF2.

I wrote these words 25+ years ago and they seem fitting here:

[…] And so, the damned strides on
Fear in his eye, courage in his heart […]

“Destitute”, circa Oct. 1996

It’s a daydream, and I may very well try it…

WBPM NetRADOP: A Living Relic of Internet Radio

An Internet Radio Relic Wxists With WBPM NetRADIO

Net radio is common, major companies and independent hosts with varying ambitions are out there. They stream all you may like ifro, the audio soundsca[e… You just need to find the right one..

Many took a footing in recent years, and all too many fell apart and failed due to lack of popularity or real-life issues. Shit happens, we all know that.

Yet some little-known sites are out there, unseen, widely unknown, and have been for decades. Decades. They have thier niche and are content with it.
WBPM NetRADIO in Tampa is an example.

It was founded in 2004. It ,ay use a four-letter lead in its name but WBPM NetRADIO isn’t an FCC-licsense station (WBPM FM is up in New York) I, personally, remember things about the site because of my own long-time writing history and my friendship with prominent Tampa Bay bloggers with prominent status and social connections.

In fact, WBPM NetRADIO’s web site is quite nostalgic in its design: It’s arcane; old. Site security is high in (in an HTML-basics fashion of the 2000s) within ab old-school, frame-based lavout. Right-clicks don’t work, no text copyinght, and email contact links are encryptions… or was in response to a click.
With an older design, the site is still a step above all too many radio stations using the Wix platform.
UPDATE: I never noticed the displayed email at the bottom of the left menu. No response at this time.

It’s old. The music submission page tells a tale of malicious s 0agubmissions that forced WBPM NetRADIO to cease taking email submissions. Music must be mailed-in on CD.

They have their niche though. Something works as-is with an ancient site design, an off-site, third-party broadcast, and a complete absence from, social media. Yet the site’s copyright is fated as 2021. That’s likely a manually typed date and not a produced by a content-management program (with an update to come).

WBPM NetRADIO is still out there and humming along in one fashion or another in its 18th year.

It’s in need of an update and upgrades though. The internet and online music scene has vastly changed and always evolves. Yhose involved within it should do what they can to evolve with it.

A minor adaptation on-site can help: Be more direct. From page titles to stating music genres played, it helps people find what they are looking for. I say “music genres” because WBPM NetRADIO says they play a variety of music on their submission page, yet I only heard pop/dance music when I listened. Oh, if MixCloud isn’t truly the station feed (if there is one at all) a “listen live” link pointing to the station’s feed would be beneficial.

In the end, an older general Internet radio station that calls Tampa home is (still) out the. I have no clue if these words will entice curiosity and site visits or lead to a much-need site evolvement from WBPM NetRADIO… They’re content in their as-os rhythe, or there would have been a change in beat long ago.

No beat from  Tampa Bay’s  Pulse Radio

Tampa Bay’s Pulse Radio is sadly in a still-beat [UODATED]

There’s a high likelihood that you’ve never heard of Tampa Bay’s Pulse Radio. This applies to almost the entirety of the Tampa Bay metroplex. While these words introduce you to an audio operation, right now you can’t hear it.

An arm of Pulse Media LLC and based in New Port Richey, Tampa Bay’s Pulse Radio is out to highlight the music of independent artists, but not in the locals-only play form like Music Tampa Bay and Radio St. Pete. Pulse only came to be in the spring of 2021 with the ambition to stream music online and in a terrestrial broadcast. There About Page wukk tell you more.

It’s flatlining though.

I found Tampa Bay’s Pulse Radio by chance last fall while researching college radio stations in Florida that accept music submission, Pulse Rado is not a college-tied property a-la WUTT Spartan Radio (University of Tampa) or SPC Radio, the music submission article just coincidentally came up high with that search.

There’s been no other media coverage for Pulse that I have crossed despite the fact an upstart radio property seeking an FCC license and trying to be big is a feature story.

It’s out there, but it’s not. The station’s online stream doesn’t load as of this writing, nor has it since Christmas week Why not? No explanation from TBPR on the main site, on their weblog (not updated since August) , or via social media…

In fact, they rarely post on Twitter (the more-common social media tool for radio), posting a dead-link the last time they did, while not

responding to questions and comments sent their way. That, and their Twitter account only has 12 followers while following 14 themselves. Not exactly ideal self-promotion there.

They’re on other, media platforms, including Spotify, but the fact is they aren’t going anywhere by way of it. Not when their involvement is nil.

The other killer fault for Pulse is charging musicians to submit music ($10 for up to 3 songs). Stations that accept submissions are bombarded with them, Add operational costs for the stations — many are non-profit voluntary operations – and you can understand stations charging for artists and labels to submit their music…

…which they don’t. I’ve only crossed a handful of ‘Net Radio stations true stations that do as such and one terrestrial, co,,unnity station that being in Los Angeles makes it a necessity.

For an unknown and struggling start-up to charge for submissions stops them except the few who have the cash and have the desperation.

I am not against a submission feen I’m surprised it’s not more common, but that comes later when you prove you have reach and the influence. TBPR lacks both.

Pulse Radio’s web site is well designed and flashes the station’s ambitions for success. Sadly, inconsistency in property management is part of Pulse Media: Pulse Media Magm Pulse, Radio’s sister, hosts its own web*version of TBPR intead of redirecting users to Pulse Radio’s site.

The way to look at Tampa Bay’s Pulse Radio and hold out hope as a listener, indie musician, or a curious and interested local, is to realize the tech fact they are in BETA mode. They’re still at start-up and getting things together while chasing an FCC license. Only time will tell when Tampa Bay’s Pulse Radio’s beat will start in full and how rhythmic it will be.

UPDaTE: I have had email contact with TBPR. Issues had and have come into play that have delayed resumption of airplay. They estimate being back on-air on or around March 1st.

An Opinion on the Best/Top Radio Stations that Accept Submissions

So…. You can find a sheer ton of radio stations and sites on a listing here on Johnny Fonts, offering so many options for listeners and artists seeking to promote their songs. Seeing so many stations is intimidating… Plus the “Notes” with listings don’t go in-depth about station reach and acceptance speed and other detail that would make someone WANT to submit.

To cut to the chase: What are the best stations and sites?

The answer is: There isn’t a “best”.

If you do web searches, you can find plenty of articles that say “top” or “best” stations for musicians. That immediately hurts things as it will encourage more artists to submit music. It makes it more of competition just to gain acceptance… And lets not even think about airplay.

That’s not faulting the stations. I’m trying to say that thw heralded stations have a tough job. All stations and sites playing music have this tough job.

So…? Should you submit music anywhere? Oh, hell yes! Everywhere your genre fits! Bulk is better than holding out hope on a hyped “top” station. While some stations will offer few listeners, having music played on multiple stations is better than holding out hope on one or two “big” stations.

I’d offer more advice on music submissions, but that advice varies from person to person… Just like “top” or “best” stations vary too. Just get your tunes submitted to as many stations as you can.

Name songs from the past years that fit the “relaxing…EASY favorites” label? [via Reddit]

What hit songs of the 21st century work best in the classic, laid back adult contemporary pop scene?

Unseen Sound: “Nothing Left to Say” By Michael McMillan

I caught this while listening to Lonely Oak Radio. “Nothing Left To Say” was released this month, and like too many songs I take interest in… I can’t find much on the performer. Michael McMillan is a common name – and a few use it on social media. Oh well.

Take a listen, whatchoo think? It reminds me in arrangement of Eric Clapton’s “Believe in Life”:

I added the track to the Underexposed playlist on Spotify.Not that the playlist gives much exposure, but I try. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No schema found.

The College radio/Music Submission Quest

Instead of blogging regularly my focus has been on researching radio stations and sites and adding them to the listing of where musicians can submit music. That listing is above 350 and the queue of sites to review/add is well over 200!

It’s work. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’ve been fixated on stations/sites that are tied to colleges lately. This comes in part as a preparation for the fall college semester… The fact society is breaking from social distancing and more students will be on campuses makes college radio an important target for those in the music field.

There are nearly 90 US colleges listed as of this writing and plenty to come… In fact, it’s a lack of stations/sites in states that has me pushing ahead.

And when I say “lack”, I mean “I can’t find friiggin’ options” for some states.

I have 38 states with at least one college radio listing. Of the 12 lacking states, I’ve be struggled with 11 of them:

  • Alaska
  • Delaware
  • Hawaii
  • Indiana
  • Maine
  • North Dakota
  • South Carollina
  • South Dakota
  • Utah
  • West Virginia
  • Wyoming

It’s not that there’s a lack of college radio in these states, it’s the lack I can’t find ones who have a public music submission process or a generalized music-director-contact option. Social media posts from years ago don’t count; things change.

I’ve spent so much time looking for options in some places that I have neglected researching/adding stations in other states… Especially the midwest and great plains states. I’ll have to do a better job and not keep pushing listings in a scant few states.

In any case, if you know college stations in the above-listed states that accept music submissions, please let me know in the comments or through other contacts. Thanks in advance.

No schema found.

Underexposed Sort Rock % Easy Listening

Underexposed Soft Rock & Easy 0Listwning; I’m taking submissions for the Spotify playlist via Twitter

Ease with the Chill of Cabela and Schmitt’s Single ” Lose My Mind”

Ease with the Chill of Cabela and Schmitt’s Single ” Lose My Mind”

How widely known the Nebraska-based indie band Cabela and Schmitt are, I dunno. I knw they have a devoted follower count on Spotify – 97,600+ as of this post – -and have a place on underground stations like Lonely Oak Radio. Do they have any reputation in mainstream music and pop culture though? I dunno.

What I do know is that I tend to like their arranfements. They can do chill/easy listening or boot-stomping rockers. It’s the chill tunes that catch my attention though. Case in point, their latest single, “Lose My Mind”:

It may be a re-release, as they did that with other singles lately, but that’s besides the point. Take a listen. You can find the song on , Spotify but not the other services. At least not yet.

Sight and Sound: Antheia Jayne, “Sweet Passerby”

Sight and Sound: Antheia Jayne, “Sweet Passerby”

Not that my blog is known too much as a place to discover music, or as I present to you one of artist Antheia Jayne’s 2020 single’s, “Sweet Passerby”. I’ve personally known her for a long time. You can follow her on Twitter and discover more of her on Spotify.

Are you ready for Super Bowl Sunday and A Night in Tampa?

Are you ready for Super Bowl Sunday and A Night in Tampa?

Gypsy Star releases a holiday music video, “Tale of the Mistletoe”

Seasona greetings, joyous yule tidings and all that jazz!!

It’s been several years since I posted about the folk-rock group Gypsy Star. I personally still listen to them regularly as I try to rekax or entertain myselg. Hey, I like their arrangements…

Anyway, yesterday (December 9_ the band unveiled its first release in three years, a little melody and music video for the 2020 Christmas season. The press release from the group is below. The music video follows it. Happy holidays!!

Season’s Greetings!Here’s a little something to get you into the Christmas spirit. We put together a video of our original song “The Tale Of The Mistletoe“.  Hope you enjoy it!Watch it here: The Tale Of The Mistletoe VideoWishing you and yours the very happiest of holidays and a healthy New Year!Gypsy Star

In search of Tampa Bay music for a Spotify playlist

The Lighter Side of Tampa Bay is a Spotify playlist I put together that is supposed to be the Adult Contemporrary version of chill; “relaxing, easy favorites.”

It originally was saturated by too many songs by artists, but I scaled that back to single-songs by artists I found and…and… It’s gone nowhere.

I know there are and were many recording artists in the Tampa Bay area, with some actively promoting themselves. I’ve never had one approach me to have one of their songs added. I haven’t gone on a search for content either as I’m busy enough and don’t listen to local shows that would highlight songs that fit the list.

I’m looking for tunes. I’m looking to highlight artists, and, most importantly for all, I am looking for listeners.

Ig you are an artist from West Central Florida with a song or music you think fits the bill, drop me a line on the Contact form. Tell me where you are from, if you’trr part of a group or a solo act. Point me to the song on Spotify. Do not submit explicit songs. Ig you happen to be one of the few artists on the playlist as-is and would like another song featured, let me know either in the comments on this post, through email contact, or on Twitter..

In both cases, it doesn’t have to be new music, but please submit songs from the past decade (210 at the latest).

If you are included on the list, I’d appreciate it if you let your fans know about the playlist. Listeners and followers is the key to gaining exposure – and royalties – for all acts involved.

Orlando radio actually does have a station accepting music submissions

Orlando radio actually does have a station accepting music submissions

Florida was and is a priority to me with music submission options because that is where I am.. Call me biased, but this is a personal weblog. Personal or not, the total listing radio and music-streaming submission options happens to now to be over 200 stations. Not all in Florida, natch ?.

With my station research and my Sunshine State bias, I got confused and frustrated with the fact that Orlando, the entertainment and tourist capital of Florida, seems to lack broadcast channels that accept musician’s submissions for potential airplay. I had only found one station – WUCF – and they only cover jazz.

If there is an open commercial or community radio station for musicians to send music, I have yet to find it. On the college-level, however, there is a broadcast station within the O-town region that is open to submissions of all genres of music. That’s something indie musicians should be happy to hear.

WPRK 91.5FM in Winter Park is the radio station affiliated with Rollins College, a four-year liberal arts college. While the station is accepting music submissions, the submissions are to be physical copies of music. IWPEK does not clearly state their music submission policy and their disclosed submission mailing address is on their contact page with staff email listed before it which means WPRK likely does get sent music via email, but there is no telling if that ever leads to airplay.

While WPRK is an opportunity for exposure in one of the population centers of the state of Florida, it’s a college station; the students and teaching staff involved with WPRK have more important things to deal with than reviewing submitted music and exposing in-state, national, and world talent to listeners (that school thing keeps getting in the way). This holds true for any college or university, and it’s always something to keep in mind with music submissions.

WPRK 91.5FM is still a chance that recording artists ought to take. Hopefully, you find a degree og success by way of it. working draft

Regional radio, music submissions, and the challenge

The radio submission listing here now stands around 200 stations/sites/options, some being general, some being genre, some being collegiate, and some being regional. Many more are out there in all those categories,  it doesn’t mean all will be listed. This post is about one such group of stations I don’t include in the list.

There’s a major broadcast network of regional stations that has affiliates all over the United States. In fact, I don’t know how far goes. I do know I’ve been aware of the network long before the radio/streaming post went live. I also know through experience that the network stations are not social figures who will answer emails of characters who want info before submitting. This is a business and they are pummeled by submissions as-is.

None of this is meant as a judgment against the stations, this is more a message for independent artists who might wish to take a chance and send a track or an album to a station-affiliate or multiple members of the network: This requires a top-notch submission effort on top of a top-notch recording that is being sent in. If your music is just a hobby, look elsewhere for airplay. If you’re trying to make recording-arts your career…? This is a required effort. affiliates vary in how they take submissions, if at all, with some willingly going the digital route by way of email while others require physical submissions of CDs or vinyl. That aspect is a truth for all radio broadcast sites though, as I’ve crossed so many at this point. I have not seen affiliates who take flash-drive submissions, nor do I recall seeing an affiliate who takes physical submissions in-person (though there very well may be in both cases). This is a business. You’re putting yourself in direct competition with the big shits of the record industry.

You may just try a bare-bones submission like you may have done with success to other sites and stations with mixed results or outright success… I don’t recommend that. I recommend a press-kit with any submission. Going by this site’s listing a kit is a lot less difficult than the intimidating name makes it seem. It is another example of how you’d be going pro, but high-quality versions of your logo and photos of you/the group are the biggest additions in a press kit to go along with routine content of a bio, links, and other relevant info., A press kit doesn’t mean sites will be swayed, it is just said to push the fact you need to come off professional/top-notch in your submission. I’d encourage this effort and info with all email or physical mail-in efforts no matter what station.’s affiliates vary in genre and saying such doesn’t tell you what genres. I apologize for that. I’ve crossed Alternative/Indie, I’ve crossed Rock, I’m pretty sure Country is out there. You need to spend some time researching the affiliates.  I’d do it for you but I have a queue of 150+ sites/stations to review. I don’t know how many more would be added by way of Likely a lot.

If you have time if you have an interest, here are the Google search results for affiliates taking submissions. Venturing to the sites will give you generally the same lead-in remark about music submissions before ultimately telling you how to do it.

[…] Policy Regarding Music Submissions and Programmer Access

1.  Programming decisions and music selections are made on a non-discriminatory basis.

That’s posted because if you explore submissions with them, you better get used to it and other constants you will notice..

It all comes back to putting your best foot forward and moving to other submission options after submitting to one or many affiliates. This is a truth with submissions anywhere: Don’t get hung up on one station, waiting on acceptance. There are so many options out there and your quest with all music submissions to broadcasting stations and sites is ultimately the same: Airplay and exposure.

If you’re an indie artist who has gotten accepted to a affiliate or many, post a comment below. Let everyone know which stations, what your act name is and what song(s) were you pushed. How easy or tough things turned out.

Music, Politic, and the Contrast of Eras

I have an album coming that I bought off eBay. I had to get this CD from 1996 because it features a track you cannot buy in MP3 format through the ‘net… At least I haven’t been able to find it. The song is Automatic Baby’s libw performance of U2s “One” at the 1993 inauguration concert for Bill Clinto.

Automatic Baby was R.E.M. and U2 in a collaborative performance.
It’s coincidental and ironic that I wait for the Childline album specifically for a song performed at a political event and now, 27 years later, a message has been sent by many titans of the music field – including R.E.M. – to keep unauthorized use of music out of politics. In essence, it’s a message for Donald Trump and his campaign staff who have partaken in this action for Trump rallies and political events since before he took office in 2017. It’s resulted in cease-and-desist messages over, and over, and over again from musicians and public comments by artists (example: Axl Rose of Guns n’Roses) but ultimately no legal actions that hold Trump accountable.

Knowing habits of The Donald by way of histenure in the White House, unauthorized use will continue with jealousy encouraging it. After all, Bill Clinton had music’s blessing, as could Joe Biden. Where are the big shits of music – people who perform music he likes – tftor support??? He wants and needs popular music to keep his base of supporters content too!

It would be rather fitting if the Automatic Baby cover of “One” got a prominent MP3 release in 2021 to commemorate the group’s lone performance…and more specifically to mark the completion of Donald Trump’s one-term presidency. We’ll see if that happens in the months ahead. For the moment, I get to rip an MP3 file as the Trump Administration continues to operate as if rules and laws don’t apply to them.

Contemplating curating a weekly Spotify Playlist

Contemplating curating a weekly Spotify Playlist

Spotify playlists are a hobby or something for big-name/big-reputation people to do, no? I can tell you the few I have done are a hobby. I have no reputation, nor do the playlists stand out and draw attention. Especially the underground Underexposed Soft Rock and Easy Listening playlist. That one is huge.

Yet I sit here and I’m thinking of trying a weekly playlist. Maybe.

I listen to Lonely Oak Radio and seldom cross songs that fall into a big queue of tunes that could make the Underexposed playlist and/or the Adult Contemporary Reddit community where I post most of the content. It ultimately amounts to me promoting indie musicians in my own way. If I have fans, I don’t know about it. I do know I have some appreciative musicians who I interact with on Twitter.

My weekly-playlist thought is a 10-song list of “relaxing and easy” tunes – stuff I try for in Underexposed – and perhaps highlight certain acts who I cross and enjoy (AirCrash Detectives, Cahela and Schmitt, and Icicle among others) as well as acts I know and have tried to highlight lik3 Gypsy Star.

The thing stopping me is the fact I don’t expect to draw listeners, let alone status-symbol followers. Why do a weekly playlist if you don’t have anyone who listens? Hell, it makes me feel like people don’t enjoy the tunes I pick out as-is (though the artists appreciate it).

It’s a matter of confidence. It would also help if it were an accomplishment that paid me back fairly which my endeavors in life never seem to do.

“Relaxing. Easy. Indie.” It’s a thought. I just don’t know if it will happen.

Cabela and Schmitt – Wounded World (with lyrics)

Cabela and Schmitt – Wounded World (with lyrics)

Wounded World by Cabela and Schmitt

I think you're sad and lonely
I know you're holding on
People hurt you, they will stare at you
Then they try to bring you down
They don't ever look inside
Afraid of what they'll find
Only wanna turn it all on you
I know you look for something
Something that'll last
I hope that you will find it
It will be the best
They may hate you
They may laugh at you
They may try to run you out
They don't ever look to hard
To see if they have left a scar
A trail of devastation or despair
Constant carrying a load upon yourself
Always loving with your heart
You live another day and push it all away
Always giving with your heart
A light shines down on a wounded world
A light shines down on you
A light shines down on a loving soul
A light shines down on you...on you
A light shines down on a wounded world
Alight shines down on you
A light shines down on a loving soul
A light shines down on you
A light shines down on a wounded world

“Wounded World” ©2020 Cabela and Schmitt; lyrics cia Genius Lyrics

The stage is set for a cultural event

The stage is set for a cultural event

In 2014 as I was deeply involved in hockey blogging, I was inspired to write a lengthy piece about cultural events after NY Post hockey beat-writer Larry Brooks made a remark comparing Team USA’s preliminary-round, shootout win over the Russian Federation at the 2014 Winter Olympics to the Lake Placid “Miracle” win by Team USA over the Soviet Union fomc 1980. I saw the remark, that it was Team USA’s biggest win since said-“Miracle”, as asinine in both a competitive and social contest.

Why social? Winter of 1980 was not exactly a bright and shining time in American history. In my w5iteup, I made the sodal comparison with music and the onset of the British Invasion back in February 1964 with the arrival of The Beatles. That winter wasn’t the highest time for the United States either. You can read the full write-up over at Raw Charge.  It’s arguable how good a piece it is, but it’s the social/cultural event remarks that make the piece relevant now.

In short, the stage is set for society to be slammed, in a good way, by a pop feat that will lead to change in one fashion or another.

I was a little taken aback by a comment in the 2014 article as someone tried to play up how things weren’t great. Oh, they never are; and Billy Joel / Aerosmith told us this in two classic rock songs. The moment we live in now is different, and vastly so, compared to 2014. In fact, it feels like partisanship and race (and taking issue with Barak Obama by way of it) were integral “issues” at that point, but that should tell you how well my memory is handling reflection on the time. Unemployment hadn’t skyrocketed by way of a mishandled (and now ignored) pandemic, that’s for sure. Racial issues hadn’t grown into a ravenous divide; that has been an issue that’s been growing since the start of the Donald Trump presidency (did you really think his anti-immigrant lust toward Hispanics and Latinos from Mexico and Central America was based on a “threat”?). America sinks on so many global measures and US citizens struggle more and more on the day-to-day…

If only for a moment forget the election, forget the coronavirus, forget the necessary Winds of Change. This nation could use a shot of pep right now. An accomplishment or an event in entertainment/sports that makes us turn away from the dubious infamy that rules 2020 and puts the psyche of America back in pop/sports culture on a united level.

The thing is, if it played out like The Beatles in 1964 or Team USA in 1980, an event in the now would be the onset of far more. The British Invasion was major in music history and the Fab Four alone changed the course of rock and pop music. Likewise, Team USA  helped raise the interest and social investment of America in the sport of ice hockey and sus the NHL. Is it the sport of the nation now? No, but that doesn’t change the fact the game’s growth in the US was helped along by Lake Placid.

While we could use the morale boost of an event, that doesn’t mean one is coming (though marketing may say otherwise). Likewise, it’s not necessarily something that would play out in sports, or music, or cinema and other entertainment fields… It’s something that’d make us all look away from the negatives toward a feat that captures the interest and attention of the masses. Something to invest attention in or rally around.

The stage is set for something like that… but can it actually happen? That remains to be seen.

Johnny Fonts on Spotify; follow me, won’t you?

Johnny Fonts on Spotify; follow me, won’t you?

Here you go, John Fontana on Spotify… That’s right, Johnny Fonts on Spotigy be here.

TunedQuest: How the Radio Music Submissuib Resource Got Started

No one has asked me why. Why has a traditional sports blogger with a reputation for covering hockey (and making typos… I still pull that off really damn well, thank you) published a list of radio stations? Why in God’s name (and Wayne Gretzky’s… Or Gordie Howe? Maybe Martin St. Louis is more appropriate? I’m a Lightning fan after all and Marty was oh my God!)  have I spent so much time building on that list? Radio’s dead, Spotify Uber Ales and my vocal other reasons to wonder, doubt, and put down the post of 150+ radio and streaming stations that accept submissions. Why have I done it?

The short answer is the same reason I started hockey blogging in February  2004: Ir I don’t do it, who will?

The longer answer is tied to my own want to get into music and get out there… and how it failed, like it has for so many others. Don’t conclude I’m a musician/recording artist who didn’t know how to get out there. No, I’m just a writer, a poet, a would-be lyricist. For various reasons, I can’t do more than that.

I still got close to having lyrics put to the song; I paired up with an artist who started talking extended-play album with me. This had been back in the spring of 2018. I was thisclose to being within the realm of music, all the while knowing the next step was to get the would-be songs out there through airplay. So, what I did was throw a few inside music stations I knew (by way of me helping the Pretty Voices get their 201t album, Jangulaar out into the radio world)  into a simple text file. I added a few more stations that I found in web searching, and I saved it to my Windows desktop.

Then nothing happened. Life drew the artist away from music, I moved on, and the file stayed on my desktop.

In July of 2019, a long time friend of mine filled me in on her upcoming debut single. I was surprised and thrilled I’ve known Antheia Jayne since the fall of 1997. I’d known she had a music touch for quite some time. I also know she’s an educated woman (to say the least), earning a Masters’s degree. I didn’t know her plans for the music, or how much time she was to invest in promoting the tune and herself in the music field now (her Masters is not in Music by the way).

I wanted to help with promotion, I didn’t know how I could be involved… up until I remembered the list. The text file was raw, so I threw together an excel spreadsheet (in a unique, sloppy, and raw fo4emat) and sent it to Antheia Jayne. I was left hoping success would come for her with the publication of Beta Life.

With the excel file and not much else going on. I’m not involved in hockey like I used to be, no one’s courted me to resume the practice (in a respectable, serious manner), my hands aren’t quite cooperating anyway. I also knew that I’ve crossed too many indie musicians (by way of radio, Spotify, and Reddit) who don’t seem to try to achieve or push themselves down the traditional broadcast avenue. It’s either playlists, forums, or a single music stream that they’ll take a chance on. How many artists (who have music published online through a distributor) know there are so many places to try to push their art? So, I took my little list, added a few more options I discovered on a casual web search or two, and put together a blog post. That was the start…

I keep going with that thing – researching station submission options has become my hobby. I rarely have musicians remark about it, but the rare remarks that do happen drive me to find and list more options.

Why is there a list of 150+ stations? There are other articles on the web that promote music submission options. The catch is, they provide limited numbers or just station-name and an email address. While my post doesn’t provide for every listing, there is more context (including experience in some cases) with the sites/stations. There’s also no “this is the best sire to try with” declaration because the music business is a busy and complex place and the best avenues for some turn into a dead-end for others. It’s important to know there are more options out there… That, and to always keep going and not wait for success/fails with one single submission at one station. That kind of practice will work against you if you want to go far.

While submission options for musicians is whar the radio/streaming post was created for, it also can serve as a music discovery tool for listeners (and free advertising for stations). While it’s tough to find some of the listed sites, listeners aren’t necessarily going to find the music those stations air on Spotify, Apple Music, or elsewhere.playlist

So, why did I do the list? Because the option was there, so why not? Because some people could use it and might find success through the chance the broadcast options provide. Or just because. Take your pick.

A Robin Hood limerick aimed at Donald Trump

A Robin Hood limerick aimed at Donald Trump

You can blame Will Scarlet’s taunt-limerick from 1991’s Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves for this one… Or perhaps you should thank the man who inspire it – and whom embodies it — Donald Trump.

There was a rich man
From Manhattan
Who tried to rule the country

He's proved a dope!
Every time he's spoke!
So shallow and so greedy!

Donald Trump’s spoiled-brat threat to shut social media after Twitter fact-checked him is what led me to think of the river scene where Will Scarlet, played by Christian Slater, recites a taunt such as the one above toward Robin of Locksley (Kevin Costner) at the start of a robbery attempt by the Merry Men.

It’s clear at this point that Donald Trump is no Robin Hood or Little John for that matter, nor can his administration be considered a band of Merry Men. While corruption by Trump and hi admin can be likened to thievery, and other crimes the idea of taking from the rich and giving to the poor is an inside-joke at best yo those involved with Trump.

No, no, Trump is a less-able version of Alan Rickman’s Sheriff of Nottingham.

Does radio in Orlando and Central Florida not accept music submissions?

[UPDATED 01.07.2022] Does radio in Orlando and Central Florida not accept music submissions?

As a Floridian as well as someone doing a boatload of radio and music streaming web site research for musicians, I need a bit of clarification or a straight confirmation and explanation about an oddity – well, I see it as an oddity – in the Central Florida music scene.

Orlando doesn’t have a station accepting music submissions?

I’ve done look-sees a lot on multiple search engines like Google, Lycos, Ecosia, and Yahoo, among other services, trying to find Orlando-ara music broadcast entities who take submissions for airplay consideration — local musicians only or from anywhere.  I’ve found jack shit in my searches. This does not include WIKD in Daytona Beach or DaOne Radio in Dade County, both of whom regularly turn up for searches aimed at Orlando. It leaves me a mite baffled.

As the tourist epicenter of the Sunshine State, I would think others might shrug it off – “people are just passing through, who really cares?” – without knowing the greater Orlando metropolitan area’s population is north of 2.5 million people. And with entertainment companies – major and minor – firmly investments in the region, you’d think that some of the local musicians would have an avenue of exposure (read: airplay) that could lead to so much more… Or non-locals for that matter.

With the region’s radio passing on independent music submissions, music given airtime is coming from major acts/those tied to established labels who market to corporations owning stations in the Orlando-area.

Valencia College in Orlando may have a radio broadcast but doesn’t publicly take music. The University of Central Florida, also in Orlando, has its own radio station. Up until this writing, I hadn’t found a music program tied to the station, let alone submissions. The station does accept submissions (info on this page) but may be limited in the genre to jazz.

Comparably, the greater Tampa Bay metroplex with 2.78 million populous, has six options – college, streaming, and community stations (I haven’t pushed searches to local commercial stations) that highlight local acts or take submissions from anywhere

I was going to go in-depth with the college radio situation in Tampa Bay, but all four local schools have radio and they vary in what they carry on-air, let alone how or if you can submit music. For the record: USF and St. Pete College radio accept submissions, The University of Tampa does not. I only just found Hawk Radio with HCC and have not searched deep enough. It also makes me wonder what schools I am missing in central Florida and if they have music submission options.

Back to the general topic of a town and radio: Others can tell you, and I’ve found out in research on my own, this is more common than it seems., Yet it’s also a fact this isn’t a sign Spotify killed the radio star. There wouldn’t be so many radio stations in society, let alone ones that take submissions, if everyone now relied on music streaming services.

It’s also more common than you’d think for a radio site (streaming or terrestrial radio) to have crappy search engine optimization and sus not be found in search results easily. That’s part of why I ask publicly for info about submission options in the Orlando region: It could be there, I’m just not going to find it on Google.

So… where, oh where, can musical artists from Orlando and beyond, submit their music in the central Florida radio broadcast area for airplay consideration?

UPDATE 01.07.22: There’s an answer or two to the question of where.
— WOMP FM 101.9, an Alt. Rock station has a music submission policy.
YHotHD is a hip-hop/RnB site taking submissions they email.

Others may be out there… Finding them is a task.

Ambivalent by Fowler’s Bluff (with lyrics)

Ambivalent by Fowler’s Bluff (with lyrics)

This song was released in 2013 by the indie progressive tock group Fowler’s Bluff, though I first discovered ut about a year ago. That’s local music for you…


Fell from a tree cast out from the garden of love...
Today's no different - than the day before.
Perched right here on life's - plateau
It seems I've seen this scene somewhere before.

Don't waste...your Someone else's life.
Don't waste...your Someone else'

Wake each day somewhat ambivalent.
Life is good, but there's more than this.
What matters most is what's most important to you.
I could use some help right now 'cause I don't have a clue.

Make up your mind...Ambivalence is not a crime,
but you'll time- a prisoner inside your own mind.

Sky cracks light renewing hope for the day.
You can't wish things were different- doesn't work that way.
The time is now - to do what's right.
You've clipped my wings- but I'll still fly!

Make up your mind...Ambivalence is not a crime,
but you'll still, do time...a prisoner inside your own mind.

Don't waste...your Someone else's life.
Don't waste...your Someone els

You never heard it: Chuck Eaton – Woman

I was listening to Broadcast Network for indie Artists yesterday, specifically their Las Vegas stream, and this song from 2009 came on. I looked it up on media sites and it had only 2 to 3plays depending on where you looked (a respective 5,427 on Spotify – the top popular song).

I like the arrangement; it has a great tone and feels like a song you would hear late at nights in 6he 1980s.

I do consider it Adult Contemporary stock. Give Chuck Eaton’s song, “Woman”. Tell me what you think in comments.

Here are the lyrics to the son.

By Chuck Eaton

If you love your wife,
don't leave her alone,
never be late in coming home.
Listen to what she has to say
and tell her how you feel.
Don't dare to deceive her,
she won't forgive you.
Enjoy your moments,
be friendly when she cries,
have dinner together every night.
Say that she's pretty
though years are passing by,
comparing her taste to wine.
Woman, there isn't explanation.
Woman, the mystery if love.
Woman knows the right direction.
Woman, the masterpiece of God.

A quick update and seeking input on Radio and streaming music submission options for indie musicians

With 100+ station/screams listed and 5,000 words, the C pos has become an immaculate reference point for independent ane small-time musicians who want to get yheir music exposed. I had started that list for potential pe5sonal use in 2018 and decided to post the (at the time) few station options as an o object of encouragement for musicians: Seek airplay in traditional media.

There have been two changes in the layout of the post in the past month – one was just “launched” today. Genre-specific streaming stations have their own “group” now. This move was made because genre-specific sites were part of the very long General section. Today’s change is the geographic division of the College Radio section. All the college stations were thrown in there in a generally disorganized way before today’s regrouping.

All of this may be a precursor to the post being broken up into three or fou5 posts. Stay tuned.

I ould use some suggestions on music genres and stations/streams to add. If you can suggest noteworthy college radio stations — small schools or major universities — to look into, that would be appreciated too.

An online location for musicians and local music fans in Florida

A long-overdue Reddit community started in November 2019 aimed at music and musicians from the Sunshine State. This Reddit community is a place to promote, discuss, and experience.. well, if the community grows. Right now it has only 3 members. That will change.

The situation down-under in song: The Silvereets –  I’ve got to get away (on a Hawaiian holiday) (With Lyrics)

The situation down-under in song: The Silverbeets – I’ve got to get away (on a Hawaiian holiday) (With Lyrics)

The Silvergeets are a Tasmanian indie group who I first crossed two years ago while listening on Lonely Oak Radio. This single was released just this past week (January 12th) and put onto media streaming on Thursday, January 15. It’s just shy of 4,200 listens on Spotify Who knows how it goes as the Northern Hemisphere learns of it…

The Aussie’s are haking in one way or another, Instead of taking responsibility, those in control are looking away or going away…


It’s getting pretty hot round here
It must be just this time of year
The pressures of work well they’re making it clear
I’ve gotta be getting out of here

Think it’s time for a Holiday

I’ve got to get away
Gotta take my holiday
Jetset off to Hawaii
Don’t think anyone will mind

Look I don’t understand what’s the problem
C’mon It’s not like we’ve hit rock bottom now is it
Sure With PR there’s nothing to see here
Hey It’s just the same as every other year

Nothing Unprecedented

I know I’ll go and shake everybody’s hand Yep!
Every boy girl woman and man, yep every single bloody one of them
That’ll fix all their little problems
MATE Just watch the Test that’ll get you out of your doldrums

Hope the smoke don’t come back again

I’ve got to get away
Gotta take my holiday
Jetset off to Hawaii
Don’t think anyone will mind

Gotta take my holiday
I’ve got to get away
Don’t think anyone will mind
It’s just the perfect time

I’ve got to get away
Gotta take my holiday
Jetset off to Hawaii – You left everyone behind
Don’t think anyone will mind

You think anyone will mind? You left everyone behind
You think Anyone will mind? You left everyone behind
You Think Anyone will mind?


It’s odd to remember “The Daily Show” having to be defended

It’s odd to remember “The Daily Show” having to be defended

I searched site traffic this morning to see popular blog posts here on Johnny Fonts.. Someone ventured to an old blog post I did in 2006 where I ranted in defense or The Daily Show. I also got reminded by way of that post that I had written a letter-to-the-editor at in defense of The Daily Show.

Seeing the St. Pete Times (now Tampa Bay Times) archives are no longer public, I’m going to quote my letter in full. Mind you, I can’t link to the Op-Ed that drew my reaction. It is likely online, but where? I’m not sure:

‘Daily Show’ is not a detriment

Re: Is “The Daily Show” bad for democracy?

What’s this now? Jon Stewart and his crew of reporters are turning off youth with their irony, cynicism and sarcasm concerning the antics of our elected officials?

I find it hilarious that the article in question thinks so little of the youth of America. We’re a generation of people whom elected officials tend to ignore and brush off. We’re a generation of Americans who have grown up through scandal after scandal (Iran-Contra, the S&L fallout, Whitewater, Monica Lewinsky, 9/11 failings, Valerie Plame, etc.) and the article in question thinks that a TV show with a humorous take on the sorry state of affairs in this country is detrimental to democracy?

No, sir. What’s detrimental to democracy is how little the older generations – especially the one in control – inspire the rest of us. It’s detrimental that the Daily Show, which bills itself as “fake news,” has been more biting and investigative than the mainstream media for the past six years.
— John Fontana, Palm Harbor

Letter to the Editor, St. Pete Times
Published June 28, 2006

In my opinion, there’s a lot more I should have said. More accountability was pointed toward government by the humor of Jon Stewar5, Stephen Colvert, Samantha Bee, and others ton the show. It seems funny — and stupid — a show with the intellectual weight that Stewart pulled off would draw criticism like the non-preference-linked column pulled off.

Stewart and crew didn’t dissuade. If they had, this blogger never would have written anything of a politically driven piece.

It’s January 1 and this is 2020

It’s January 1 and this is 2020

Appropriate and fitting. Happy New Year!

Looking for potential artists for “Johnny Fonts Indie A.c.”

Playlist curation does not take up much typing…

I’m talking big-time go-it-alone indie and unexposed artists. It may all be futile in the end as this playlist may never draw followers. Let alone listeners

If you’re on Twitter, submit songs in a reply to the above tweet. Only one song will b4 listed for any performer. Also, the songs must be of recent age (2 or 3 years). More rules may come up ir necessary, but that’s a nice starter set…

For those looking for the Adult Contemporary chart archives

For those looking for the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart archives

As someone who reflected on the Billboard Music chart archives to discover music as well as be reminded of classics from days-gone-by, I was a little taken aback gy the new paywall Gillghoard has put into place. Fees for access are growing common on the Interweb, but something like this?

Yike$!.Nice cost to reflect on history or find a reference to the past. Of course, the fee enables broader access than charts.,

There is a way to access the weekly charts compiled over the years by Billboard Music up until approximately September 2019. It comes with thanks to a URL and the Wayback Machine. Through the latter, you can access archived versions of web pages/articles. That comes off very hsndy when old articles are taken offline.

Though there’s a lot of content that is blocked now, in this article the access in the Billboard chart history is for specifically the Adult Contemporary charts. I’ve grown a habit of reflecting on those charts before posting content on Reddit, where I currently run the Adult Contemporary community.

The charts-via-archives won’t work right for every weekly listing Billboard has posted from the 58 years of the Adult Contemporary charts but you can get access to most Top 30 listings through these steps:

  1. In the table below, choose a year (1961 – 2019) and click on it. You will be taken to a week-by-week list for that year.
  2. Choose a week and click again, you will go to the latest archived listing for that week
  3. Look at the top of the web page and the Wayback Machine date listing on the top right of the page.
  4. If the listed page date is listed is on or after September 24, 2019 (which is when limits to the chart results began =) click on the left arrow next to the listed date.

Now here’s the archival web listing of the Adult Contemporary archives…

1960s 1980s 2000s
—– 1980 2000
1961 1981 2001
1962 1982 2002
1963 1983 2003
1964 1984 2004
1965 1985 2005
1966 1986 2006
1967 1987 2007
1968 1988 2008
1969 1989 2009
1970s 1990s 2010s
1970 1990 2010
1971 1991 2011
1972 1992 2012
1973 1993 2013
1974 1994 2014
1975 1995 2015
1976 1996 2016
1977 1997 2017
1978 1998 2018
1979 1999 2019 *

*archives of 2019 stop working as a full listing on charts  listed in September. Working archive pages may not be indexed for weekly listings earlier in 2019.


A forum devoted to the Adult Contemporary class of music

Sometime in 2011, the subreddit (read: forum) for Adult Contemporary music /r/AdultContemporatry, was created on Reddit. Despite the fact the class/genre of music is popular and has been decorated for decades with the titans of a multitude of genres, that forum never became much. In fact, it was closed sometime after the founding Reddit member (or Redditor) quit as moderator.

I’ve been a Redditor for about 9 years and while I’ve put myself in music in various ways over recent years, trying to run a forum was not my intention… up until January 2019. That’s when I applied for and took over /r/AdultContemporary. I’m looking for members to join me and help popularize the forum.

It’s a place to post music, share content, to talk to other fans… if they’ll reply. The 23 members who have joined the group since I took over don’t say much. Hell, I’ve been the one posting most of the content — be it songs from the past 50 years, playlists, articles, or discussion threads.

There are many niche forums on Reddit that can say they cover Adult Contemporary (be it /r/lovesongs or /r/softrock among others) but this is the genre in name, and the class of music is more diverse than a niche.

Anyway, I’m looking for people – be it fans, musicians, podcasters — to join me on /r/AdultConemporary. Indie artists are invited to promote musi on the subreddit, just heed the posting rules when doing so.

Wishful Thinking and a Ferris Bueller’s Day Off cast cameo

Wishful Thinking and a Ferris Bueller’s Day Off cast cameo

While I’ve long had the wishful thought of Matthew Broderick, Mia Sara, and Alan Ruck reprising their roles as Ferris Bueller, Sloane Peterson, and Cameron Fry, I admit right now that this concept is a reach. No, I’m not talking sequel… Not to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off at least. The idea is tied to a sequel of a movie released six years after the antics of Ferris but was also based in the Chicagoland area where Bueller is from.

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Not quite blogging — but updating one specific post

I have not been blogging so much as updating one blog post and researching more options for those who may take interest in said-post.
For independent recording artists looking to promote their music, Radio and streaming options for indie musicians currently has 67 listed stations and streams for music broadcasting that accept submissions. Not all of those stations will work as some are genre-specific, others are region-centric (locals only), and others are picky… Not to mention that stations that are submitted to ultimately may not accept…

It’s a game of chance. You gotta try. And keep trying.

There are more listings on the way, folks. I’ve taken some interest in hunting down other broadcast options through various search engines. It’s almost funny how different results can be betwee Google, Yahoo, Lycos, Ecosia, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc. for the exact-same search terms Ultimately, that article is meant to save others time on hunting down options for where to push their music. It remains to be seen if musicians will ultimately utilize it (instead of hiring a third-party, perhaps).

Spotify Playlists

Please note: Thiss page is not finalized, I also do take submissions, but a how-to process is not set.

Underexposed Sift Rock and Easy Listening

Think of this as an Adult Contenoirary/Chill of indie or small label variety. It iis also expensive at 150songs.

It is not updated with regularity. I had been addung so gs found when listenung to online radio.

I will accept submissions — but no EDK or hip-hop. Contact me and tll me you are makung an “Ybderexposed” submission..

Employing rock, folk, pop, coujntry, and instranentals.


Wondering about the Rock History of “Boogie Man”

It’s really a simple question of classic rock and roll and not something that would be focused on in interviews unless you’re deep in biographies or talking how-to with the performer/songwriter.

Was “Boogie Man”, from Aerosmith’s 1992 release, Get a Grip:…

…inspired by, at least in name, the instrumental classic “Sleep Walk” by Santo and Johnny?

Of all things Aerosmith is known for personally and professionally in music, “Boogie Man” isn’t a song of mass notoriety (even with a Grammy nomination) or a pop-culture element like the video for “Living on the Edge” was, or how the video for “Crying” propelled actress Alicia Silverstone to stardom. “Boogie Man” is a fantastic guitar-piece composed by Joe Perry, Steven Tyler and Jim Vallance; it does come off like what Santo did with the sliding guitar work the 1959 piece that’s lingered in history.

Seeing the boogie man is try traditionally a creature of the night like most sleepwalkers take to the task at night… well? Is that where the name came from? Has Perry, Tyler, or Vallance ever given more info on the backstory of Get a Grip‘s final track?

In search of Andy Hardy’s “Casablanca” parody-clip with Head Coach Sam Wyche

In search of Andy Hardy’s “Casablanca” parody-clip with Head Coach Sam Wyche

The late Andy Hardy was Sports Director at WTVT Channel 13 for longer than I know. In his last years in his role, the latest futility of Tampa Bay Buccaneers football was overseen by head coach Sam Wyche (we’re talking 1992 through 1995).

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Updated: The Lighter Side of Tampa Bay playlist on Spotify

Early this year, I unveiled a playlist orf Tampa Bay artists that could be classified as a chill playlist, adult contemporary, relaxing, whatever… It mostly featured artists that I’d crossed on Music Tampa Bay Top 100 lists from years-gone-by..

The nominee list for Creative Loafing’s 2019 Best of the Bay awards changed that.

I’ve been going through that list and adding songs that fit from acts I hadn’t heard o or been tipped off to. There are more acts I need to review from the list but here you go:

If you are a musician in the Tampa Bay area and think you have a song that fits the bill, you can submit it in the comments section o this post or through the site contact form. Playlist feedback from listeners is also appreciated (trolling is not).

Wishful thinking: Parody, Politics, and the Not-Ready-For-Prime-Time-Players

Here we are, Early October is when the Not-Ready-For-Prime-Tim-Players tend to kick off. Yes, folks, the next season of the long-run, late-night, skit-comedy series Saturday Night Live, will be kicking off a new, shall-we-make-you-laugh-your-ass-off? season shortly.

Meanwhile, the Presidential Administration of Donald J. Trump keeps playing like skit-comedy in its revealed words, choices, actions, and deeds. Sadly, with how politics reach and what they do to society, it’s not a laughing matter to mess up, screw up, or use shady tactics to try to solidify power while gaining personally at great cost to the public.

It’s ripe for parody, though. Alec Baldwin can tell you that. The veteran actor has been inspired (in the worst way possible) to play President Trump on SNL a countless number of times the past two seasons.

This season of Saturday Night Live coincides with the 30th anniversary of a movie that Baldwin co-starred in that mixed action and drama with politics and espionage of the Cold War. The Hunt for Red October is one of my personal favorite films and the only Tom Clancey novel-turned-film that I liked. I never took to Harrison Ford as Dr. John “Jack” Ryan in the two sequels, but that’s just me… I liked Baldwin’s Ryan (“I’m just an analyst!”) better than a typical action/thriller movie star like Ford taking up the role.

I keep having Red October pop into my head as scandals play out in the news. How one notable name in the current political dramatic climate rhymes so well with the name of the “phantom Russian submarine” that the film involves and its name is based on.

Red October. Robert Mueller.

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