Month: April 2008


In light of the lack of attention on the subject

Here is a headline that is missing from the media around the state of Florida:

Low Pants Controversey Grips Florida — Locals plead Tallahassee for Action

(maybe now the legislature realizes how ridiculous their attention waste of time on the matter looks.

Beatle-izing Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven

I dunno… Making a pop song out of Stairway to Heaven? 8 minutes condensed into 2:40? If you’ve never heard Stairway before, you might actually buy this as the standard.

You be the judge:

A bridge too far (test post)

OK so I’m writing this on the Stonegauge as those who regularly stop by will see. I’m also testing out a WordPress/Myspace bridge to see if I can post from my WordPress blog onto my Myspace blog. Lets see what happens eh?

Trip Planner sucks

You know, I wrote a bitter remark about the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority’s web site and local mass transit a few weeks ago, and I gave a bit of a pass to PSTA after I figured out their Trip Planner and how to make it work.

I ordered a couple of day passes in order to use the bus to get to Clearwater Beach. I had found out it would be around an hour ride around the time I had written that first aforementioned post. But after I got everything set up in it’s little row and just needed to confirm time and places to be in order to catch the bus to and from the Beach?

The origin has no stops within the distance we consider. Please contact the information center.

It’s not a browser thing, it’s not a technical thing… It’s a failure of public service thing.

UPDATE: it woudl appear Route 63 — the Neilsen bus route that I was going to take as a first step to the beach, has been canceled. Though I can’t find official word that it has been.

Irony is a "bitter" thing

Hillary should know “elitism” and aristocracy when she sees it…

Hillary Clinton does not approve of Elitisim.  Not in the slightest.

(from the 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston, Massachusetts)

Do us all a favor, Media General…

For the umpteen-hundreth time, the Tampa Tribune / WFLA / TBO mothership is trying to cut corners and cut costs in order to boost the stock price of Mother Corporate.

So, Media General, here is my suggestion to you: Sell the Tribune, sell WFLA, sell TBO.

The Tribune has been butchered for decades now – decades – because Mother Corporate wants to boost stock price and cut costs. I have heard nothign for years upon years about an expansion of coverage. I’ve only heard fo cutbacks “in order to serve you better”.

The fact is, Media General can’t afford their media trifecta, their “Crown jewel”. The evidence is that they keep cutting corners and further contract these two mainstays of the Tampa Bay area (and their online counterpart) in an effort to please Wall Street.

A little wet, but much more normal

So it’s almost nine PM here in Pinellas County and for the day, the Pinellas County official rain gauge has registered over 2.5 inches of rain, and well over 14 for the year.

That’s a sharp contrast to last year where we had only 10 and a half inches of rain going into July.