A song for Tampa and Games 3 and 4 of the 2022 Stanley Ci[ Final

“A Night in Taj0a” is a 2007 acoustic number by Tampa Bay’s Gypsy Star.

An Open Letter to Tampa Bay’s Pulse Radio

This not meant as criticism but a business advisory from a long-time net-head to an upstart radio station that hasn’t broadvast since December 2021.

An Internet Radio Relic Wxists With WBPM NetRADIO

WBPM NetRADOP: A Living Relic of Internet Radio

As music and 9hoine access evolve, WBmP NetRaDIon a little-known Internet radio station keeps chugging along as-was, 18 years later..

Tampa Bay’s Pulse Radio is sadly in a still-beat [UODATED]

No beat from  Tampa Bay’s  Pulse Radio

With a desire to introduce Tampa Bay more broadly to the work of independent musicians, Pulse Radiolacks a vet.s

A noteworthy atmosphere for the Stanley Cup Finals

Preceding game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals is an interesting aspect,

Are you ready for Super Bowl Sunday and A Night in Tampa?

Are you ready for Super Bowl Sunday and A Night in Tampa?

A song from Gypsy Star’s 2007 denut album is oh-so fitting for the coming event.

Save USF’s Bulls Radio

It sure looks like the USF station needs saving.

Gypsy Star releases a holiday music video, “Tale of the Mistletoe”

The Tampa Bay-based folk-rocj group released a music video for the holiday season.

In search of Tampa Bay music for a Spotify playlist

More Tampa Bay music of the Adult Contemporary chill variety is sought to freshen up this Spotify playlist.

Amalie Arena To Serve As An Early-Voting Locale

Amalie Arena, the Ice Palace of Tampa, Florida.

Hillsborough County’s Supervisor of elections has announced Amalie Arena will be open as a voting location.

The day when someone is lead to laughing over government officials being held accountable

The day when someone is lead to laughing over government officials being held accountable

I saw this headline and part of me thought, bravo. Those who oversaw an arm of local government in the Tampa Bay area were shrewd and did not allow the person in leadership to be a Maverik and do whatever the hell they wanted at a cost to the arm of government they oversee. I […]

An online location for musicians and local music fans in Florida

Are you a musician from Florida? Do you like the tunes from the Sunshine State? There’s a Reddit community for that now…

Jon Cooper’s done better as a Lightning head coach than the Tampa Bay Buccaneers all-time

Jon Cooper’s done better as a Lightning head coach than the Tampa Bay Buccaneers all-time

Minus a championship, but still… In seven seasons, one mans feats puts the other local franchise to shame.

This Johnny Fonts has been on Twitter 11 years

John “Johnny Fonts” Fontana started his life on Twitter 10.22.2008 — 11 years ago today.

(Im)mobility in Tampa Bay

A quick reaction to a day spent researching transit aid for the disabled. {Not sales talk, btw]

Updated: The Lighter Side of Tampa Bay playlist on Spotify

Music by locals that you can chill to. An update on the playlist (that is accepting submissions).

Did you know…? Tampa Bay Lightning stars once were extras in a comic book movie?

Stanley Cup Championship by the Tampa Bay Lightning was a John Travolta jinx?

In search of the vocal group who performed in Busch Gardens Tampa commercials

Around 30 years in age and not quite a hint or the existence of the group/the commercials they sang in.

The day John Fontana discovered John Fontana Day in Tampa

That day you find out a city in your region has a day named after you…

Creative Loafing Best of the Bay 2019: The bands of Tampa Bay

A multiple of musicians from a multitude of genres have been nominated for Creative Loafing’s Best of the Bay awards for 2019.

Reflecting on the history and the Ice Palace that is Amalie Arena

Amalie Arena, the Ice Palace of Tampa, Florida.

I wish I knew the stories more behind the Bolts immaculate Ice Palace.

An image from Tampa BayLightning history and the 1996 NHL Playoffs

Tampa Bay Lightning playoff preview April 1996

A photograph from 2010 of a newspaper playolff preview from 1996 — the first playoffs appearence in Tampa Bay Lightning franchise history.

One dedicated fan reacts to the Tampa Bay Rays balk

ReopixN Diwls phoro vy , Wikipedia Commons

The Tampa Bay Rays are in damage control mode, while one Tampa Bay Rays fan shows the damage done by way of the franchise.

Population, percentages, and the lackluster Tropicana Field draw

A radius circle around Tropicana Field showing how much is relatively close.

The point of proof of the problem in Tampa Bay Baseball and Tropicana Field is simple: Percentages.

A conversation that needs to be had with sports fans in Tampa Bay

ReopixN Diwls phoro vy , Wikipedia Commons

A simple question tied to the Tampa Bay Rays and the biggest issue in Bay area sports-entertainment.

A summarization of weather conditions in Tampa Bay through the title of a classic tune

In title, a little 1992 ditty fits the description of weather conditions in West Central Florida at the moment.

WalletHub’s unfair judgment of Tampa Bay as a basketball market

WalletHub’s unfair judgment of Tampa Bay as a basketball market

“Tampa Bay is a crappy basketball market”… just not as crappy as WalletHub’s study on the matter.

Lightning’s success generates all too much silence in the Tampa Bay sports media

The hype, the hope, the proudness of what the Lightning are doing? It’s not there in traditional media in Tampa Bay at current like it was in 1996.

Lightning strikes blaze the NHL standings and Tampa Bay sports

They’re winning… oh, are they winning…!

Soft rock, easy listening, adult contemporary and the Tampa Bay music scene

There’s a new Spotify playlist that highlights adult contemporary songs by Tampa Bay based musical artists. I’m looking for more to highlight too.

Music Tampa Bay’s 2015 Top 100 list is now a Spotify playlist

Just over half of the 100 songs featured on the 2015 list are available on a new Spotify playlist.

Attendance in Tampa Bay sports sides with the might of the Lightning

The Tampa Bay Lightning are among NHL attendance leaders. Their attendance numbers top the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Tampa Bay Lightning thrives while the Tampa Bay media look elsewhere in sports

Late this summer, before the NFL season was underway, the Tampa Bay Times did the Tampa Bay-media thing and played up the Tampa Bay Buccaneers season ahead. “Most talented offense ever?” discussion before a regular season game had been played seemed like… well, an attempt to raise expectations. I’m not here to judge the Buccaneer […]

2017 Music Tampa Bay Top 100 — now a Spotify playlist

Music Tampa Bay‘s annual Top 100 lists (which ran from 2008 through 2017) featured a wide swath of music — we’re talking genres and time-of-publication. Some of the songs were relatively new releases, some were much older. All of them were from artists derived from the Tampa Bay and west central Florida area.  I use that […]

Just where did Rusty Fedotenko go? I’m glad you asked!!

Anyone ever wonder what happened to Ruslan Fedotenko? Real estate. He's involved in townhomes on Treasure Island. Read about it here https://t.co/b4CUMNcFmc #TBLightning #TBLightningAlumni — John Fontana (@Johnny_Fonts) October 15, 2018

A new Spotify playlist of Tampa Bay musicians and music

In spring of 2017, I took to the task of taking aMusic Tampa Bay Top 100 list of 2016 post was an attempt at exposure for the artists and their work that went further than the hyper-local radio broadcasts and its online music stream. I’m taking things a step further though I don’t know if […]

A word to summarize the Tampa Bay Lightning before the 2018-19 NHL season

It’s a foreign word in the history of sports in Tampa Bay, really. Oh, there are numerous athletes that the Bay area has produced who met and had relations with the word. There are plenty of high school athletic organizations who have known the word but single teams don’t represent the region. Heck, this applies […]

Discovering the Best Releases by Local Bands nominated in the 2018 Best of the Bay poll

Creative Loafing’s annual Best of the Bay is here for the 2018 season. I won’t tell you what to vote for and all that jazz (I’m not a nominee, nor is this blog. Not like that would have happened anyway). What I would like to provide here is a little tool of hyperlinks for specifically […]

GoFundMe charity fundraiser for the family of Markeis Mcglockton, the handicap parking shooting victim

This is a touchy subject — the handicap parking shooting in Clearwater, Florida. “Touchy” as I’ve seen the reaction that there was no crime, it was simple self-defense. I’ve also seen those who declare it murder. None the less, there’s a charity fundraiser to raise funds for those affected by the loss of Markeis Mcglockton. […]

Prioritizing news content lacks with the Tampa Bay Times online

Is the current goal of the Tampa Bay Times to simply one-up Creative Loafing and not to actually be a news organization that reports on the Tampa Bay metro area the state of Florida, and the United States? Maybe the print version is more news-traditiona., but the online site and its top-story headlines (on TampaBay.com or […]

Regionalism versus myopia: The resumption of Hatfields versus McCoy in Tampa Bay sports

ReopixN Diwls phoro vy , Wikipedia Commons

Ballpark speculation only causes local division.

Regarding Music Tampa Bay Top 100 posts for 2008 & 2017 [UPDATED]

Due to server issues created by me over-doing music embeds and such, I’m going to have to repost the Top 100 lists of songs from Music Tampa Bay’s top 100 for 2017 & 2008. Originally, the lists (which are both divided into several parts) worked okay and everyone had access, but it would seem my […]

Regarding “Missing piece of history — Jim Morrison in Clearwater”

"Mary and Jim to the End"

In 2005, I penned a blog post that was inspired by the then-St. Petersburg Times had written an epic feature regarding the days of Jim Morrison,  lead singer of The Doors, had spent living in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. Being a Morrison fan and living only a handful of miles away from locations […]

Weather or not, Lightning watch party at Curtis Hixon Park for Game 6 of Eastern Conference Finals

I can’t recall the last time the threat of rain and weather was in place chronically over the Tampa Bay region. I’m not talking the typical summer storms, which brings rainfall either in the early morning or evening hours, but through the day. It was why, I think(?), Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals […]

A snap reaction to snap reactions aimed at the Tampa Bay Lightning and the 2018 NHL Eastern Conference Finals

I don’t know if it’s a casual fan base element, bandwagon fans or actually faithful of the Tampa Bsy Lightning who put on the panic hats if and when the Lightning struggle or fail to win… I know there’s an element of the die-hard fans who are like this – one of them is a […]

Lightning announce watch party locations for Games 3 and 4 of the 2018 Eastern Conference Finals

As the title says, the Bolts have formally announced two watch party locations for games 3 and 4 of the 2018 NHL Eastern Conference Finals. They are posted below. I still wish to know, for the sake of the fans, if there are venues — unofficial — holding watch party events tied to the Lightning’s […]

The archives of the Tampa Bay Times have fallen down

In March I ran an article aimed at the another shortcoming that continues to this day; no linkage in articles). Now, I don’t know how the Times operates its archives as this happened last year, I don’t know if the Times will be repairing the issue or took one of my suggested “save a dime” […]

NBC lists TV ratings for the 2018 NHL Playoffs (so far)

I only crossed it this morning but NBC Sports revealed the top 10 markets for broadcasts of the 1st round of the 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs on Twitter Tuesday afternoon. Those top 10 are listed in the tweet below and my thoughts and such are below it: Here are Top 10 local markets through first 12 […]

Watch the Lightning and be the thunder at Easter Conference Quarterfinal watch parties

With the 2018 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs underway, I was wondering if there are any watch parties taking place with the Tampa Bay Lightning playing at home at Amalie Arena? Not everyone can attend games, after all, and trying to rile up fans to cheer together would be a plus. I don’t know if Game […]

When something basic is lacking from a major news publication

This is 2018 and the about their archives and a lack of generic advertising to go along with the content that continues to draw in web traffic. There’s another issue that I’d like to point at the Tampa Bay Times content that is #FAIL on the most basic level for content presented online. This isn’t […]