You never heard it: Chuck Eaton – Woman

You never heard it: Chuck Eaton – Woman

I was listening to Broadcast Network for indie Artists yesterday, specifically their Las Vegas stream, and this song from 2009 came on. I looked it up on media sites and it had only 2 to 3plays depending on where you looked (a respective 5,427 on Spotify – the top popular song).

I like the arrangement; it has a great tone and feels like a song you would hear late at nights in 6he 1980s.

I do consider it Adult Contemporary stock. Give Chuck Eaton’s song, “Woman”. Tell me what you think in comments.

Here are the lyrics to the son.

By Chuck Eaton

If you love your wife,
don't leave her alone,
never be late in coming home.
Listen to what she has to say
and tell her how you feel.
Don't dare to deceive her,
she won't forgive you.
Enjoy your moments,
be friendly when she cries,
have dinner together every night.
Say that she's pretty
though years are passing by,
comparing her taste to wine.
Woman, there isn't explanation.
Woman, the mystery if love.
Woman knows the right direction.
Woman, the masterpiece of God.