Wondering about the Rock History of “Boogie Man”

Wondering about the Rock History of “Boogie Man”


It’s really a simple question of classic rock and roll and not something that would be focused on in interviews unless you’re deep in biographies or talking how-to with the performer/songwriter.

Was “Boogie Man”, from Aerosmith’s 1992 release, Get a Grip:…

…inspired by, at least in name, the instrumental classic “Sleep Walk” by Santo and Johnny?

Of all things Aerosmith is known for personally and professionally in music, “Boogie Man” isn’t a song of mass notoriety (even with a Grammy nomination) or a pop-culture element like the video for “Living on the Edge” was, or how the video for “Crying” propelled actress Alicia Silverstone to stardom. “Boogie Man” is a fantastic guitar-piece composed by Joe Perry, Steven Tyler and Jim Vallance; it does come off like what Santo did with the sliding guitar work the 1959 piece that’s lingered in history.

Seeing the boogie man is try traditionally a creature of the night like most sleepwalkers take to the task at night… well? Is that where the name came from? Has Perry, Tyler, or Vallance ever given more info on the backstory of Get a Grip‘s final track?