Month: October 2007


Site Notes

First off, I’ll be upgrading the site to the latest version of WordPress…. Knowing my regular reader (hi Kate 🙂 ) doesn’t check in THAT often, I can’t say this will cause much trouble. Of course, if you happen to actually look at the site and don’t happen to be Kate, you should voice your disgust that I forgot you in comments — cuz having people comment would be grand. Grand I tell you!

Of course this could effect those who are searching for Andy Kim’s “Rock me Gently”. It would seem that Der Stonegauge has become the place to get the lyrics to this song (dude, look at my latest referrers and tell me that’s not the truth).

Back to the upgrade note, I’ve been putting this off because I’ve been intimidated with the new version and the built in tag support for WordPress 2.3.x. It’s true that I already run the site with tags (and categories) but this is a new wrinkle to have it built in and have to update templates and such.

At worst, I MAY have to switch themes on top of making minor changes to pages to implement tags…. which would suck. But it’s Sunday so I might as well do something now because I ain’t gonna’ want to do it tomorrow.

update: Might need to find more bells and whistles for the site but everything is coming up roses right now after upgrading the site and the plugins. Of course I still have to change some markup on the site but I will live.

Just in time for the weekend

…an ode to Suburban Hell:

Pleasant Valley Sunday

Gerry Goffin and Carole King

The local rock group down the street
is trying hard to learn their song
to serenade the weekend squire
who just came out to mow his lawn

Another Pleasant Valley Sunday
Charcoal burning everywhere
Rows of houses that are all the same
and no one seems to care

See Mrs. Gray, she’s proud today
because her roses are in bloom
And Mr. Green, he’s so serene
He’s got a TV in every room

Another Pleasant Valley Sunday
here in Status Symbol Land
Mothers complain about how hard life is
and the kids just don’t understand

Creature comfort goals
they only numb my soul
and make it hard for me to see
My thoughts all seem to stray
to places far away
I need a change of scenery

Another Pleasant Valley Sunday
Charcoal burning everywhere
Another Pleasant Valley Sunday
here in Status Symbol Land

Another Pleasant Valley Sunday
(Ahhhh Pleasant Valley Sunday)
Another Pleasant Valley Sunday
(Ahhhh Pleasant Valley Sunday)
(repeat X times)

Do I have to say the words?

You know, I tried to find the perfect way to write up a story about my night last night but “Do I have to say the words?” seems perfect in describing it. What I thought was obvious had to be stated. What I thought was apparent, had to be admitted.

What comes from it remains to be seen, but at least I’m not sitting on things.

(this absolutely vague message was brought to you by Al Gore, astrologers everywhere and the letter O!)

Upon further review: Stephen King’s top 24 rock songs ever

I like reading Stephen King in Entertainment Weekly (side note, Uncle Stevie — sorry but I let my subscription run out after 15+ years as a subscriber. Too much tabloidism now in the magazine and not enough industry coverage) and a couple of months ago I read Stevie’s Wonders which was King’s top 24 rock and roll songs.

The thing that got me was when I read the following paragraphs…

”Best rock songs of all time,” he says. ”That subject always starts arguments, especially if you don’t put ‘Stairway’ on there.”

I realized he was right. Especially since the idea of putting ”Stairway to Heaven” on such a list grosses me out. So I decided to take my biker buddy up on his idea. Twenty-four great songs, one for every hour of the day, picked by the Infallible Me.

I began by throwing out most of those Internet lists, because they’re full of ballads (”Tears in Heaven” as rock & roll? Oh, really?), soul (”When a Man Loves a Woman” is a great song but it’s not rock), and tunes that have been played to death. There’s also an amazing number of draggy songs on the lists, like ”Hotel California.” When would I like to hear that one again? Uh…how does never work for you?

Read More

Slowly, Her Name Fades Away

Well, the daylight slips away,
And I start to forget her name
She loved me for such a long, long time
Unlike any other lover of mine
She was so different,
But in the end, the same
Slowly, her name fades away

Our time just passed,
I thought it’d last
But my mistake …
She’s one and the same.
Well, she couldn’t cope,
A lover on a rope
So I must say,
Her name fades away

It’s guaranteed
That her and me
Would have run away some day
But as time went by,
That thought did die,
And our love passed on a Wednesday
Miracles forge —
and also disrupt
Slowly, her name fades away

What she meant to me,
I now can’t comprehend
I thought it was love everlasting,
At the end, it was just make pretend
Our love was once a fantasy,
A tale that I did once believe
But it’s sad to say, she’s gone away
Slowly, her name fades away

©1998 John P. Fontana

'Scope this

Paraphrasing here, but 10-07-2007, astrologer for King Features, Francis Drake says that those born today (IE — me) “could be in for the year of your life….aim big”

Stay tuned to see if anything of the sort happens to Johnny.