Month: October 2005


What the Flock?

You know, I heard about Flock a few weeks ago when I was browsing around the Tampa Blab and came across Sarah In Tampa’s post about the browser. It was – in essence – a browser that was built for blogging from what I was reading… I wanted to see exactly what the hub-bub was about the minute there was a released version of the browser.

Well, the developer release version of Flock is out and I did go ahead and download it… And wasn’t really able to accomplish jack with the thing. I tried simply integrating one of my blogs onto Flock and followed the directions and was met with errors every time I tried to log in.

Not totally dismissing Flock just yet but I do think I better just forget about it for another couple of months…

Watch out for Wilma

I think Tommy has a great photo of Wilma and the threat she poses… 😉

Checked out

Sometimes, the happiest moments a person can have in his or her life is being physically admired by a passing stranger…

…It’s sad it doesn’t go anywhere, but the admiration is a definate pick-me-up.


I’m officially the father of “the definitive online source for local hockey news.” So Sayeth the St. Petersburg Times in their online blog list which puts the spotlight on Boltsmag this week.

I almost expected this featured status last week, with the opening of the Hockey season on Wednesday but it was for naught — damn you TampaBlab! 😛 🙂 ) — suffice it to say, I am fine with having the featured status this week instead…

…Well, except for the fact I am going out of town and my focus is not on hockey this week. 🙁 Oh well, I’ll live… And so shall Boltsmag!

Where are you, oh glorious Gabe and Tycho?!

Where the Hell is Penny Arcade?? They’ve been down for more than a day now… 🙁 I need my PA fix…

EDIT: Brett in comments has the facts here…. It’s an internet backbone issue for Road Runner users such as myself. If you have access to a third-party access point (say, AOL) you can indeed access Penny Arcade just fine…


It’s softcore! It’s NSFW! It’s for a good cause! It’s Boobiethon!!!!

Change in Seasons

It would seem the higher elevations are starting to have snowfall… Yes, Winter is forthcoming and fall is here…

Now if it would only get cooler outside in Florida 🙁

Thank you, Times!

No, not for putting me in the Perspective section this week

The real Jim Morrison

Re: Mary and Jim to the end, Sept. 25.

In high school I was a fan of Jim Morrison not because of his brooding rock-star act but because of a book of poetry I found in my high school library (An American Prayer).

Over the years I’ve read several books about Morrison and the Doors including the fan-must No One Here Gets Out Alive and John Densmore and Ray Manzarek’s respected autobiographies, Riders on the Storm and Light My Fire. All of these books had references to Jim’s “girlfriend from Florida” and his time in Clearwater but they were often simply filler lines without substance.

Thanks to the St. Petersburg Times and Mary Werbelow, part of this void is finally explained. Not only that, but you pass over the Morrison mythos of excess and glamor to find out more about the young-man-come-down-to-Clearwater.

Every time I read a lyric by Morrison from now on I know what to look for. Mary and Tampa Bay both are part of the equation.

John Fontana, Palm Harbor

But bringing back Calvin And Hobbes in repeats in the Floridian!


It took me close to 20 years but, with thanks to a friend and a web site she sent me, I finally beat The Oregon Trail!

That Virtual Apple web site has tons of Apple II games to play… Very much worth a look if you played games on an Apple II during the 80’s.