Month: April 2004


Repeat Offender

Odd I post this twice in a year.

This is the end, beautiful friend
This is the end, my only friend
The end –
Of our elaborate plans
The end –
Of everything that stands
The end –
No safety nor surprise
The end –
I’ll never look into your eyes again

Can you picture what will be,
So limitless and free?
Desperately in need
Of some stranger’s hand
In a desperate land?

This is the end my beautiful friend
This is the end my only friend
It hurts so much to set you free
But you’ll never follow me

The end –
Of laughter and soft lies
The end –
Of nights we tried to die

This is the End

— Taken from The End by James Douglas Morrison
ยฉ 1967 The Doors Music Company

Still appropriate a year later. The fact I’m not playing the crutch again signifies the relevance.


I got to thinking about certain people and certain things tonight after my last post… mostly because I had the opportunity to think instead of post from my gut…

It would seem Kurt Cobain had a more serious situation with his girlfriend, Tracy Marander, than I’ve had with those I am thinking about… It is sorta reverse in fact… You see, Kurt needed to get a job in order to live with Tracy — or at least that is what she wanted. Kurt would rather live in his car than do that though.

Maybe I just feel taken advantage of and the fact that I only got to talk to someone when they were in need or down on their luck or in need of an ego fluff. At any rate, I can’t be there to get hurt again and again if I am going to be used without someone putting back what they take out… Sorta like someone living in an apartment for free who won’t chip in the rent fr the food or whatever…

About A Girl


I need an easy friend
(I do) With an ear to lend
(I do) Think you fit this shoe
(I do) But you have a clue

I’ll take advantage while
You hang me out to dry
But I can’t see you every night (for) free
I do

I’m standing in your line
(I do) Hope you have the time
(I do) Pick a number to
(I do) Keep a date with you

I’ll take advantage while
You hang me out to dry
But I can’t see you every night (for) free
I do

I need an easy friend
(I do) With an ear to lend
(I do) Think you fit this shoe
(I do) But you have a clue

I’ll take advantage while
You hang me out to dry
But I can’t see you every night,
no I can’t see you every night…
For free

I do … (x4)

To the BROOM Alice!!!

Was going to do the Obsessive/Compulsive thing in this post but I decided not to, too nice an end to the day to dwell on things that bother me…

I was going to make a brief mention that my dad is OK (thanks for the well wishes Stephen), but that has taken a back seat…

The Lightning have swept the Habs in the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals! :biggrin :woot

Father Ills

Somethings wrong with my old man…

Not only does Dad have a bad back, but something else is up with his arms… He’s at the hospital right now.

I’m pissed and concerned all a the same time.

Web Work

When in trouble or in doubt, start on another web site design for friends who are paying you ๐Ÿ˜‰

Forcing it

It’s 1:30 in the morning and I’m trying to focus my mind on the task at hand: finishing a story I started nearly a year ago that is rambling on to it’s 60th manuscript page as of this writing.

After talking with my longtime friend Tim, I had a breakthrough with the tale as I wasn’t able to get anything done with the story without knowing how to end it or how to draw it to a conclusion. Tim helped me find one, which is excellent. He’s also vowed to help me through editing the story if and when I finish.

I sure as hell better finish, because I can’t focus on another story until I put these characters to rest, so to speak.

The key dilema now is connecting the story between two points — and then driving this baby home. I might near 80 or 90 manuscript pages whyen all is said and done. 20 thousand words isn’t a stretch… All of this before editing, of course.

White Chicks

I started looking at my Summer Movie Preview edition of Entertainment Weekly (at newsstands everywhere starting today) and came across a picture I just couldn’t believe… I mean it REALLY had floored me…

On page 52 there is a preview for White Chicks and it’s Shawn “SW1” Waynes and Marlon Waynes done up as white girls… and the thing is — before I saw the trailer, I honestly couldn’t tell these were people in make up… let alone African-American…. Let alone the Waynes Brothers who I have known from various entertainment endeavors for close to 15 years now.

This isn’t the picture in the magazine (which takes place in a dance club) but it gives you a ghist of the two guys in drag… Quite a transformation, no? Not just gender but color too…

'Texted' Out

Damn you Metrocall / Weblink Wireless!!!

I start a conversation with my friend Michelle around 5 PM on Friday through my text messenger. “Hey Hey” with Michelle’s standard “Howdy” response.

Well, after that Howdy from my AFI loving friend, I couldn’t send nor receive messages from anyone on a cellphone all weekend long (still the case at 11 PM Sunday). I was able to receive email like normal, I was able to get messages from the Internet, I was even able to set up getting messages from my scarcely used AOL account on the pager but I couldn’t do text messaging with Cellphone users. Bummer to be left out of touch with friends like that. It made me want to replace my pager with something like the Sidekick… Oh well. ๐Ÿ™

Abilities and their Inabilities

So John’s an admitted gimp, right?

On his way to recovery and John the Gimp looks into work between little things this week and what happens when I call Abilities of Florida to see if they could assist me with finding a job?

I find out their phone number for TTY users has been disconnected.

OK, that’s good and fine. I can use Voice Carry Over and weird them out because of it. I mean, they’re serving the public, right? I’m a member of the public… So ring-a-ding-ding I give them a call and I get a recording that I need to type in an extension or wait for an operator. I wait and the operator comes on demanding an extension.

Puzzled, I tell them that I am not sure what extension I am looking for because I’m just trying to get information and find out how I can get assistance through this company.

After about 5 minutes of silence the operator responds — asking me again for an extension… :rolleyes

Fun stuff

Thoughts on Pat Tillman — former NFL player killed in Afghanistan

Pat Tillman, former NFL player who gave up the game and turned his back on millions from the Arizona Cardinals to join the Army Rangers after 9-11, was killed while involved in the hunt for Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. I know at the time he joined up and news was everywhere about it, I was a little put back by this — for political reasons, admittedly — but now I have such a new appreciation for him and I can’t fathom the amount of sacrifice this man has made for America.

I wrote a couple of “Letters to the Editor” at the St. Petersburg Times over this, and I won’t repost it entirely because I took jabs at Simeon Rice, Defensive End for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and former Defensive End for the Arizona Cardinals who put down Tillman in general in the media after he enlisted (and personally I like taking jabs at that pompous son of a bitch when I can get the chance) but I did make the statement that Tillman has made the ultimate sacrifice for his country, and he is a prime example of why we here in America are able to enjoy the comforts we know and live a good life where we can do things like play a game for a living in the first place.

Tillman was fighting on the front that mattered IMHO… Someone attacks the US and you go find the source and deal with it… And to lose your life trying to stand up for your country… that just means a hell of a lot to me. That’s Patriotism, that’s what the government has distorted and perverted for Politics since 9-11 happened.

It further cements certain ideals in me… That Iraq was wrong (and costing us billions while costing US Soldiers their lives to fight for a rich man’s principles), that the War on Terrorism needs a new game plan, etc… Yet it gives me a better understanding of how and why we should appreciate the comforts we have…. Because these comforts were paid in the price of blood by many before us. It also makes me feel a monumental appreciation — that’s not even the right word, admiration might work better — for Tillman who gave it all up, who turned his back on MILLIONS to fight to protect his country. Fighting to protect makes me feel so much more for a war than fighting to spread an ideal. Vietnam was fighting to spread an ideal and it wasn’t the right thing to do. Iraq is fighting to spread an ideal and it’s spreading hatred instead and helping the forces we wanted to stop in Afghanistan It’s ironic I blasted Rice because I admire Defense so much more than Offense as these political statements make.

I could go on about political beliefs here and thoughts on war but this should be Pat Tillman’s post… because Tillman’s sacrifice can’t be dismissed.

Rest in peace, Pat Tillman. And let honor ring around your name as it rings around the names of those who have fallen before you to protect the nation and the world.


I posted last night about Hit for the Cycle and Charles Hamilton’s quest to bike to every MLB baseball stadium. I also posted about how crappy the Devil Rays game was for him and how much of a hard time the Rays gave him.

Well, in an attempt to make up for the sins of the local team, I’ve been trying to give some extra press to Charles by emailing local sports personalities. I’ve also offered to host his site and set up a web log for him — if he wants it. I’ve also offered to buy tickets at another stadium for him in case he needs them… because if the Devil Rays won’t give him a freebie, a Devil Rays FAN will do what he can to set him up for a freebie. — worthy cause and Worthless Rays

Paythe Rays is what Charlie Hamilton had to sum up his experience at Tropicana Field. Hamilton happens to be biking to every single major league ballpark to raise money for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute…

So instead of donating tickets or being treated special — the Rays made it impossible for him to get tickets, gave him a run around and shitty service to boot. And people ask me why I hate this team? :rolleyes

If you’re a baseball fan, Hamilton’s cause is a notable one. Make sure you check out his page and his schedule and route map and perchance help him along on his quest… or better yet — join him for a day at the ballpark.

Pushing the Limits

Rehabbing is fun.

No I am not some muscle bound guy – anyone who knows me knows that isn’t the case… Yet I have been having a hell of a lot of fun working out and trying to get back into shape. I’m impressing everyone who sees me with how I am doing because of how BAD I was doing just a few months ago…

Of course, in case you didn’t see it (and there are plenty who didn’t) you don’t know just how bad I was doing and how incapacitated I was. I’m chaffing at the bit now because I am thisclose to getting out of this oppressive life and DOING something again. Work? Travel? Either or appeals to me.

Intellect Test

R U Smart?

I know a few too many people who would fail this test… And what kind of person am I if I find this completely hysterical and correct at the same time? :tongue :biggrin

Serious Fare in the Funnies

I’ve been paying attention to the Comic Strips in the paper this week out of curiosity… I really didn’t expect there to be anything of note until I looked at Get Fuzzy (growing to be one of my favorites) and Doonesbury…

Get Fuzzy is running a series this week with regards to the main character’s (Rob Wilco) cousin coming home from Iraq — after losing a leg. Today’s post was the one that got me the most. Rob’s at the airport and he’s informed (or has been informed) that the plane doesn’t arrive until 2AM. “Shouldn’t these guys be getting back when people could welcome them home?”


So we actually turn down the amount of social / political issues for Doonesbury which is also an issue with one of the main characters. BD, who’s in Iraq, has been wounded…

Not so funny a time in the Funnies… but I guess this is also to make people more aware that this isn’t a military action of all glory going on in the Middle East.

"Do you want to play a Game?"

Long time since I played along with “Unconscious Mutterings” —

  1. Virginia:: Wolfe
  2. Soft:: Core
  3. Carol:: Hall
  4. Vanity:: Fair
  5. Feminist:: Hypocrisy
  6. Alias:: Gonzo (I have no clue where that comes from)
  7. Coward:: Bush
  8. Beer:: Stein
  9. Chance:: Gamble
  10. Honest:: eluding

Some strange words that I put together. Anyone want to post some of your own?

"You have to answer for Santino"

One of my favorite movie lines in cinema is issued by Michael Corleone (Al Pacino) in the original Godfather movie. Shortly after his nephew’s baptism Michael and his crew have his brother-in-law, Carlo Rizzi, in the family house, and Michael confronts him over the murder/execution of his older brother – Santino “Sonny” Corleone.

Mike’s a smart guy, shrewd and to the point —

“You have to answer for Santino, Carlo”

“Today I settle all family business, so don’t tell me you’re innocent Carlo…. you’re out of the Family business, that’s your punishment. You’re finished. I’m putting you on a plane to Vegas and I want you to stay there, understand? Only don’t tell me you’re innocent, because it insults my intelligence, and makes me very angry.”

Not only is Michael Corleone cleaning up family business, but he is to avenging for his brothers murder.

Now what the hell is on my mind that brings up Michael Corleone and one of his first actions as Don of the Corleone family?

I guess it’s because of answering for things you’ve done. Wrong turns you’ve made and treating people like shit who you want to be friends with. Things don’t blow over years later unless someone steps up and apologizes or forgives… And some people aren’t going to forgive and forget when they’re constantly the one asked to let things slide and go a little farther to meet someone on there terms.

I’ve made a brief entry about a friend of mine who came back into my life a few weeks back. It was a total shock to me and there was an underlying bitterness from me – admittedly – when the girl disappeared and never answered snail mail to me and such… What was one of the first things that she did when we started talking again?

She apologized for everything before I even made mention having a problem. I’m a big hearted guy, and someone stepping up goes a long way with me.

When you finally have to answer for something you’ve done, you either have a shit time or you get everything worked out and both sides can move on. Life is not the one-track social deal of take and take. It’s better to fess up to things early instead of avoiding and dragging on, or things will just feaster I’d been trying to drill that into someone’s head and they took it as an insult the last time I did it and generally bitched me out. Of course there was more since that event to add to this resume of bullshit but I won’t repost it here.

You still have to answer for Santino… Some people don’t let attitudes and malignancies blow over after a 2 week vacation, or a couple of months. Especially if they’ve been lied to and abused before.

"The Edge" of Sanity

I decided to spin some tunes and do some writing – which hasn’t come easy the last couple of weeks — today. After some audio bullshit and sound card problems I finally got everything running smooth and I had a re-awakening from a song I used to love in Middle and High School —

Aerosmith’s Living On The Edge

I had written a paper about it years ago for my English class (Ms. Manson always supported us being free spirited and such… And encouraged us with music, poetry, writing, etc) and had taken the song too seriously, in a way, when I stated that one message from the song that could be taken was that we are living on the edge of sanity and sobriety.

Anyone who sees the pop culture and news headlines knows this to be true, so that was one thing that is very true about the lyrics of the song.

But then there’s a refrain that comes up twice in the song that I never really put two and two together with, even though it should be obvious for everyone.

If Chicken Little tells you that the sky is fallin’
Even if it wasn’t would you still come crawling
Back again
I bet you would my friend
Again and Again and Again and Again and a-

“Crawling back again” was the line that first hit me for social reasons when I listened to the first instance of this in the song, but then it started weighing on me about Chickie Little and the Sky falling. It’s talking about those who are determined to say that things are all wrong with the world — they’re too this, too that. Too much pollution, too much taxes, too much drug use, too much sex, too much media, too little intelligence, we’ve strayed to far from the church, we’ve got too much greed, too little oil, too few resour—

Hold it right there.

Something actually happens to be right in the world and even when we throw out politics and politically correctness and religion up to our asses. Everyone on either side off an issue knows the issue is wrong because they are experts on the issue and don’t want you to see the truth if it doesn’t fit into their billing. I don’t want to bring up any of my own political beliefs with this because I believe the song right now more than I believe in politics. More than I believe in government. More than I believe in religion and more than I believe in people.

Livin’ On The Edge

Hudson, Tyler, Perry

There’s somethin’ wrong with the world today
I don’t know what it is
Something’s wrong with our eyes

We’re seein’ things in a different way
And God knows it ain’t his
It sure ain’t no surprise

Livin’ on the edge
Livin’ on the edge
Livin’ on the edge
Livin’ on the edge

There’s somethin’ wrong with the world today
The light bulb’s gettin dim
There’s meltdown in the sky

If you can judge a wise man
By the color of his skin
Then mister you’re a better man than I

Livin’ on the edge
(You can’t help yourself from fallin’)
Livin’ on the edge
(You can’t help yourself at all)
Livin’ on the edge
(You can’t stop yourself from fallin’)
Livin’ on the edge

Tell me what you think about your sit-u-a-tion
Complication – aggravation
Is getting to you

If chicken little tells you that the sky is fallin’
Even if it wasn’t would you still come crawlin’
Back again
I bet you would my friend
Again & again & again & again & again

Tell me what you think about your sit-u-a-tion
Complication – aggravation
Is getting to you

If chicken little tells you that the sky is fallin’
Even if it was would you still come crawlin’
Back again
I bet you would my friend
Again & again & again & again

Something right with the world today
And everybody knows it’s wrong
But we can tell ’em no or we could let it go
But I’d would rather be a hanging on


Livin’ on the edge
Livin’ on the edge
Livin’ on the edge
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Livin’ on the edge
{You can’t help yourself)
(You can’t help yourself)
Livin’ on the edge
(You can’t help yourself at all)
Livin’ on the edge
(You can’t help yourself)
(You can’t help yourself)
Livin’ on the edge
(You can’t help yourself)
(You can’t help yourself)
Livin’ on the edge
(You can’t help yourself from fallin’)
Livin’ on the edge
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, you got to that now

&copy 1992 Swag Song Music company

When in doubt…

When pissed off or upset….

When aggrivated and / or bitter

When expecting something that never comes —

Take it out on exercise equipment.

He's as blind as he can be, See's just what he wants to see

Nowhere man, can you see the truth at all?

Avoiding Responsibility

There are a couple of news stories I have come across on the Current Events forum on Skyscraperpage that have really got me irked right now, let me give you snippets of both:

Mother sues Coors over son’s death

RENO, Nevada (AP) — The mother of a 19-year-old killed in a traffic accident is suing Coors Brewing Co., claiming that it promotes underage drinking.

Jodie Pisco, of Reno, contends Coors has failed in its duty to protect the country’s youth from drinking. Her son, Ryan, was killed in 2002 after he drank Coors at a party and drove his girlfriend’s car into a light pole at 90 mph, the lawsuit says.

The lawsuit, filed Wednesday in Washoe County District Court, seeks unspecified damages. It accused Coors of “glorifying a culture of youth, sex and glamour while hiding the dangers of alcohol abuse and addiction.”

Story number two….

Columbine Father told to “Get a Life” by NRA
PITTSBURGH (AP) – A man whose son was killed in the Columbine High School shootings literally walked in his child’s shoes to the National Rifle Association convention, where he hoped Vice President Dick Cheney would address the federal assault weapons ban set to expire in September.
Tom Mauser, whose son Daniel was killed with an assault weapon in the Littleton, Colo., killings five years ago Tuesday, said continuing the ban is common sense.

Assault weapons “are the weapons of gangs, drug lords and sick people,” Mauser said before his three-block march to the convention, which runs through Sunday. “It is a weapon of war and we don’t want this war on our streets.”

Mauser challenged Cheney to speak about extending the ban when the vice president delivered the convention’s keynote address Saturday night.

However, there was no indication Saturday afternoon that Cheney would address the matter. He was expected to reaffirm President Bush’s position that the Second Amendment protects individual gun ownership and tout statistics that federal prosecutions of gun-related crimes have risen significantly under Bush’s presidency.

NRA spokesman Andrew Arulanandam called the assault weapon ban “nothing but an incremental effort to ban more firearms.”

Mauser entered the convention hall where the NRA was meeting, but was turned away by a security guard as several conventioneers applauded. A couple of conventioneers yelled “Get a life” and “Vote for Bush.”


I see two articles and I see two Americas. One is a land where soemoen tries to prevent tragedies from hitting other families while another wants to avoid responsibilites One tries to lobby to keep excessively dangerous items out of the mainstream and another triest to immerse themselves in money in order to saturate grief with green.

It angers me to no end.

That mother dodges all parental responsibilities and does not take into account her own failings for her sons death. Didn’t she ever tell him not to drink and drive? To get a ride if you are too intoxicated to drive? or NOT to drink at all? “You’re not old enough yet”? Does this woman think that she is the only one that has lost a child to under-age drinking, much less drinking and driving?

I’m sorry, ma’am, but your lawsuit is full of shit. There is this organization called Mothers Against Drunk Driving that has worked tirelessly to fight drunk driving, promote awareness and — this might scare you off — parental responsibility in keeping minors away from drinking. Instead of wasting hours of time in the courts, why not try to stop the problem before it starts and help others teach their children to be responsible? That would go too far against yoru principles, wouldn’t it? :rolleyes:

Yes, it’s a tragedy what has happened but at the same time it’s a tragedy when someone thinks a lawsuit will help erase their own irresponsibilities will make things all right. Budweiser and other alcoholic companies promote good times when drinking beer and that tends to be the truth… They also have commercials that say KNOW WHEN TO SAY WHEN and DRINK RESPONSIBLY. What will you do when you have this court case thrown out? Sue God for not answering your prayers? :rolleyes

Meanwhile we have Tom Mauser who’s so was murdered in the Columbine rampage. He goes into the lions den and preaches responsibility when talking about an assault weapons ban and what happens? Mauser is ridiculed, belittled and his tragedy overlooked.

I’d like to know where the NRA stands on personal responsibility with weapons and why offensive weapons need to be open to the public just as defensive weapons are? Anyone who tells me an AK-47 is a hunting weapon is full of shit, or that an Uzi is to be used to hunt Elk or some other animal. These are not defensive weapons but are made for carnage and offensive purposes. Someone who is attacking is going to use these not to defend their property but to take yoru own… Stopping these guns from making it out into the open market is a plus… Of course, Dick Cheney and the NRA side with gun makers and will tell you that owners are supposed to be responsible and they shoudln’t be limited into what types of weapons they own…

The problem with that logic is assuming all gun owners are going to be responsible – which they aren’t. There are no licenses in place for gun users and owners, though they do background checks on gun owners to make sure they don’t sell them to criminals, it’s not like once a gun makes it out into public it can’t end up in a criminals hands… And which guns are going to lead to more damage out in public? Assault Weapons killed 13 and injured 25 in columbine… Including Tom Mausers son. For Mauser to be told to get a life over encouraging the continuation of the assault weapons ban is to see how closed minded people are when there minds are made up. “Limiting guns in any way is just working towars a ban and that violates the right to bear arms in teh bill of rights!” Yeah? And when your son or daughter get gunned down, you still will be singing that tune just becuase the NRA is more important than family, isn’t it? :rolleyes

A day of Ups and Downs

I’ve been torn this evening on my mood for the day as it has changed over and over again from positive to negative to positive again. I’ve been walking around without the walker today – and when I say that I don’t mean walking and leaning on shit but walking walking a weird walk that was almost toddler like but I was doing it. That had me stoked to no end….

But then the other shoe fell as I got a message from my friend Michelle. Michelle has been a friend for a year now and it came as news to me, and as quite a shock when I found out that she will be moving to Brooksville in July as her family just bought land up there. I’m friend with her dad too and the fact we talk online mostly means I won’t have that relationship bothered much but to lose Michelle hurts.

Of course, this was made up for to me in the smallest of ways as the Lightning beat the Islanders and moved on to the 2nd round of the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs… But that really doesn’t help me feel better that a good friend is going away.

Observation of Beatles performance @ Shea Stadium — Kiss and Quiet!

I’m watching part 5 of the Beatles Anthology and they are performing Baby’s In Black… There has been a lot of talk about how many screams were happening at the concerts and how the concerts were being ruined by it – you couldn’t hear the performance.

Well, John and Paul are getting real close to the mic to sing this song and I can’t help but think if those two started making out, it would shut the crowd up instantly.

Just a thought…. However queer it may seem :p


RonFontana: ders or at least Mark Lindsey the lead, called Arizona. not great but made me think of you, just cause of the title, ever hear it?

I had sent my father a message with regards to the wi fi network and he accidentally sent htat message to me… I think about it and keep reading it over and even though it doesn’t flat out say anything at all, it pisses me off to no end.

My parents 33rd wedding anniversary is on Saturday and if that son of a bitch is cheating on my mom, so help me I will make his life a living hell from this point on… :mad

Walk like a Man

Now John is stumbling around the house a bit — sans a walker.

For the first time in a very long time I am trying to make some headway around the house without a metal walker clutched in my hands… It’s difficult because I am still leaning against things and still walking with stiff legs for some reason or another but its a hell of a lot better than being certain that I would be trapped as a gimp for a long long time.

Further evidence that I am progressing — going shopping and not using a rinky dink electric cart to buzz around the store on Tuesday. That was fab.

The Competition

I didn’t want to post this on Boltsmag and ridicule another Tampa Bay Lightning web log, but after reading the journal in question and this post — I just want to gag…. :puke

tb_lightning: *eagerly awaiting the Lightning to lead the series 2-1*

*eagerly awaiting the Lightning to lead the series 2-1*
I wish this area had more supportive fans like are seen on this journal.

I was sitting in French class today, and the girl next to me goes: “I don’t really care who wins, but the Islanders are all much better looking than the Lightning”… I had to remain silent (else I would have screamed!- “Elle est tres stupide!”) since I was writing an essay, but seriously… a puckbunny? and for the wrong team. I sure hope this area at least becomes more supportive of the Lightning. And fast. I can deal with bandwagon fans if they’ll at least support FOR REAL for once.

p.s- The Lightning will win tonight. Afterall, we’ve seen the hunger in interviews, we just need to see it out on the ice. They are so very beautiful when they win.

p.p.s.- does anyone besides me notice that the Islanders play the consistently same defense every night? we just need to not pass and sneak in from behind maybe? their trapping wouldn’t work then. and their puckhandling has nothing on ours anyhow.

also, in case anyone wants to have any hockey parties and let me know about them, I am willing to bake or bring NHL 2001 for the Playstation, lol.

“A puckbunny?” That’s you, kiddo. That’s everyone who uses your site, so it seems. Little girls or children who are fans because these players are cuties and don’t really understand the game…

I’ve dealt with enough puck bunnies in my time to have to be associated with another one… :rolleyes

Road to Nowhere – your tax dollars at work

National > Built With Steel, Perhaps, but Greased With Pork” href=””>The New York Times > National > Built With Steel, Perhaps, but Greased With Pork

Even by the standards of Alaska, the land where schemes and dreams come for new life, two bridges approved under the national highway bill passed by the House last week are monuments to the imagination.

One, here in Ketchikan, would be among the biggest in the United States: a mile long, with a top clearance of 200 feet from the water รขโ‚ฌโ€ 80 feet higher than the Brooklyn Bridge and just 20 feet short of the Golden Gate Bridge. It would connect this economically depressed, rain-soaked town of 7,845 people to an island that has about 50 residents and the area’s airport, which offers six flights a day (a few more in summer). It could cost about $200 million.

The other bridge would span an inlet for nearly two miles to tie Anchorage to a port that has a single regular tenant and almost no homes or businesses. It would cost up to $2 billion.
These “bridges to nowhere,” as critics have dubbed the two costliest of the high-priority projects in the six-year, $275 billion House bill, are one reason Republicans are fighting among themselves in shaping the nation’s transportation spending.

This simply enrages me.

The transit infrastructure of the Continental United States is said to be falling apart. In areas of dense urban populations, like New York, they are scrounging for cash to pay for transit developements such as building subways or new thoroughfares to relieve congestion in inner cities. Lord knows there are also plenty of highways in the US that simply need repaving, if not total redesign because of local sprawl (see US 19 for example).

But here we have someone from Alaska on a key committee and he pushes for bridges that will lead to no where. That will do nothing to aid these areas besides providing jobs during the construction of the bridges. This is the epitome of wasteful spending that every American should be infuriated by.

I’m big on a lot of things that can be considered pork — the Space program, medical research, and I guess other stuff on a case-by-case basis. But these bridge proposals in a time when the US Deficit is at an all time high, is just insanity.

Segged Out

3:50 this afternoon — give or take a few minutes… I finally saw it in person… I finally got to marvel at the technological wonder known as the Segway Human Transporter.

I went to a guys house here in Palm Harbor and got to see and try the Segway. Not as long as I would have liked to have tried it, but I tried it ever still and I took to it pretty well for someone who has been reading about it for 2 years and hasn’t ever interacted with one.

I won’t call the Segway the vehicle of dreams, nor will I say that the Segway is as bad as certain governments have made it out to be for pedestrians on the sidewalk. The i167 version of the Segway – the one I tried – is a little bulky but at the same time, it isn’t a menace for pedestrians. It isn’t a toy either, though some may make it out to be. For JR – the one who gave me the demo – and myself, it’s an assistant device that’s a damn site better than a wheelchair or motorized-shopping cart that we would be otherwise forced to use.

To dream about something for years and finally have it happen, well it’s a good feeling deep down but it leaves you slightly disappointed for no apparent reason. At least that is the case with me. Maybe that would happen when I met people who I have talked to online for a while, or exactly how I felt after the Bucs won the Super Bowl.

Now I just need an extended glide on one of these things and I’ll make the call if I should get one or not.

All Networked Up

I am as happy as a pig in shit right now. For a couple of reasons but first and foremost — because I just solved a bane of my existence.

I paid $160 bucks or close to it for 2 pieces of a WiFi Network — A Router and a Network Adapter — from Linksys. Not bad seeing I could have paid much much more but still a ton of cash at the time.

So I set up the router and then I go down to my father’s computer — mind you this is a few months ago — and I hook up the Network adapter and…

Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Bupkus. Didley Squat. Etc. (thank you Juliane Moore, your Slang Dictionary reading character Electra inspires my alternative words for nothing)

The thing wouldn’t connect to the Internet / the Wi Fi Network. The signal strength could be anywhere from 60-100 percent and nothing was going on. It frustrated the hell out of me to try, try, try, try and have every possible re-configuration amount to shit. Nothing worked. In fact, sometimes when it seemed like it was working – the computer would lock up and you would have to reboot.

I disconnected the router, disconnected the network adapter and wrapped them up and filed them away for a month or two… Which leads me to yesterday and today.

Yesterday my father is talking about going to Verizon DSL service. Now, my father isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer to go along with his other things that piss me off. He talks about Verizon offering a deal to connect ALL of your computers to DSL Internet access for “one low monthly fee” — his exact words, I swear….

I go to Verizon’s site and no where do they offer to hook each individual computer up to DSL Internet Access for one low fee. They offer Fee access the first month, 29.95 for the next two months and 34.99 each following month.

Per – Computer – Connection.

I tell my father this and he doesn’t believe me – he believes the radio ad he heard in his car. I get pissed off and prove him wrong, and show him that not only does Verizon want to get you to use their Internet access but to wire your computers all to the Internet, you have to invest in their own home networking offer as well as the DSL connection.

Ronnie got pissy at this and I got pissed off as well.

So today with my ample spare time I vow to solve this bullshit of the anti-networking WiFi network. I hook up the router again and configure it. I then hook up the network adapter to his computer. Nothing. I am running upstairs and downstairs for 2 hours trying to get this thing to work. Nada…

And then? What happens? I decide to change one frigging’ setting — installing one extra thing that Linksys’ software didn’t automatically install.

POOF — I connect to the Internet on my fathers computer, using my own broadband connection upstairs..

So my Sunday has been eventful. My weekend has been eventful for that matter. I’ll post further about this soon enough but for right now — i will just :woot and end this story

The Rite of Spring

The biggest reason I am glad I am deaf is pointed out by Matt at Defective Yeti

Absolutely no love lost for the fact I can’t be awoken because of mother nature :biggrin


Anyone who’s read this Blog for a while or has gone through some of my previous posts will know full well that I am interested in the Segway HT. I have yet to see one up close, I am yet to ride one…

Well, that changes tomorrow.

With me gimping around I am really more interested than I had been in the Segway and I started looking into getting a demonstration from somewhere — be it Brookstone in International Plaza mall in Tampa, or talking someone into taking a trip to Orlando and going to Celebration and NEVRLand where the sell these things…

Of course, no one was biting…

So I pouted and just started talking on and asking a few questions that I had asked before when I was really talkative on that site…

This morning, to my surprise I got emailed by a Segway owner not more than 4 miles from my house. I was freaked and thrilled when I found out someone has one of those things in Palm Harbor (it seems there are a few with them in North Pinellas) and was more than willing to give a demonstration on how to use a Segway to me. So, tomorrow afternoon I’m taking my first glide ever. I’m stoked, I’m thrilled and I am hoping my body doesn’t screw up the works and make gliding a challenge.

The Way to beat the Lightning

Those who stayed in on this beautiful spring day (at least in Florida) got to see exactly how to beat the Lightning.

Aggressive checking and a backstop worth a damn will do wonders…

Moving on to Nassau Collesium…

The Artoo – Kenny Connection

I recently saw the original Star Wars Trilogy on film (pirated Version — Han Shoots First, bitch! ๐Ÿ™‚ ) and was sorta’ sick because of how corny C3PO and R2-D2 were in the movies… But I can also remember how I was watching the movie and would see Artoo beep-blip-bloop and 3P0 seemingly translate what Artoo said into something rude (his responses told you this) and assumed Artoo was saying something dirty at the time.

I inserted lines of my own too in certain situations… Just for fun. It didn’t occur to me just who this reminded me of until tonight.

I get online and start reading the hilarious 64 Reasons to Hate Attack of the Clones and come across this gem at #25:

Bustin’ on Artoo
There’s this one scene where Padme and Anakin are walking on Naboo and she says she’s a little nervous and he confesses to also being nervous since this is his first assignment by himself. “Don’t worry,” Padme says. “We have Artoo with us.” Then they both laugh about how ridiculous a concept it is that Artoo could be at all useful. Artoo beeps and if Threepio were there to translate it would probably be something along the lines of “Fuck you both.”

The moment I read that, remembering the scene from the movie, I agreed with the above sentiment that Artoo would have been mouthing off here… Not only that, but R2-D2 has got to be what inspired Kenny McCormick of South Park.

Now, not to piss off South Park fans by suggesting this and knowing the full truth to who inspired Kenny, I just see the odd parallels between the two characters.

1) Unintelligible — Be it Artoo’s beeps or Kenny’s muffled statements, both characters almost speak a foreign dialect
2) Ability to piss people off — Be it Cartman or 3P0, Kenny and Artoo’s mouths
tend to have snide responses for others statements
3) Getting in trouble — Artoo gets hit in Star Wars and is severely damaged, Artoo falls in a Swamp and gets eaten in Empire Strike Back, Artoo falls into the Sand of the Dune Sea as well as getting shot during the Battle of Endor during Return of the Jedi… Kenny gets killed during every single fucking episode of South Park.

It’s uncanny, I tell you…

There are probably more similarities that I can’t think of right now, but I swear to you that Kenny and Artoo have to be related somehow with these odd coincidences… If not, Artoo had to inspire Kenny in a roundabout, fucked up kind of way…

Just write already!!!

Here I am — someone who can blog through his ass and back again and a wanna’ be story teller and what has happened? My shit attitude on top of some creative shortcomings has limited me when it comes to actually doing any writing.

I’ve struggled with a few paragraphs of an existing story… A story I need to finish which is dragging on. Me and Tim did some brainstorming what could happen to close out the story and we came up with a conclusion That I think I can work with…

Or can i?

The most difficult thing in storytelling after figuring out what you want to do is getting there… And once you get there, how you are going to draw your story to an end… It’s especially tough when you write about real life or something that could have happened in reality. Reality doesn’t end with “The End”, it goes on and on and a story can be drawn out into more stories or additional info about a tale.

I was stupid enough to paint myself into that corner when I started writing this fable which I am semi-proud of.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to get my ass in gear and try to finish this thing up.

Still searching for Tyler Crotty pictures?

I know some people are still looking for pictures of Tyler Crotty behind the president

Others are looking for full video clips — NerdySouth has what you want, NerdySouth has what you NEED…

And of course, here is our hero (he’s my hero because he can fall asleep during a Bush speech when I only get worked up by the bullshit being spewed) on the Late Show…

The Madness

Does it trouble anyone else that March Madness lasted till mid April?

Just an observation… :wink

Wit's End

I keep stating to friends that I am at wit’s end right now. I am waking up in the morning with no idea why I should get out of bed. I read the paper and maybe have a bite to eat when I DO get out of bed and then there is nothing else for me — the day is me gimping around or on the computer, both of which I get sick of.

I said a few months ago on here that i thought I saw a light at the end of the tunnel with regards to rehabbing and getting better from previous operations – but it’s a deceptive light. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m still dependent on the walker and it’s making me fear going out and doing or attempting to do — or just flat out holding me back. Psychologically, that is…

Things gotta improve – they just gotta… I don’t know how much more of the down I can take without a blast of the UP, so to speak.

Kurt Cobain: 10 Years gone

Rest in peace, Kurt.


I’m not like them
But I can pretend
The sun is gone
But I have a light
The day is done
But I’m having fun

I think I’m dumb
or maybe just happy
Think I’m just happy
my heart is broke
But I have some glue
help me inhale
And mend it with you
We’ll float around
And hang out on clouds
Then we’ll come down
And have a hangover… have a hangover

Skin the sun
Fall asleep
Wish away
The soul is cheap
Lesson learned
Wish me luck
Soothe the burn
Wake me up

I’m not like them
But I can pretend
The sun is gone
But I have a light
The day is done
But I’m having fun

I think I’m dumb

Letterman vs. CNN resolved — Tyler Crotty to appear on Late Show tonight

Well, CNN has apologized for denying what Letterman aired on TV the other night. Not only that but one of their anchors proposed she appear on Letterman as a “Stupid human trick” in the future :tongue

Personally I find this entire situation from a political standpoint, absurd but not unexpected.

Try, Try again

Trying once again with — I’ll probably come out middle of the pack on this one if not low… I think I did a good job photoshopping this image but there are TONS of outstanding entries.

Lightning clinch #1 seed

With Boston’s tie against Washington, the Bruins can do no better than tie the Lightning for most points in the conference.

Meaning for the first time in their history, the Tampa Bay Lightning are regular season Eastern Conference champs and secure home ice advantage throughout the playoffs! :woot

Lemme say this again because this is weighty stuff for anyone who has been following this team since their inception, through the ups and downs:


Yes, this means absolutely jack shit in the playoffs, but this is still an incredible feet for a franchise that lost 50 games for 4 straight seasons)