In search of Andy Hardy’s “Casablanca” parody-clip with Head Coach Sam Wyche

In search of Andy Hardy’s “Casablanca” parody-clip with Head Coach Sam Wyche

In search of Andy Hardy’s “Casablanca” parody-clip with Head Coach Sam Wyche

The late Andy Hardy was Sports Director at WTVT Channel 13 for longer than I know. In his last years in his role, the latest futility of Tampa Bay Buccaneers football was overseen by head coach Sam Wyche (we’re talking 1992 through 1995).

I don’t know the story on how this got laid out aned agreed to, but once-a-week during the NFL season, Wyche would do a segment during the Channel 13 sports segment called “Play it Again, Sam”. It aired at 5 or 6 PM a day or two after a Hucs game.

What makes me remember the segments so much is the intro of the segment. And that – the segment introduction video – is what I am looking for.

The clip is a parody of a scene from the movie Casablanca, just as the segment title is as such. The clip featured Hardy sitting at the bar while Wyche played piano in the background. I don’t remember Hardy’s exact words but to paraphrase him:

Of all the cities and all the franchises in the world and he shows up in my NFL town. Go ahead and play the song, play it again, Sam.

Wyche replies, “Right, boss!” before the clip ends and that introduction gives way to Wyche talking about one play from the last Tampa Bay Buccaneers game.

I know this clip is online; I’ve crossed it in recent years. I can’t locate it now though. I find it highly relevant at this moment (with nostalgia in mind) as the Buccaneers’ futility of today reeks back to the days of Wyche and Ray Perkins. That’s just one man’s opinion on the matter.

Channel 13 — now known as FOX 13 and seldom called My FOX Tampa Gay — has uploaded archived news segments before.I found this out when I wrote my piece on Ice Palace this summer. I would not he surprised ir they have the clip (just not showing up on search engine results. That doesn’t mean the clip isn’t on YouTube or Vimeo or Facebook at current.

Go ‘head and find me the song, folks. Where is “Play it again, Sam”?