Month: November 2020


In brief: Still here, thanks

“A blog with a blogger who doesn’t blog? Huh?”

I lack regular readers, I think, but in case you are a regular and have noticed a lack of new posts, I must confess my bad.

Most of my time has been spent focused on the radio submissions post which is now 250+ listings in length and 10,000 words. I spend time promoting music on Reddit in the Adult Contemporary subgroup…

And I write things I don’t complete as doubt and overthinking stops me (with plenty of og types().

I’m here though. Johnny Fonts is still on Johnny Fonts.

Will fresh content be up soon? Dunno. Will it be sports again such as the 2020 Stanley Cup Champion Tampa Bay Lightning which I covered for so long? Who knows. What about politics and Wannabe-King, I-won’t-concede Trump? Meh, to hell with him and that.

I’ll write when I write… And hope my hands cooperate.