Month: June 2007


Entourage — Season 4 questions

So Vincent Chase, Eric “E” Murphy, Johnny “Drama” Chase and Turtle are heading to Columbia (all of them? I wasn’t clear on that watching the finale of Season 3-B) where they’ll be filming Vinnie’s passion project: Medellin with Billy “Wally Balls” Walsh directing and E and Vinnie producing.

Yet there are some questions left unanswered that are looming around Entourage and I’d like to see some infill on it…

Firstly, how did Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Bay do with Aquaman 2? You do remember that Bay was set to take over the directing helm and Kevin Smith was tabbed to write the sucker. This, in part, led to the series of events that snowballed into the close of season 3-A with Vinnie out of work. It is possible it’s gonna’ happen because you found out about the action movie that Vince was offered at the begining of season 1 (Matterhorn) having been shelved due to an injury to Colin Farrell… So hearing about A2 tanking could lead to an interesting future plot, or hearing about A2 swimming will be a great way to keep beating down the try-as-they-might quartet.

Secondly, will Seth Green and Sloan get back together while Eric is away? You DO recall Seth giving E shit about Sloan all the time — because the two used to be a couple. Now Eric and Sloan are on the rocks (as the season 3-B finale made it apparent) as Eric is chosing his career and Medellin over Sloan. While we’re at it — is there a chance the object of E’s desires, Tori, will rear her head in season four? You do recall who Tori is, don’t you? If not — read the “Entourage: Let’s blog it out” entry about it.

Is Turtle’s name going to get revealed?

Is Drama’s “Five Towns” going to get picked up for a full season so, ya know, he has the money to pay for his condo that he bought? Or is there a chance “Viking Quest — the Motion Picture”, is on the horizon?

Is Mrs. Ari going to get more face time on the show? Being the yang to Ari Gold’s ying always puts Mrs. Ari in an interesting position on the show.

There’s a lot more to ponder (is I want to be Sedated truly buried? How about Queens Boulevard — will it ever grace a cinema? And with Vinny sleeping with all those women — who’se going to show up with his kid? Shit happens when you party naked after all 😉 ) yet I’ll leave it be to see what happens.

Are they going to write

Badda Boom; “The Sopranos” swan-song

OK, just HOW is “The Soprano’s” going to end? Steve Silver offers a few ideas…

Hat tip to Eric at Off Wing

Out of "Office"

Dunno how many people saw this cuz isn’t that mainstream a channel (yet?) but this mix of pop and mock has me grinnin’…

Strong for them, hell for you

How many times have you been supportive of someone who is close to you or who has meant something to you in the past, all the while you end up feeling like crap for doing it? Not because of you giving support to this person, but because of the topic?

It’s almost like what should lead to a breakup… Being there for someone but feeling trampled on in the relationship. You care and want to be there but you can’t keep being a friend for someone when they don’t respect you or even consider what certain topics/phrases do to you inside.

Respect… And Disrespect. If you are there for someone when they need you and they aren’t there for you, if you will apologize to someone about things – but they won’t ever apologize about any anger they’ve caused… It’s just not healthy and just not worth it. Friendship or more — it’s a two way street.

Show me some respect or find another person to dump on… I’m not playing the inanimate teddy bear any longer.

from the mouth of base

Did you see the results of a poll posted on Daily Kos on Friday? 21000+ votes of the Democratic base and basically 68% of those who voted said that they’re either waiting for Gore’s entry specifically, would change their primary candidate preference to Gore if he was running, or would lean Gore if he entered the race.

68% of Dkos — basically the base of the Democratic party. That floors me. While the Netroots love Barack Obama and are true-believers will not budge from Edwards (Hillary + Netroots = Zero), they’re waiting and hungry for Al Gore to declare and run.

As is said on dKos through the comments on this poll thread: if Gore enters the fray, everything changes The personnel support, financial backers, etc.

Markos Moulitsas Zúniga (Kos himself), many others and myself haven’t gotten involved in the Democratic Presidential Primary fray specifically because we were waiting for Gore. I ache for him to declare…

Yet at the same time, I’m fine if he doesn’t. I’ll actively support whoever the Democratic nominee is in 2008… Gore is happy in the life he’s leading now outside the political establishment and he’s serving the world in his global warming/climate change campaign, bringing awareness to the masses and what not. He’s single handedly helped make the environment a top issue across the world (oh, yeah, that and actual climate change occurring). Yet the point that is alwasy brought up is that Gore can do more for the environment by being President of the United States. But it’s his decision if he’s going to try to gain that job – which comes with a lot more requirements than just saving the environment.