An Old NHL Aggravation Reminder on Tampa Bay’s Anniversary

30 years of NHL exception does not mean the Lightning played 30 seasons.

A song for Tampa and Games 3 and 4 of the 2022 Stanley Ci[ Final

“A Night in Taj0a” is a 2007 acoustic number by Tampa Bay’s Gypsy Star.

The Foley of Late-Season, Cross-Conference Play in the NHL

What?? A hockey related post by Jo9hn?! May wonders never cease!!

A noteworthy atmosphere for the Stanley Cup Finals

Preceding game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals is an interesting aspect,

An Open Letter Request to the Tampa Bay Lightning

This has nothing to do with the team and gameplay. It has everything to do with the genetic menace few know of.

Amalie Arena To Serve As An Early-Voting Locale

Amalie Arena, the Ice Palace of Tampa, Florida.

Hillsborough County’s Supervisor of elections has announced Amalie Arena will be open as a voting location.

Regarding my absence ftom 2020 NHL playoff blogging and my social withdrawal online

Regarding my absence ftom 2020 NHL playoff blogging and my social withdrawal online

As the Tampa Bay Lightning’s original blogger, I haven’t said much of anything about these belated playoffs. I’m not interacting much online either. Why?

The stage is set for a cultural event

The stage is set for a cultural event

If the moment is like the trying times of 1964 or 1980, a very influential cultural event could be in the cards for America… And the U.S. could use one.

NHL History: Vinny Lecavalier’s “Rough Translation” to Life With The White Bear

Lecavalier in Kazan, 2005

A pie e of NHL history was the 2004-05 lockout. A story within it was Vincent Lecavalier plaung for AK Baez Kazan during that lost season, and Tom Jones feature article on it.

The Flukish Sgreak or Tampa Bay Lightning Hockey Since the 2019 Holiday Season

Awesome success, but don’t settle. Don’t be stupid in disappointment either. Push forward — the Tampa Bay Lightning are doing just that.

One opinion on a minor-league location matter in hockey

One opinion on a minor-league location matter in hockey

The Vegas Golden Knights are exploring moving their AHL affiliate to Vegas, too. Here are my thoughts on the matter…

Jon Cooper’s done better as a Lightning head coach than the Tampa Bay Buccaneers all-time

Jon Cooper’s done better as a Lightning head coach than the Tampa Bay Buccaneers all-time

Minus a championship, but still… In seven seasons, one mans feats puts the other local franchise to shame.

Vaulted production levels from Alex Killorn are elite for his career

He’s just shy of matching his season-best goal-scoring total in only 41-games played.

In brief, a response to the Tampa Bay Lightning’s current success

A simple response to the Lightning winning 8 straight after blowing out Vancouver 9-2.

Andrei Vasilevskiy can hecome the Tampa Bay Lightning’s winningest goalie with a victory vs Winnipeg

Vasy’s next win seals the deal — and it could come tonight against Winnipeg.

Lightning hockey and that blogger named John…

I need to updated the logo I use for hockey related posts. That is all.

“Where are they now?” of hockey blogging?

Some people who did hockey blogging were major reads in their location. Others were the ONLY reads outside of mainstream media.

The season after regular-season domination and the Tampa Bay Lightning (with poll)

Just how have NHL teams followed-up 60+ win seasons? Just how will Tampa Bay?

Did you know…? Tampa Bay Lightning stars once were extras in a comic book movie?

Stanley Cup Championship by the Tampa Bay Lightning was a John Travolta jinx?

Fox Sports Sun to live-stream Lightning 2019 preseason games

Three of the Bolts preseason games will be available for to watch with thanks to online options.

Only one player stands out from Steve Yzerman’s 1st round draft history with the Lightning

This is the Albatross of the Steve Yzerman tenure as General Manager of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

“Do You Believe In Miracles?” available for viewing here

The 2001 documentary film about the 1980 Team USA win over the Soviet Union is posted here.

There isn’t much of a Tampa Bay Lightning blogosphere

The Tampa Bay Lightning blogosphere isn’t much of a blogosphere at all.

Some quick remarks about the Lightning’s summer

Just some rambling remarks about the Tampa Bay Lightning’s transactions this summer.

Reflecting on the history and the Ice Palace that is Amalie Arena

Amalie Arena, the Ice Palace of Tampa, Florida.

I wish I knew the stories more behind the Bolts immaculate Ice Palace.

An image from Tampa BayLightning history and the 1996 NHL Playoffs

Tampa Bay Lightning playoff preview April 1996

A photograph from 2010 of a newspaper playolff preview from 1996 — the first playoffs appearence in Tampa Bay Lightning franchise history.

The brink of NHL free agency 2019

Just a quick word regarding the Tampa Bay Lightnin, 2019 NHL free agency and the NHL draft.

A feat in failure, the Bolts beat the Blues

Just a stat, just a fact, just a feat, and a victorious failure inf finality.

Three months away; Lightning announce 2019 preseason schedule

In 90-odd days, you’ll have he starting fire of the next Tampa Bay Lightning season.

My love for hockey and the glory of the Stanley Cup

With the start of the 2019 Stanley Cup Finals, this long-time hockey blogger pulls up his words from 2014 and why he loves the Cup.

What to do with

I bought a domain name and am now wondering what to do with it.

2019 NHL Playoffs: Oh, how the mighty have fallen

The wild card clubs have reigned in the division winners, making the final outcome of the 2019 NHL playoffs a mystery

Will the start of Steve Yzerman’s tenure in Detroit bring transactions with Tampa Bay?

The former Lightning GM needs to transform the winged-wheel into his baby. That may lead to him seeking Bolts.

Without a job and without a path forward

The plight of a long-time blogger and disabled individual.

The simple truth; 2019 Tampa Bay Lightning playoffs post-mortem summary

The NHL’s Second Season once again earns its title.

Disappointed by Lightning play and fan reaction

I’m going to go with a simple take going into Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals:

Another Lightning record: Drawing viewers to their historic regular-season performance

Historic feats on-ice help set a broadcast popularity record for the Tampa Bay Lightning during the 2018-19 NHL regular season.

The Great Outdoors and the first Eastern Conference Quarterfinals watch party for Lightning fans

It’ll be a rockin’ Game One — both in play and at the Curtis Hixon Park watch party. Details are within this post.

The gamble and the 2019 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

A fan asks who to bet on in the 2019 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs: The Bolts or elsewhere in the field?

Another benchmark change is looming for the Lightning in the 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs

The 2018-19 Lightning are bre3aking records, the 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs brings two new record holders.

Lightning’s success generates all too much silence in the Tampa Bay sports media

The hype, the hope, the proudness of what the Lightning are doing? It’s not there in traditional media in Tampa Bay at current like it was in 1996.

The NHL on NBC and NBC Sports Net needs broader appeal

A blog post based off a tweet which was born from fans harping — per usual — at the quality of an NBC Sports Net hockey broadcast.

Record-breaking vies against playoff contention in the Lightning’s remaining schedule

Tampa Bay played oh-so-well through 66 games. They’re on the verge of breaking an NHL record, but their final opponents will not make it a gimmie.

The storm continues with Tampa Bay Lightning hockey

Entering the last game of Feruary, the BGotls are 12-02 for the month.

Eugene Melnyk and the suffering of hockey fandom in Ottawa

Ottawa is the pit of despair as the virtual rebuilding of the franchise has made the market a failure. A fan cites their grievance with the club owner.

A tweet of note regarding the Tampa Bay Lightning and the 2019 NHL trade deadline

Via Joe Smith of The Athletic, a quick remark about things at this coming deadline (and deadlines in general):

Lightning strikes blaze the NHL standings and Tampa Bay sports

They’re winning… oh, are they winning…!

Via Reddit: To put the Tampa Bay Lightning’s success in perspective at this point (Feb 16, 2015)

This article will redirect you to a post on that puts the Tampa Bay Lightning’s success in perspective.

My thoughts on the Bolts and the new alternate threds

Just a few words on the 2019 Tampa Bay Lightning alternate jerseys. #DisrupttheNight doesn’t do it for me.

A lackluster competitiveness and the drive to improve (or lack thereof)

Edmonton Oilers fans have errupted over mediocrity ongoing with the club. Yiou don’t see the same for fans of the football team in Tampa Bay.