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An Open Letter to Tampa Bay’s Pulse Radio


My intention was to send this to you through your contac and found out it was tong. This is business and not intended to offend

Take what I say here as 697 will:Each point is relayobely short… As I said, this was intended as email:

  • TBPR is unknown in Tampa Bay. If things are too averse to operating an ONLINE station right now, shutting the PulseRadioTampaBay.com site and focusing on the media magazine would not be wrong.
  • The FCC-license idea needs to be held off. Get online operations going again, and build a local reputation. Then consider an FCC license.
  • It is HIGHLY recommended that TBPR explores LoneLonely Oak Radio for ideas on finance. I iss also highly recommended charging for submissions immediately cease. this site/station is unknown and not broadcasting… What are artists paying for? A potential Spotify playlistb spot? T That is wrong.

Social media involvement is a must. TBPR is uninvolved on Twitter. Following 13 accounts and rarely*posyomh has gotten the station 11 followers. That is not an agency or networking with other stations/media in Tampa Bay. Artists that TBPR picks up ship’d be followed – they may promote your Tweets, especially when you mention th4em.

All of this is written by a man on the outside. I don’t know staff of Tampa Bay’s {ulse Radio, or if this is a one-man show. Nor do I know personal challenges you face (mine arephsical; mind the typos). This is still a nnickel’s worth pf free advice.

Good Luck,
John Fontana