The (Forced) New Look of

This blog needed a theme upgrade… Partly due to look, partly because it was not properly compatible with WordPress – and not been for years. But… Sunday night, I was casually messing around in a potential theme upgrade and I accidentally activated it. That would not be a big deal, just switch to the other […]

In brief: Still here, thanks

“Rumors og my demise have been greatly exaggerated.” I’m just am not posting, Sorry.

Johnny Fonts on Spotify; follow me, won’t you?

Johnny Fonts on Spotify; follow me, won’t you?

Come follow John Fontana, aka Johnny Fonts, on Spotify. How in-tune you find me is up to you.

[Meta] This blog isn’t all about the Bolts

I round out that every single category of his web site was listed as “Tampa Bay Lightning” in search engine results. One setting or another related the mistake. I wouldn’t think any repeat visitors saw 5he issue. I still feel the need to apologize; it’s a big s red up an embarrassing to have happened.

“Typing’s an adventure…” takes on new meaning


No, no, I haven’t been hired as Donald Trump’s speech writer. Thank God.


Let me stress outright: This is a personal weblog. All content on the site is of a variety of subject matters by a lone author: Me. Hi. There is a section for “Guest Writers”, but that content is literally writing penned by personal guests/friends (and hasn’t been used for more than 15 years). I am […]

Lightning hockey and that blogger named John…

I need to updated the logo I use for hockey related posts. That is all.

Polls are now open…

This blog now has polling options. Rah.

Less banners, for now

A lot of images were taken off banner rotation for now… Mostly because they weren’t mine and I figured, being a professional, I should stop doing what they tell us not to do with images: Just take and crop to your satisfaction. I’ll figure out something new for the header soon enough.

In the news today (oh boy…)

No sooner do I find myself in print in The Hockey News… The Hockey News-Sep-07-09 …do I find out I can’t find a print copy of The Hockey News in Palm Harbor. Sheesh.