Month: August 2002


For the sake of posting 2

Hi Kids, I’m back around. For those of you expecting Jerry Lewis, I regret to inform you that he wouldn’t be caught dead with me ๐Ÿ˜›

So yes, I am making a full entry into this web journal no matter how little it means to people. Isn’t it grand to have John back? Don’t you wish he would just go the hell away again?

Yeah, I’m in such a CHEERFUL mood ๐Ÿ™„

As many of you know I have had a pair of crappy months in a row. For personal reasons and for web-related reasons and after my mini vacation (sic) I’m forced to face both foes once again — the social BS and the web related BS.

Now if only I had my writing kick coming back to me….

The Knife

This is probably my last entry for the time being. I’ve got to get some sleep tonight and I need to / want to talk to some people before I leave tomorrow and I would be more likely to stick around talking to them than tap-tappity-tap-tap the keyboard and write out a journal entry on this web site.

I published contact/feedback information for Sony Music on the Fab 4 Lyrics section of the site. If you’re pissed that they are pulling this shit (threatening over lyrics being published on the web) — TELL THEM. Make sure you tell them it’s in regards to

I got a haircut today and lets just say the guy who appears in the Stonegauge logo above does not look much like me right now. For those of you who saw my picture in the St. Pete Times from the 1st article about the situation that arose with – I can say that my long locks in that photo are gone as well.

I spent most of the morning pinning about politics…. I really continue to despise George W. Bush and feel half of what I’ve gone through is helped along because of his administration is so pro-corporate… I also feel the US is guilty of Terrorism with their threat on Iraq… Sure Iraq poses a threat with biological weapons or other stuff — but SO DO WE! So does GREAT BRITAIN, so do other countries that are our allies but we aren’t going to bomb them and invade. We aren’t about to oust the government in Saudi Arabia even though they support terrorism. Hell, we sponsor terror by allowing Saudi Arabia to remain our ally and continue to have unrestricted access to the US. How many of September 11th’s hijackers were from SA? Where is Osama Bin Laden from? It’s bullshit.

I want Bush out of office so bad…. I look and ask are we better off than we were 2 years ago and I gag at the thought… Economics are skewerd, corporations rule, the environment means little to Dubya and some of our freedoms are being taken away by the Attorney General who is a far-right-wing thinker. Why don’t they just burn the Bill of Rights, declare the Bush family the first monarchy of dictatorship and throw all liberals (like myself) in jail who might question the President. How many times have I heard that I am in the wrong for questioning the president because we are at war? Should I be intimidated like that? No sir…. ESPECIALLY seeing the president’s Administration is doing objectionable stuff.

Oh well, just about 13 hours before I need to be up and ready to go… ๐Ÿ™ I’ll hopefully get to leave you another comment in this journal soon….


I had a moment of realization over a song lyric just a short while ago. This happens to me once in a while when I think about some songs I know or I have heard. You think about the lyrics and sing the lyrics but you don’t always think of the story behind the lyrics or what they mean.

For example, “I Just Called To Say I Love You” by Stevie Wonder doesn’t say much more than the lack of a special occasion… That’s the entire point of the song when you think about it. He wasn’t calling to talk to someone because it was Halloween or because it was New Years Day or a “Wedding Saturday within the month of June,” he was just calling to profess his love for no reason at all.

Now, the song that got to me is something I heard when it originally came out in 1992. One by U2. Now, this song I have been nuts about since early February when I was trying to learn the song specifically because people thought it would be in the Super Bowl halftime show as a tribute. I’ve been singing the song on and off and sometimes just thinking about the lyrics and trying to figure out what Paul Hewson was talking about (Paul, FYI, is Bono).

Is it getting better
Or do you feel the same?
Will it make it easier on you now?
You’ve got someone to blame

You say,
One Love
One Life
When It’s One Need
In the Night
One Love
We Get to share it
Leaves you baby,
If you don’t care for it

Did I disappoint you
Or leave a bad taste in your mouth
You act like you’ve never had love
And you want me to go without

Well it’s
Too late
To drag the past back out into the light
We’re One
But we’re not the same
We get to Carry each other
Carry each other

Now I could keep going and mention all the lyrics to the site but if my recollection serves me right, I am a webmaster of a BEATLES Lyrics site (if people don’t litigate me, I mean :-p ). The point of what I am talking about is what does this song –ย One –ย ย mean… What does ONE Mean?

First off, obviously it’s about a relationship. It isn’t, however, a relationship that has broken up. It’s still ongoing. It seems as if the person talking is trying to talk up their relationship — how both sides are committed to it. He may have pried a little too deep at one point (Did I ask too much/More than a lot ) and the other side did not take it well because of this. The other side is a bit reserved and he’s laying down the fact that if they are in love — they’re supposed to be a single unit, try to function as one even though they aren’t the same. Sure they hurt each other but they’ll do it again — that’s what tends to happen in love anyway. Someone gets hurt over something, even if it’s not something. I think he is also trying to confess that what went down was not a fatal mistake…

Honestly, only Bono can truly know what the song means… I see this story as what is going on in the song… It definitely has little to do with the three distinctive videos that were released for the song ( 1 –ย  Bono in the bar, shots of a woman, shots of U2; 2 – U2 performing, Bono sitting on a couch and singing, all band members appearing in drag, cars driving through Scotland; 3 – The lone buffalo roaming the terrain ).

“What the hell brought this on John?”
Nothing to be honest. I just get to thinking on a tangent like this all the time. Something of absolutely no substance coming to mind. It’s one of my charming personality traits ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve been on FanHome a lot the last day… I’m trying to help boost the amount of traffic on the Football section of the site (seeing it is Training Camp time in the NFL and the season will start soon). For those of you who have never been to FanHome, first off — I administrate on the site. Second off, it’s a sports message board of some noteriety on the net. It should reach 40 thousand registered members sometime tonight. It’s definitely worth a look if you are into sports.

I updated the site a bit here and there. I now have 3 separate email addresses for all 3 sections of the site which is a big plus. I doubt anyone sends me an email from here but all the same if you need to — will do the job for ya.