Month: December 2021


An Opinion on the Best/Top Radio Stations that Accept Submissions

So…. You can find a sheer ton of radio stations and sites on a listing here on Johnny Fonts, offering so many options for listeners and artists seeking to promote their songs. Seeing so many stations is intimidating… Plus the “Notes” with listings don’t go in-depth about station reach and acceptance speed and other detail that would make someone WANT to submit.

To cut to the chase: What are the best stations and sites?

The answer is: There isn’t a “best”.

If you do web searches, you can find plenty of articles that say “top” or “best” stations for musicians. That immediately hurts things as it will encourage more artists to submit music. It makes it more of competition just to gain acceptance… And lets not even think about airplay.

That’s not faulting the stations. I’m trying to say that thw heralded stations have a tough job. All stations and sites playing music have this tough job.

So…? Should you submit music anywhere? Oh, hell yes! Everywhere your genre fits! Bulk is better than holding out hope on a hyped “top” station. While some stations will offer few listeners, having music played on multiple stations is better than holding out hope on one or two “big” stations.

I’d offer more advice on music submissions, but that advice varies from person to person… Just like “top” or “best” stations vary too. Just get your tunes submitted to as many stations as you can.