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Regional radio, music submissions, and the challenge

The radio submission listing here now stands around 200 stations/sites/options, some being general, some being genre, some being collegiate, and some being regional. Many more are out there in all those categories,  it doesn’t mean all will be listed. This post is about one such group of stations I don’t include in the list.

There’s a major broadcast network of regional stations that has affiliates all over the United States. In fact, I don’t know how far goes. I do know I’ve been aware of the network long before the radio/streaming post went live. I also know through experience that the network stations are not social figures who will answer emails of characters who want info before submitting. This is a business and they are pummeled by submissions as-is.

None of this is meant as a judgment against the stations, this is more a message for independent artists who might wish to take a chance and send a track or an album to a station-affiliate or multiple members of the network: This requires a top-notch submission effort on top of a top-notch recording that is being sent in. If your music is just a hobby, look elsewhere for airplay. If you’re trying to make recording-arts your career…? This is a required effort. affiliates vary in how they take submissions, if at all, with some willingly going the digital route by way of email while others require physical submissions of CDs or vinyl. That aspect is a truth for all radio broadcast sites though, as I’ve crossed so many at this point. I have not seen affiliates who take flash-drive submissions, nor do I recall seeing an affiliate who takes physical submissions in-person (though there very well may be in both cases). This is a business. You’re putting yourself in direct competition with the big shits of the record industry.

You may just try a bare-bones submission like you may have done with success to other sites and stations with mixed results or outright success… I don’t recommend that. I recommend a press-kit with any submission. Going by this site’s listing a kit is a lot less difficult than the intimidating name makes it seem. It is another example of how you’d be going pro, but high-quality versions of your logo and photos of you/the group are the biggest additions in a press kit to go along with routine content of a bio, links, and other relevant info., A press kit doesn’t mean sites will be swayed, it is just said to push the fact you need to come off professional/top-notch in your submission. I’d encourage this effort and info with all email or physical mail-in efforts no matter what station.’s affiliates vary in genre and saying such doesn’t tell you what genres. I apologize for that. I’ve crossed Alternative/Indie, I’ve crossed Rock, I’m pretty sure Country is out there. You need to spend some time researching the affiliates.  I’d do it for you but I have a queue of 150+ sites/stations to review. I don’t know how many more would be added by way of Likely a lot.

If you have time if you have an interest, here are the Google search results for affiliates taking submissions. Venturing to the sites will give you generally the same lead-in remark about music submissions before ultimately telling you how to do it.

[…] Policy Regarding Music Submissions and Programmer Access

1.  Programming decisions and music selections are made on a non-discriminatory basis.

That’s posted because if you explore submissions with them, you better get used to it and other constants you will notice..

It all comes back to putting your best foot forward and moving to other submission options after submitting to one or many affiliates. This is a truth with submissions anywhere: Don’t get hung up on one station, waiting on acceptance. There are so many options out there and your quest with all music submissions to broadcasting stations and sites is ultimately the same: Airplay and exposure.

If you’re an indie artist who has gotten accepted to a affiliate or many, post a comment below. Let everyone know which stations, what your act name is and what song(s) were you pushed. How easy or tough things turned out.

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