Month: May 2007


When in "Drought" — fill your pool!

I’ve been watching and paying close attention to the Skypoint Condo construction at 777 Ashley Drive in downtown Tampa since they broke ground in June of 2005. The first inhabitants of the building are due to start arriving early in June as units begin closing proceedings.

And with the construction crew finalizing details in and around the tower, I must voice a complaint.

Like I said, I’ve been following Skypoint closely since 2005… Usually by way of conversation on Skyscraper City or web cams provided by TECO (now defunct) and Ox Blue. With the Ox Blue cam specifically, anyone can view the progress on Skypoint from July 2005 until current.

What you can also find is photographic proof of the Skypoint-resident-only pool being drained and re-filled three times within the last month while Tampa and much of Florida are in severe drought conditions. I don’t think I need explain how many thousands of gallons it takes to fill a pool or emphasis the waste.

Check it for yourself — go to their flash webcam site and jump to April 18th (use the calendar on the left hand side that pops up) — the day of the first filling. The pool stays full until May 3rd when it’s drained during the course of day. Five days later, on May 8th, the pool is refilled again and then abruptly drained for the second time on May 14th. The third filling took place just this Monday (May 20th) and it is still full as of May 23.

Three fillings in a pool that no one has yet used, in a building where no one yet lives. I wonder if the city of Tampa even considers that a violation, seeing that they are suggesting you tattle on neighbors using too much water.


Well, I rarely give props to links I add to my blogroll but seeing this is Madeline’s 2nd birthday today, I thought I would announce (for good measure) the addition of a link to Whippet Rescue and Placement.

A loyal, sweet, athletic and extremely bright breed of dog — Whippet Rescue and Placement focuses on finding homes for Whippets that need them. These are usually rescued animals that either had problems in their former homes or just couldn’t be looked after any more.

The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins lives!

Bless you, YouTube!

Hapri, Hapri, Joy Joy

Not only can this guy cover multiple artists (see below with his rendition of U2’s One) but he also looks way too much like me circa 1997 (or if I aged without having anything bad happen to me):