TunedQuest: How the Radio Music Submissuib Resource Got Started

What happened that led to this forner sports blogger to start cinoukubf th radio/music submission [agenow known as TunedQuest.

“Where are they now?” of hockey blogging?

Some people who did hockey blogging were major reads in their location. Others were the ONLY reads outside of mainstream media.

Three noteworth Reddit groups for hockey and sports fans

Reddit isn’t just a message board. It’s also not a dump-all marketing destination either. As a long time blogger, I didn’t deliberately try to mine traffic from Reddit because I didn’t want to be the one who posted any of my written-content from my days at Raw Charge on major subreddits. That’s ethics, though. I’ve […]

A hockey blogger Q and A with Lyle Richardson of Spectors Hockey

One of the routine areas that draws fans to the web to find out what they can are rumors. Some are made up, some are hearsay, some are those casually expressed “I’m hearing…” remarks that you see on Twitter from major members of hockey coverage. The man at the blogging level who made a name […]

A place on Reddit to promote your hockey writing

As one of the longest tenured bloggers tied to the sport of hockey (well, at least up until a few days ago when I stopped for the most part), I’d like to take a moment to try to make mention of a category on Reddit where you can have feature content from your blog posted. […]