Month: November 2009


Coming not quite soon (final)

About 14 months ago, Albertson’s at Boot Ranch Plaza closed shop.  Just before it happened, I lamented in nostalgia about that happening.  Having had worked there in the past and what not.

But one thing that was not said was the fact  I was excited about the upcoming change of the store from one brand to another.  I was thrilled that the retail location at 400 East Lake road was going to get the traffic that the site had long deserved.

That’s part of the reason I began chronicling the renovation at the location.  Because what was a caterpillar would be a butterfly soon enough.   So twice I’ve posted about the cocoon that was the dormant retail space in Boot Ranch.  What I failed to do was actually announce when work crews started to show up at the address in May.  What I failed to address 0 with pictures and what not – was when the fences were put up, when the stucco facade was stripped and repainted over the summer.

Publix should be rising from the ashes of Albertsons the second week of December.  A year after I observed the in-waiting voidness of the location.  Painted, with untold renovations having happened inside and trees actually planted in the parking lot (which has long, long needed some shade trees), the building’s transformation is all but complete.   It looks splendid and I’m eager to check things out.


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