Month: October 2006


The prudes didn't catch this, did they?

Saturday Night Live was a must see for me last night cuz Hugh Laurie was on. While I love House M.D, it’s his comedy that made this a must-see broadcast. An appearance by Borat on the show was an added perk (along with Beck as the musical guest).

Of course, Borat did what he could before SNL went off the air to add some controversy.

I don’t have a picture, but at the veeeeeeeeeery end of the SNL broadcast last night — while everyone was congregated on stage and the end credits were rolling, Baron Sacha Cohen (AKA Borat) got down on his knees in front of Hugh Laurie and imitated giving head. I was sure the prudes and the FCC would be all over NBC for this (needlessly) but am happy to report nothing is listed on Google News pertaining to this little item…

…but if it pops up somewhere this week in the news, you heard it hear first.

Screw Firefox's new close-tab buttons!

BAH! I lost a great blog entry I was working on because I clicked the X on Firefox 2’s browser tabs instead of the tab itself!

Let this be a lesson, kids, that Ctrl+Tab to shift through Firefox/IE browser tabs is a wise thing to do… Oh yeah, and save-save-save work in progress.

The most powerful ad of the campaign season

You know, there are ads out there right now that can be looked at as low blows. There are ads out there that can be looked at from either side of the fray as “the truth”.

Lemme submit another one to you — Michael J. Fox:

If you’re like me — you grew up with Michael J. Fox as a hero. Marty McFly, Alex P. Keaton, Brantley Foster and all his roles from there on in. This one ad showing how bad his Parkinsons condition is getting puts every attack, slander and general mudslinging ad to shame.

You can’t look past something like this… You just can’t.

Just an example of how to liven up “How are you?” generalities in internet conversation

Get in an instant message conversation with me and you never quite know what to expect. See below:

Jenna: good job on the newsletter as always
Me: thanks
Me: how u be?
Jenna: good
Jenna: you?
Me: horrible. I got a flabberjabber in my doyathunkis and the wangdoodle ate my hornswogger. It’s been a vexing day of diddlydum and doodah-doodah
Me: besides that, everything is swell
Jenna: yikes, what does that mean in English :p
Me: it means ” I got a flabberjabber in my doyathunkis and the wangdoodle ate my hornswogger. It’s been a vexing day of diddlydum and doodah-doodah”
Me: Plain english. What can’t you understand?
Jenna: your hornswogger, eh?
Me: Yeah. I am just happy it wasn’t my vernicious kinid.. Hornswoggers aren’t healthy for kinids to be eating — vernicious ones or the other breeds.

Never a dull moment in Mid-World 😉

birthday observations

OK so today is my birthday (October 7th)…

It’s also the birthday of Shawn Ashmore who plays Bobby Drake/Iceman in the X-Men movies.

Coincidentally — the character Bobby Drake and his birthday is also supposed to be October 7th.

Who was that masked man?

I got a memory sticking out in my mind in the Tampa Bay area. One that doesn’t have an answer every time I look around Google or something…

I can remember in the early 1990’s here in North Pinellas, there was a candidate running for office that was of some noteriety… He would end up losing but the fact he was running in the first place made him noteworthy.

Bob Barker.

Yes, that Bob Barker…

IMDB says nothing of him once running for any elected office. I don’t know why I have this memory that he ran but I am certain he was on local public access along with other such stuff in the early 1990’s — maybe 1990, 91 or 92 to be exact.

Where do these memories come from with no proof at all of them existing? Oh well…