Month: November 2019


A forum devoted to the Adult Contemporary class of music

Sometime in 2011, the subreddit (read: forum) for Adult Contemporary music /r/AdultContemporatry, was created on Reddit. Despite the fact the class/genre of music is popular and has been decorated for decades with the titans of a multitude of genres, that forum never became much. In fact, it was closed sometime after the founding Reddit member (or Redditor) quit as moderator.

I’ve been a Redditor for about 9 years and while I’ve put myself in music in various ways over recent years, trying to run a forum was not my intention… up until January 2019. That’s when I applied for and took over /r/AdultContemporary. I’m looking for members to join me and help popularize the forum.

It’s a place to post music, share content, to talk to other fans… if they’ll reply. The 23 members who have joined the group since I took over don’t say much. Hell, I’ve been the one posting most of the content — be it songs from the past 50 years, playlists, articles, or discussion threads.

There are many niche forums on Reddit that can say they cover Adult Contemporary (be it /r/lovesongs or /r/softrock among others) but this is the genre in name, and the class of music is more diverse than a niche.

Anyway, I’m looking for people – be it fans, musicians, podcasters — to join me on /r/AdultConemporary. Indie artists are invited to promote musi on the subreddit, just heed the posting rules when doing so.

Andrei Vasilevskiy can hecome the Tampa Bay Lightning’s winningest goalie with a victory vs Winnipeg

If the Tampa Bay Lightning win tonight in their contest with the Winnipeg Jets, and if Andrei Vasilevskiy is the goaltender on-record for the win, then the Bolts will have a new all-time winningest netminder.

Vasilevskiy, who has played 219 games and started 209 of them, is tied with Gen Bishop for most-wins with 131. Bishop accomplished the feat in 227 games-played/222 game starts.

There is much more statistical aspects to crow about with Vasy and Lightning history, but the focus today and tonight should be on one thing: A victory for Vasilevskiy.

You can find all the history (statistically, that is) of Lightning goaltending at Hokey Reference.

Wishful Thinking and a Ferris Bueller’s Day Off cast cameo

Wishful Thinking and a Ferris Bueller’s Day Off cast cameo

While I’ve long had the wishful thought of Matthew Broderick, Mia Sara, and Alan Ruck reprising their roles as Ferris Bueller, Sloane Peterson, and Cameron Fry, I admit right now that this concept is a reach. No, I’m not talking sequel… Not to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off at least. The idea is tied to a sequel of a movie released six years after the antics of Ferris but was also based in the Chicagoland area where Bueller is from.

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Not quite blogging — but updating one specific post

I have not been blogging so much as updating one blog post and researching more options for those who may take interest in said-post.
For independent recording artists looking to promote their music, Radio and streaming options for indie musicians currently has 67 listed stations and streams for music broadcasting that accept submissions. Not all of those stations will work as some are genre-specific, others are region-centric (locals only), and others are picky… Not to mention that stations that are submitted to ultimately may not accept…

It’s a game of chance. You gotta try. And keep trying.

There are more listings on the way, folks. I’ve taken some interest in hunting down other broadcast options through various search engines. It’s almost funny how different results can be betwee Google, Yahoo, Lycos, Ecosia, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc. for the exact-same search terms Ultimately, that article is meant to save others time on hunting down options for where to push their music. It remains to be seen if musicians will ultimately utilize it (instead of hiring a third-party, perhaps).