An Old NHL Aggravation Reminder on Tampa Bay’s Anniversary

30 years of NHL exception does not mean the Lightning played 30 seasons.

A noteworthy atmosphere for the Stanley Cup Finals

Preceding game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals is an interesting aspect,

An Open Letter Request to the Tampa Bay Lightning

This has nothing to do with the team and gameplay. It has everything to do with the genetic menace few know of.

Amalie Arena To Serve As An Early-Voting Locale

Amalie Arena, the Ice Palace of Tampa, Florida.

Hillsborough County’s Supervisor of elections has announced Amalie Arena will be open as a voting location.

Regarding my absence ftom 2020 NHL playoff blogging and my social withdrawal online

Regarding my absence ftom 2020 NHL playoff blogging and my social withdrawal online

As the Tampa Bay Lightning’s original blogger, I haven’t said much of anything about these belated playoffs. I’m not interacting much online either. Why?

The Flukish Sgreak or Tampa Bay Lightning Hockey Since the 2019 Holiday Season

Awesome success, but don’t settle. Don’t be stupid in disappointment either. Push forward — the Tampa Bay Lightning are doing just that.

Jon Cooper’s done better as a Lightning head coach than the Tampa Bay Buccaneers all-time

Jon Cooper’s done better as a Lightning head coach than the Tampa Bay Buccaneers all-time

Minus a championship, but still… In seven seasons, one mans feats puts the other local franchise to shame.

Andrei Vasilevskiy can hecome the Tampa Bay Lightning’s winningest goalie with a victory vs Winnipeg

Vasy’s next win seals the deal — and it could come tonight against Winnipeg.

Some quick remarks about the Lightning’s summer

Just some rambling remarks about the Tampa Bay Lightning’s transactions this summer.

An image from Tampa BayLightning history and the 1996 NHL Playoffs

Tampa Bay Lightning playoff preview April 1996

A photograph from 2010 of a newspaper playolff preview from 1996 — the first playoffs appearence in Tampa Bay Lightning franchise history.

Will the start of Steve Yzerman’s tenure in Detroit bring transactions with Tampa Bay?

The former Lightning GM needs to transform the winged-wheel into his baby. That may lead to him seeking Bolts.

The simple truth; 2019 Tampa Bay Lightning playoffs post-mortem summary

The NHL’s Second Season once again earns its title.

The Great Outdoors and the first Eastern Conference Quarterfinals watch party for Lightning fans

It’ll be a rockin’ Game One — both in play and at the Curtis Hixon Park watch party. Details are within this post.

The gamble and the 2019 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

A fan asks who to bet on in the 2019 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs: The Bolts or elsewhere in the field?

Another benchmark change is looming for the Lightning in the 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs

The 2018-19 Lightning are bre3aking records, the 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs brings two new record holders.

Lightning’s success generates all too much silence in the Tampa Bay sports media

The hype, the hope, the proudness of what the Lightning are doing? It’s not there in traditional media in Tampa Bay at current like it was in 1996.

Record-breaking vies against playoff contention in the Lightning’s remaining schedule

Tampa Bay played oh-so-well through 66 games. They’re on the verge of breaking an NHL record, but their final opponents will not make it a gimmie.

Lightning strikes blaze the NHL standings and Tampa Bay sports

They’re winning… oh, are they winning…!

Via Reddit: To put the Tampa Bay Lightning’s success in perspective at this point (Feb 16, 2015)

This article will redirect you to a post on that puts the Tampa Bay Lightning’s success in perspective.

My thoughts on the Bolts and the new alternate threds

Just a few words on the 2019 Tampa Bay Lightning alternate jerseys. #DisrupttheNight doesn’t do it for me.

A lackluster competitiveness and the drive to improve (or lack thereof)

Edmonton Oilers fans have errupted over mediocrity ongoing with the club. Yiou don’t see the same for fans of the football team in Tampa Bay.

Attendance in Tampa Bay sports sides with the might of the Lightning

The Tampa Bay Lightning are among NHL attendance leaders. Their attendance numbers top the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Louis Domingue has served the Lightning well in a time of backstop need

Some have talked down the effort of Louis Domingue serving as Bolts netminder . Dommer’s done the job and done it well.

The Tampa Bay Lightning thrives while the Tampa Bay media look elsewhere in sports

Late this summer, before the NFL season was underway, the Tampa Bay Times did the Tampa Bay-media thing and played up the Tampa Bay Buccaneers season ahead. “Most talented offense ever?” discussion before a regular season game had been played seemed like… well, an attempt to raise expectations. I’m not here to judge the Buccaneer […]

The bitterness of politics meets the cold of ice hockey

2018 election year campaign contest… Nikita Kucherov vs. Jack Eichel. Seeing I’m a Kucherov supporter, I’m sharing his ad here.

Just where did Rusty Fedotenko go? I’m glad you asked!!

Anyone ever wonder what happened to Ruslan Fedotenko? Real estate. He's involved in townhomes on Treasure Island. Read about it here #TBLightning #TBLightningAlumni — John Fontana (@Johnny_Fonts) October 15, 2018

A visit from the 2018-19 NHL season

Twas the night before hockey In old Tampa Bay With Lightning comes thunder…And sometimes, even rain!   The fans were all curious; what on Earth is the plan? Could success still be found, without the jolly Yzerman? On the verge was the end of 2018 — A loss to the Caps brought fans agony   […]

When events lead to self-realization and rolling along while lost at sea

I don’t know what was worse: How the news of Tuesday and the stepping-down of Steve Yzerman laid out one hell of a road bump for the Tampa Bay Lightning in 2018-19 and the general road ahead… or the realization through that event that I’m not a hockey blogger any more. No, no, it’s not […]

A word to summarize the Tampa Bay Lightning before the 2018-19 NHL season

It’s a foreign word in the history of sports in Tampa Bay, really. Oh, there are numerous athletes that the Bay area has produced who met and had relations with the word. There are plenty of high school athletic organizations who have known the word but single teams don’t represent the region. Heck, this applies […]

Florida’s Fox Sports Net stations are up for grabs

I could kvetch here about conglomerates and how mega companies merging – even entertainment companies – is not ideal in many ways, but I just shared my opinion of that and should move on to the point of this post… Disney has acquired 21st Century Fox. No, not all holdings but tons of them in […]

Instead of thoughts and speculation, Erik Karlsson trade rumors bring thundering silence to the Tampa Bay Lightning blogosphere

Rumors, innuendo, speculation… It’s loomed since before the 2018 NHL trade deadline and now it’s on the forefront during the NHL offseason. Days after the start of the free agency season, Ottawa Senators defenseman Erik Karlsson’s name started making headlines again. Karlsson is available on a revamping Senators franchise that is also a marred object […]

The pressure of novelty and the 2018 Stanley Cup Finals

With game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals tonight at Capital One Arena, there are two words on my mind, linked together but entirely unlinked. They have nothing to do with each other and yet one causes another. The first word is pressure. Not in the way you think it’s applicable.  This is coming from […]

Weather or not, Lightning watch party at Curtis Hixon Park for Game 6 of Eastern Conference Finals

I can’t recall the last time the threat of rain and weather was in place chronically over the Tampa Bay region. I’m not talking the typical summer storms, which brings rainfall either in the early morning or evening hours, but through the day. It was why, I think(?), Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals […]

A snap reaction to snap reactions aimed at the Tampa Bay Lightning and the 2018 NHL Eastern Conference Finals

I don’t know if it’s a casual fan base element, bandwagon fans or actually faithful of the Tampa Bsy Lightning who put on the panic hats if and when the Lightning struggle or fail to win… I know there’s an element of the die-hard fans who are like this – one of them is a […]

Lightning announce watch party locations for Games 3 and 4 of the 2018 Eastern Conference Finals

As the title says, the Bolts have formally announced two watch party locations for games 3 and 4 of the 2018 NHL Eastern Conference Finals. They are posted below. I still wish to know, for the sake of the fans, if there are venues — unofficial — holding watch party events tied to the Lightning’s […]

A charged factoid about the remaining clubs of the 2018 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

Teams still in the NHL playoffs, Conference Championships: Vegas, Winnipeg = 0Nashville = 1Washington = 1Tampa Bay = 2 Stanley Cups:Nashville, Vegas, Washington, Winnipeg = 0Tampa Bay = 1 Your Tampa Bay Lightning, the standard bearers of NHL tradition. — clark brooks (@clarkbrooks) May 8, 2018

[UPDATED] Regarding the Eastern Conference Semifinals and Lightning watch parties

We know who the Bolts are playing in the second round but as of this writing nothing has been announced regarding offficial team watch parties for games 3 & 4. I’ll try to get that information up when it becomes available. I’m also still interested in posting info on non-official watch parties (businesses that are going […]

The sum of 51 and the Toronto Maple Leafs quest to advance to the second round

Someone has to say it and I’m sure TSN, Sportsnet and the like will be mentioning this if the Toronto Maple Leafs advances to the Eastern Conference semifinals: The Leafs have not won a Stanley Cup in 51 years.

The Lightning’s habit of the 3rd period lapse and thoughts on Tampa Bay vs. New Jersey leading in to Game 5

I was concerned going into the late minutes of Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals series between the Tampa Bay Lightning and New Jersey Devils. It was a concern grown out of the habit by way of the Bolts late regular season and continued into the 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs so far. With a […]

Watch the Lightning and be the thunder at Easter Conference Quarterfinal watch parties

With the 2018 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs underway, I was wondering if there are any watch parties taking place with the Tampa Bay Lightning playing at home at Amalie Arena? Not everyone can attend games, after all, and trying to rile up fans to cheer together would be a plus. I don’t know if Game […]

A note on Tampa Bay sports and the playoffs

Though it literally does not play out like this: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers make the playoffs on average less than once every four seasons of play. I’ve already pointed out the Bucs annual win percentage is abysmal and this just illustrates the club has only made the playoffs 10 times in 41 years of existence. […]

A Tampa Bay Lightning ramble by the original Lightning blogger

I made a name and reputation for myself with 12-and-a-half years of blogging about the Tampa Bay Lightning. I was a pioneer in hockey blogging in general (starting what will be fourteen years ago in a matter of days). Want proof? I’d send you to the archives of Raw Charge but SB Nation complicates the […]

Of Tampa Bay sports and media focus

I’ve been put off since last week while scanning headlines and online coverage of news in the Tampa Bay area and seeing a greater-than-usual focus put on the Gasparilla Pirate Festival than usual, while the marquee mid-season event of the NHL All-Star Weekend was an afterthought (or a complication to Gasparilla festivities). It felt almost […]

The grand and highest; the feats achieved for Tampa Bay by Vincent Lecavalier

The grand and highest; the feats achieved for Tampa Bay by Vincent Lecavalier

“Grand Marshal“, why does that seem such a fitting title for Vincent Lecavalier who was drafted by the Tampa Bay Lightning 1st overall in the 1998 NHL Draft, ventured through the hell of a lost franchise, the warfare of conflict with John Tortorella (and calm bestowed upon the pair by Jay Feaster), and has his […]

What is time’s tale of Tampacuse with Lightning and Crunch fans?

  The intention here was to write a blog post leading in to this poll regarding the Tampa Bay Lightning / Syracuse Crunch affiliation. The lead-in got sidetracked on major league/minor league (IHL and NHL) affiliations for the Bolts and gets too far away from the simple poll question I have for the faithful from […]

Best of the Bay and the Bolts for 2017

I may have touched on talking about music (sweet music…music everywhere) but the topic of note is the one that my name is usually linked to: The Tampa Bay Lightning. Creative Loafing’s 2017 reader poll doesn’t lack nor neglect notable aspects of the Bolts – directly or indirectly – which sets the table for Lightning […]

Isolation and the Tampa Bay Rays quest for a new stadium [UPDATED]

ReopixN Diwls phoro vy , Wikipedia Commons

Insecure, narcissist and self indulgent. These words are commonly thrown toward current United States President Donald J. Trump (as they should be). Yet what’s inspiring these words at the moment is reflecting on a city; one town in a grander regional area that wants to be on top. It’s a town that wants prominence in […]

And down the stretch they come….! Thoughts on the Tampa Bay Lightning as the NHL season wanes

On Tampa Bay sports disappointment and media coverage

A disappointing season in sports – both professional and amateur — is just that, a disappointment, a downer. Things don’t go as planned and the results are lesser than you (as a fan) wish. It’s something that you can’t hold against a high school or college team while the pro sports competitive disappointments can be […]