A new Spotify playlist of Tampa Bay musicians and music

In spring of 2017, I took to the task of taking a graphical list of songs by bands and performing artists and turned it into an interactive list. Indeed, the Music Tampa Bay Top 100 list of 2016 post was an attempt at exposure for the artists and their work that went further than the hyper-local radio broadcasts and its online music stream.

I’m taking things a step further though I don’t know if this will lead more people to check out this music or what. I’ve created a Spotify playlist of the 2016 Music Tampa Bay Top 100 list.

In trying to aid the exposure of the artists and their music, I don’t know if it did the job so much. Let’s see if a Spotify playlist can help things along.

From my experience researching three different Top 100 lists, I’ve learned it’s a tradition for not all the songs to be available through online streaming. In this case, only 57 of the Top 100 songs from the listing were available… They represent a mix of music genres: Rock, Reggae, R&B, Folk, Pop and Country. The performers herald from the Tampa Bay and west central Florida area and while their sound may be taken as unique, they are all very much of the genres they are derived from in music.

I have intentions of also posting the 2017 Top 100 list and perhaps ones that came before it too. That’ll come in time. Right now, first things first and the 2016 list is here.



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  1. There’s a guy in Tampa called Graham Cochrane who’s mainly a recording engineer teaching others how to mix, but he’s also a musician making pretty good sounds, check him out on Spotify:

    He’s also the guy behind https://www.recordingrevolution.com/

    Not sure he’s geographically valid for this list but just throwing it out there John.

    Take care!

    • Tomas, while I’ll look into him, he can’t be on the list and it’s not out of choice that gives that answer.

      http://www.musictampabay.com is a local (VERY local; it’s got a very small broadcast radius) radio station as well as an online stream on their web site. From 2008 – 2017 they would produce these lists annually from public voting. The final list for each year would be published in January of the next year. So, in essence, these 57 songs were part of the class of 100 songs that made that final list.

      Music Tampa Bay isn’t doing the public voting anymore, so Graham couldn’t make the cut on future lists. He can submit music for airplay on Music Tampa Bay though.

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