Soft rock, easy listening, adult contemporary and the Tampa Bay music scene

With the growing and growing and growing and growing nature of the Underexposed Soft Rock and Easy Listening playlist on Spotify and me crossing work on the Music Tampa Bay playlists that embody the underexposed moniker and yet are also aging with some artists missing in general from social media, I’ve been compelled to start a new soft rock/adult contemporary playlist.

This isn’t open to all and any musicians; this is open to artists in the Tampa Bay metropolitan region. The Lighter Side of Tampa Bay currently has only nine musicians on it, but a number of songs from each:

There are more groups and artists in the region with worthy content than this. This is, in part, why I’m posting on my blog: Hey! Tampa Bay musicians with calmer tunes! Share’em with me and potential listeners online please!

You might want to listen to the list as-is to get an idea of the sound I’m going for. I don’t know if hip-hop would mix in, or a bass/beat heavy dance/pop number with wailing vocals. Explicit content is also frowned upon. Seriously, I’m not calling it “The Lighter Side of Tampa Bay” because of the sun.

Feel free to suggest artists or songs to me through comments or directly to me through the site contact form. I’ve also got a music-specific Twitter account or my Facebook page where I can be reached at.

2 Comments to Soft rock, easy listening, adult contemporary and the Tampa Bay music scene

  1. Laura says:

    Really great songs and musicians!
    Thanks for introducing some fresh local talent -I am going to try and hear some of them live ( Gypsy Star, Ed Woltil and
    Four Star Riot)✌🏼

    • John Fontana says:

      Laura, Gypsy Star actually has a couple of local shows coming up (March 22nd or 23rd and early April). Four Star Riot has a very big cache of music in general, I don’t know about their sche3dule. I also don’t know about Ed — while I’ve liked what I’ve heard, he’s been an artist I haven’t crossed on social media (Same with Steve Deckendorf and Robert Andrew). That’s not saying he’s not out there, I just don’t know.