Queer guys and the web cam eye

During the past few weeks / months I’ve been on Camarades / ww.com again with my streaming web cam… Personally I can’t view other’s cams for some reason but everyone can view mine. I take this as a way to meet new people to talk to… Or not…

You see, I’ve gotten three distinct types of reactions to having my web cam on and I take offense to all three in one way or another.

The first reaction comes from the homosexual community. No offense to any gays out there — I’m not trying to dis some of you or anything, but asking “Are you gay?” to a guy who has “I AM NOT GAY” on his camera web page just makes you look dim — along with other things. I mean, I am starting to truly understand how much women online get pissed off when guys come onto them to start a conversation. Between the gay comments and guys asking me how often I give myself self-pleasure or something to that extent, it just… eh… UGH…

I got no problem with holding a human conversation with a gay guy, but talking about my sex life… that’s a no no.

The second reaction I get is from the fakers. Who are these? They tend to be either guys posing as girls or girls who aren’t very self confident so they attempt to cover up with pictures of models as who they are. Some go so far as getting a bunch of porn pictures and pushing that as who they are. “Who took these pictures?” “Oh, my sister, she’s crazy.”

Right, you’re going to let your sister take pictures of you taking of your top and rubbing your tits… I believe that :rolleyes

The third distinct type of reaction I get on here — I haven’t gotten very often lately. I’ve gotten it in the past but not so much in the present (thankfully). This is the “Simon says” reaction where everyone requests you do something for them. Them specifically. “Can you take your glasses off.” “Wave at the camera” “Is this real time? Can you stand up and sit down so I can see if this is really happening now?” “Lemme see your penis!”


Folks, when I have that cam on there is one reason I have it on and one reason alone – for me. If I have friends viewing that camera – then I am joking around on it. I’d like to meet people and talk to them, but I’m not getting into X-Rated discussion with Joe from Denmark who’s waiting for Bob to come over so they can practice there new game, Sodomy by Monitor light. I’m not going to talk about how many times me and Rosie Red Palm date with Susan who is watching 6 kids and eating Oreos as she types. I do have those types of discussions but with people I know and am close to. Not with Joe or Jane Schmoe who I have just met off a camera web site, or someone i have talked to for only a few minutes / hours / days.