The Air of Destiny

The Air of Destiny

The air of destiny
Often starts as a odorless breeze
Lacking resemblence of what it will become

Time passes, fools come into power
Rivers forge new banks with the spring flood
And the scent lingers on the air
Guiding its minions and revelars on a collision course with

Tides change and the air grows heavy
You find yourself enthused on a rocky trail
Breathing in the alotment of your life
Feeling a drive inside you
And a lusting hunger for the
Sweet scent that surrounds you

And at long last, the air of destiny blows at a torrent
Hair whipping in the cutting breeze
It is your duty to face this
Accept it
Nurture it
Make love to it

Or face damnation by fleeing from it

© 2003 John P. Fontana