Be Honest With Me

Be Honest With Me

Be honest with me
How many times –
– Does a sparkle energize?
– Does a ruby’s glamour cry?
– Does an angel comb it’s wings?

How many crimes does it
Take to scrutinize
Old men hiding secrets
And their oil companies?

Tell me what defines –
– The tying of fresh binds?
– Silly little love songs?
– My desire to appease?

Where are all the women
And their honey-pots of gold?
With amber-waves of auburn hair
And gentle, pleasant souls?

Fortune running over me
And none the less is saved
Shadows edging harmony while
Fools and morons play

Be honest with me
I am not what I may seem
Lusting change
And Lightning games
With nights of ecstacy.

© 2003 John P. Fontana