What does life amount to? Absent of all the emotions and all of the material stuff? What does existence amount to, or the human soul?

In simple imagery, I think of life as stretch of beach that goes on for no set length, no known distance, endlessly spanning north to south, or east to west. Is there something beyond this shore? Of course there is. But we aren’t able to see it. Heck, we aren’t even able to comprehend it. We’ll get back to that in a minute.

So before you lay an endless stretch of white sandy beach. The granules packed pretty loosely as there aren’t many people walking along this shore to pack things down. There have been those to walk along it before or at least they have been there in our imagination. Right now it’s just a hypothesis that somewhere at sometime, someone walked along the shore and put things as they are.

Now take a closer look at the sand itself. You can see that the sand isn’t so small like sugar, but it’s of the thicker variety. Hardy, yet very movable by the tide and nature itself which always plays a part on any sandy beach that lies anywhere on earth. Pick up a hand full of that sand and let it course through your fingers until you have one granule of sand left. What does this amount to?

Your existence in the grand scheme of things happens to be one grain of sand on an endless stretch of beach, surrounded by endless others who’s existence borders your own.

Toss that grain of sand to the sea and you have just wiped out your existence in one fell swoop. Oh, don’t worry, there’s more sand there to take your place – those lying underneath you, waiting to be exposed to the air and the sun, and many who have been tossed to or swept away by the sea have a chance of washing up again in their existence until they are destroyed in whatever fashion sand gets obliterated.

This is a really good analogy to life itself when I think about it. There is so much that is beyond our comprehension right now that we don’t even have the faintest clue that it exists. I touched on this a moment ago by mentioning that there is life beyond the shore. You know that there is more inland… it’s a fact of geography. We’re not just a sandbar or a desert isle, that’s our current limit of comprehension how small we are.

Some people move on in a greater cosmic sense beyond their lives, I have no clue as to how much time it takes them to achieve this but at the same time I am sure it happens. Some of it is accidental, some of it is by nature, but it does indeed happen. Some of us move away from the shore and get mixed in with the soil that lies inland or whatever lies beyond.

But for so many – billions upon billions – we’re trapped along the shore, being swept away with the tide and washed up again later on during the duration of our soul’s existence.

Our live are nothing, yet we make up a beautiful stretch of shore together. If only we could comprehend the smallness of our lives, or that working together for a common goal helps us achieve something great – picturesque – that lasts for ages beyond our own time…

Now if I could only find someone who wants to be part of that picture with me…