Our time together was all too short,
You called my name, and I came running
I am an addict of your beauty,
I am the one who succumbed to your cunning

You called my name,
As we lay in the dark
I answered your cries,
Fed you with lies,
Man, I’m still here
I’m dreaming

There is not more to go on
This story has been told
I new the beginning,
Made up the ending,
While I was dying for a smoke

You wanted answers,
I wanted you
We reached forever,
Beyond the moon
I try to think,
“Why would she care?”
I’m lying still,
Your unaware

And still I am drawn
To your sapphire eyes
They see through me,
Except my lies
Now I come running,
I wish to touch base
I’m lying still,
I’m just a waste

And time is running all to short
I pledge to tell the truth – remorse
I give in to my thoughts of you,
I want you now, what should I do?

The darkness watches
As we lay in bed
All of our actions
Are just make pretend
“I love you girl, let the truth be told ”
I lie once more,
Let the fact be shown

©1997 John P. Fontana