JohnnyFonts.com, formerly known as The Stonegauge, is the personal web log of long-time NHL blogger and online personality John Fontana. Nothing fancy…  Really, it is just a place for him to vent thoughts and opinions and other web antics and writing.

Fontana is best known for coverage of the Tamps Bay Lightning s, starting first at his own personal endeavor called Boltsmag, which merged into the SB Nation Sports Network in 2009 and was re-branded Raw Charge which he operated as Managing General Editor from March 2009 until October 2016.

His web presence has lasted longer, having had various web projects since 1998. Fontana had invested time and sports interest in Abolish the Designated Hitter from MLB.. He also took his fledgling web site design talents and his love of the Beatles to resurrect a fading Beatles lyrics web site, creating Beatle Lyrics and Album Covers which grew in exposure and popularity as Internet use perked at the start of the millennium.
In July 2002 – after a little altercation with the Fab Four, this site was founded to host John’s writing and venting. Creative writing, lyrical verse and poetry can be found here along with run-of-the-mill rinky-dink rambles and venting on a variety of topics.

As for the nickname Johnny Fonts: it’s been clung to since 2010. It comes from a minor anecdote on social media. John had helped his friend Catherine Robinson’s novel writing by editing drafts of Learning Curves. In one status-post on Facebook, her husband, Marc, simply barked the name “Johnny Fonts!” in an enthusiastic-yet-bizare show of thanks toward Fontana. It came out of nowhere and… and… well, why not go with it?

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