In response to inaction, an open comment toward Rep. Gus Bilirakis

In light of recent events from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Martin Luther King Jr. Day took on a weight even if the (alleged) remarks of Donald Trump were geared at people of color outside the United States.

There’s been mixed response and inaction by members of the Legislative Branch toward the slurs or attitude of the President. In fact, cover-ups or ignoring a precarious feat by Current Occupant seems to be the modus operandi from members of congress. In other words, the Legislative Branch holds to the status-quo.

The congressional district I live in is represented by Gus Bilirakis. I have, in the past year, tried communicating with him (as well as my Senators — Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson) about issues and have gotten form-letter responses with no acknowledgment of the words of the letter that earned the response. I can also crow (sic) of my additions to automated phone calls aimed at constituents.

Bilirakis has a Facebook page and he or one of his people can be active in comments, replying to comments left by others. I started following the page late in 2017. What I’ve been witness to in comments of the Bilirakis (or staff) posts have been the polar aspect of government at large: Those expressing disdain, disgust, pointing out issues and also those of the blind-eye position who see those expressing anti- statements or arguments as in-the-wrong and the real issue at the moment.

At any rate, on Martin Luther King Day, Bilirakis posted a status that compounded issues that I have at current. It was short and touched on the holiday and not his (or his colleagues) inaction:

As we celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. King, we remember that there is no room for bigotry, hatred or injustice in our society.

What you’ll see below is my response to Rep. Bilirakis. The text was written in a snap reaction to his status. Typos or grammatical errors that you cross in the piece have been kept but the point is simple. It’s not about Dr. King squarely but the disappearance of Checks and Balances from US Government. Those involved in the Legislative Branch (such as Rep. Bilirakis) are granting the Trump Administration (and Donald Trump himself) carte blanche and turning away from deeds and action that sully society in one way or another:


Please just be offical and renounce/denounce what has played out at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in the words of the President. The denied words. There is no place for those. The coverup smears and distortions are also unfitting and too often a part of politics.

Sir, I wrote you a letter last year (that was CC’d to Bill Nelson and blocked from full text length by Marco Rubio) saying the Legislative Branch of this government has to do its job of holding the Executive Branch in check. At this point, the bigotry and racism playing out in words and deeds of the Executive Branch are being brushed off in favor of partisan superiority.

We’re a better society than that, sir.

Respecting the memory of Martin Luther King one action. Defending and standing up for the world of miniorities in the US and beyond is on your shoulders in part, sir. And it doesn’t just apply to residents of your district who you should be standing up for. America had been a focal point around the world in being a place of chance for any and all who come to our shores as the Land of Opportunity.

Sir, racism coming from the office of the presidency and not being held in check by members of the legislative branch, it counters this. Verbally attacking countries that are stocked people of color? That attacker being the sitting president of the United States?

Your job, sir, your job as a member of the House of Representatives on Capitol Hill in these United States is to stand for America. And right now standing for the US properly is censuring the president or holding him accountable.

If you allow the President to show racial bigotry like this… This does not speak well. Not for this country, not for the House of Representatives, not for your political party.

Please sir, stop the “party first” game that plays so often. Do what’s RIGHT sir, not what is most likely to win you party favor and a lump-sum of partisan donations.

America comes before the Republican Party, sir. And with the state of the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch needs to act not as a subordinate or a ally to its malignancies.

But I digress. I hope you do read this and actually take it to heart and not political dismissal because I’m just another partisan nay-sayer.

There was no respons from Bilirakis or members of his staff. That can’t quite be faulted for the number of comments posted on any one of his status updates. Take it for what you will.