Wishful thinking and film; re-create this scene

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As far as I know, this could have already played out but…

One scene, out of context, that I find hysterical (in context and as part of the film, it’s still funny but not as serious) is the opening confrontation of Mr. Miyagi and sensei John Kreese in The Karate Kid Part II. Forget Daniel LaRusso, forget the Cobra Kai students – just the fact Miyagi is being bigger in making his physical confrontation. In a way, he’s protecting Johnny Lawrence as well as striking against the man who empowered Johnny and his pals who bullied Daniel. What commences is thus:

If you don’t know the movie, or you watch it without thinking of The Karate Kid franchise and the characters, that just comes off brilliant in how it twists: A life or death situation turned into a joke, a mocking of unethical cruelty that was preached by the would-be victim, revenge that comes off sweeter as a ha-ha-ha moment.  “The enemy deserves no mercy!… Arrrrrrgh….!!—Honk.”

I want to see that again in an action film. Not a different type of confrontation (a gun threat that turns into seltzer water for example) but from a different character against an antagonist. In my wishful thinking, the protagonist making the move would be a renown (through what’s already been seen in the film) cold, hard and outrageous type of action character. He wouldn’t be the lead in the movie or a teacher; he’d just be a high level veteran in a group and someone the others know not to mess with.

I can’t say how things proceed to this level, I just know it can’t be protagonist-versus-protagonist; it should not be that kind of find-out-he’s-a-good-guy moments. He would be cold, he would be savage, he would be seething, and without repeating the words of Mr. Miyagi, he’d draw back his hand and utter words of rage and power, frustration (whatever the good guys are dealing with), mocking of the antagonists tactics and stew how disgusted he was being with this wretch of an antagonist. A slow (stress that! It cannot be done 1-2-3 quick to get it out of the way – build the tension), powerful lead in with building tension and the protagonists around them getting concerned and showing it, voicing it, all before the killer scream and intention-to-attack movement..!…


In the dialog leading away from the scene: “What?! I liked the movie, alright? Pat Morita was incredible in that scene! Ralph Macchio didn’t come close to it at the end of the movie, but what’d you expect from him anyway?!” The whole conversation turns into dumping cold water on the audience: This monster is human and he’s lived life (at one point or another) in a normal state.

I’m pretty sure it’s been done before in a different context and without the deliberate Karate Kid reference, but I sure as hell would love to see something like this play out.

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