Music Tampa Bay’s Top 40 for June 26th, 2017

Earlier this year, I posted a list of the Top 100 songs from Music Tampa Bay for 2016: Converting the image list to text and linking to various locales where you could actually listen to the songs (side note: I’ll still take link and genre submissions for some of the unlinked artists/songs, thanks).

Well, the Top 100 list for each year on Music Tampa Bay is built around a weekly running Top 40 list that Music Tampa Bay has going on. I’m not sure how it has functioned long-term but as of now you can vote once per day on a song that’s been placed on the Top 40 list. Voting ends at 6 PM ET on Sunday nights and the results make up the Top 40 list for the week ahead. How a performer or band get on the list to begin with is Music Tampa Bay’s choice while the songs listed aren’t all recent releases by Tampa Bay musical artists.

Now, exposure to the song is subjective to those who cross the Top 40 list. You either have to be a Music Tampa Bay listener (online streaming or over the airwaves in St. Pete, Florida at 96.7 FM), or have crossed the music by other means (like deliberately hunting down a listed song online, as I’ve done in the past).

Well, this article is a little twist on things. Below you will find the Top 40 list from Music Tampa Bay (released on Monday, June 26th) with embedded versions of the songs from the list. Not all songs are embedded. Omission like that is not a deliberate act as-so-much an inability to locate the song online. Some songs do appear on the web in sales locations or on streaming locations like Spotify. For the sake of accessibility, those instances aren’t linked. In other cases where a song can be accessed by anyone but the tune isn’t embeddable, things will be simply hyperlinked.

Many of these songs have been and will remain listed on the Music Tampa Bay Top 40 for some time to come, so if you like one of these tracks a lot then you should support it: Go to Music Tampa Bay and view the Top 40 list and cast a vote in favor of it (button next to the song on the Top 40 list).

Music Tampa Bay Top 40 track listing for the week of Jun 26th, 2017.


Artist + Song

Media (if available)


Claire Petrie – “You Never Asked”
2.  Gypsy Star – “I Feel Love”
3. Jimmy Pickett and The Great Lakes Band – “Secrets and Lies”
4. Paul Cataldo – “Comin’ Round Again”
5. Rebekah Reid – “Lips of Hurt”
6. Greg White Jr. – “Fireball”
7. Not Broken Yet – “Drones”
8. Highly Rhythmic White Boys – “Big Booty is my Kryptonite”
9. Pretty Voices – “Grease Fire”
10.  Rick Mastry – “Walkin’ the Dog”
11. Das Funk Haus – “Moto Jones”
12. Kameron Williams – “Home Is Still Home To Me”
13. Trailside Phantoms – “Troubled Skies”
14. Leigh Humes – “No More”
15. Steve Humes – “You Know Why”
16. Ricky Wilcox & The Moonsnakes – “Arms Around It”
17. Crushing Myrna – “Cross the Line”
18. Trigger City Trio – “Movin’ On”
19. Jonathan Di Renzo – “Night Sun”
20.  Charlie Souza – “Find Our Way Home”
21. Dave Williamson – “Find Somebody”
22. Swearingen & Kelli – “Annalise”
23. JEMA – “Today’s Your Day”
24. Bath Salt Zombies – “Blood Mountain” via the official web site
25. James Marvell – “Esta Noche (This Night)”
26. Gale Trippsmith – “Blink” /
27. North 2 South – “He’s Really Somethin'”
28. Koncrete Kite – “Banana Bread”
29. Steve Arvey – “Bar Room Blues” via Myspace
30. Dan Stevens – “Crush Hour Traffic”
31. Alex Lopez – “Can’t Hide Your Love”
32. Amber Lynn Nicol – “Take a Bow”
33. American Song Box – “The Art of Self Undoing”
34. Brooke Ramel – “You Saved Me”
35. Mello Red – “Leave Earth”
36. Bill Vinhage – “Hope to Hold Onto”
37. Constance – “Just Your Friend”
38. Tom Stephens & Mike Worrall – “Born to Roam”
39. Ted Lucas – “The Mix Up”


 Geri X – “Jack’s Song”

Note:: While some of the songs I could not find in free locations, they are out there. In at least one instance (Not Broken Yet – “Drone”_ the song seems to have been removed from a streaming site.

For those who want to point to some of the missing songs, use comments.

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