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National security violated, and that’s not a partisan issue

Can we stop playing games here and address an ultra serious situation in the United States of America at the moment? The national security of the nation has been compromised. Investigation and action are necessary to deal with the issue and that breach involves the acting President of the United States. That’s a factoid, period. There is no debate other than twisting the story to try to feed those in denial or those paranoid.

Denial and the prospect of collusion acceptance is furthering the nation into political  mire that teeters just above third world status. It’s funny how it contradicts the rallying cries of “make America great again” and “drain the swamp.”

Do you disagree with that? How things didn’t really happen or that they’re allowed because it would have been fine if a candidate from the other party had partaken in the issue? See, this is where you can be critical toward the media – the one that you watch and listen to, your hard right/alt-right element of the press – because bending the truth for loyalty toward a member of the US government whose political campaign encouraged the compromising of the United States Electoral System is wrong. And for me to call it wrong sure as shit isn’t a partisan inspired factor.

Let me further stress that: The Trump-Russia scandal is not a politically partisan issue. As I’ve already said, it is an issue of the national security of the United States. Read More

Irony is a "bitter" thing

Hillary should know “elitism” and aristocracy when she sees it…

Hillary Clinton does not approve of Elitisim.  Not in the slightest.

(from the 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston, Massachusetts)

This is going to go viral really fast

Hillary is Mom Jeans

Inane, simple but funny… The name may be “Hillary” but I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s Mrs. Clinton… Though we get to assume it is.

from the mouth of base

Did you see the results of a poll posted on Daily Kos on Friday? 21000+ votes of the Democratic base and basically 68% of those who voted said that they’re either waiting for Gore’s entry specifically, would change their primary candidate preference to Gore if he was running, or would lean Gore if he entered the race.

68% of Dkos — basically the base of the Democratic party. That floors me. While the Netroots love Barack Obama and are true-believers will not budge from Edwards (Hillary + Netroots = Zero), they’re waiting and hungry for Al Gore to declare and run.

As is said on dKos through the comments on this poll thread: if Gore enters the fray, everything changes The personnel support, financial backers, etc.

Markos Moulitsas Zúniga (Kos himself), many others and myself haven’t gotten involved in the Democratic Presidential Primary fray specifically because we were waiting for Gore. I ache for him to declare…

Yet at the same time, I’m fine if he doesn’t. I’ll actively support whoever the Democratic nominee is in 2008… Gore is happy in the life he’s leading now outside the political establishment and he’s serving the world in his global warming/climate change campaign, bringing awareness to the masses and what not. He’s single handedly helped make the environment a top issue across the world (oh, yeah, that and actual climate change occurring). Yet the point that is alwasy brought up is that Gore can do more for the environment by being President of the United States. But it’s his decision if he’s going to try to gain that job – which comes with a lot more requirements than just saving the environment.

Where the money is coming from

While it isn’t an FEC filing, it is rather telling to see how certain Democratic presidential candidates are doing with online fundraising through ActBlue. Actblue, for the uninitiated, is a Democratic clearinghouse that takes donations for all National Democratic candidates (and some state ones as well). While it isn’t anything more than another fundraising source, it also represents the people and the Netroots.

John Edwards leads the charge, having been in campaign mode since the end of the John Kerry campaign… He’s earned over a million dollars through the Act Blue service. Bill Richardson – also a long time suspected candidate — is next on the list with 288 thousand dollars to his name.

Wes Clark, Howard Dean, Al Gore — all undeclared or just flat out not running — have a few thousand to their name… And while Mike Gravel and Chris Dodd are the ones who are oh-fer ActBlue, it’s Hillary Clinton’s numbers that should send a message to people…

Hillary, who keeps getting named the front runner because of her recognizability (or her last name) has earned $81. Eighty One dollars.

There are pundits on the right who think Democrats are clamoring for HRC to be the nominee, and there are media pundits who think Hillary is a shoe in… Yet if the Internet community — the activists who are vocal online — aren’t showing their support financially for Hillary, then why are they going to show their support with their votes for her next year during the primaries?

Just saying. It’s known Hillary is not big with the online community, but she still is the big name in the field unless Al Gore were to enter the fray (which I don’t think will happen, sadly).

Just another reason why this Democrat doesn't trust Hillary Clinton

If Hillary Clinton were elected to the highest office in the land, as desperate Democrats have been talking the last few months, it would just be more of the same corruption that we’re faced with on a daily basis right now.

This exhibit is proof enough.  I didn’t trust Hillary before it was announced that she was back-dealing with regards to the Dubai Port sale…  And I don’t like her now.  She’s a carpet bagger and a schemer.  This is not trying to piss on the concept of a female president or a female candidate for president.  This is pissing on a bad candidate for president and someone who is looked at as a hope because she won’t take a stand on anything for the sake of not ruining her Presidential run.

The real class warfare

If anyone hasn’t watched TV and seen the faces and heard the stories of people who have been effected by Hurricane Katrina, you’re fortunate.

If you’ve blamed them for staying in New Orleans or where they are — all the while being happy with how the Government has cut your taxes or happy that Corporations are racking up huge profits… you’re part of the problem…

You might have caught Kanye West tonight on NBC’s concert special to raise relief money for victim’s of Hurricane Katrina. If you missed it, Kanye said on air (before a hasty cut by NBC to Chris Tucker) “George W. Bush doesn’t care about black people.”

Though I can grasp Kanye’s sentiment and where he’s coming from, he’s shooting with the wrong gun by making this statement. The race card doesn’t have to come out as-so-much a more observant look at what is gone wrong with this country.

The weak / slow response to Hurricane Katrina (to put it simply) represents how the separation the President and most of the government from the people (both parties are guilty of this at current). There is the aristocratic class of businessmen and politicos, donors and blind supporters that get top-of-the-line treatment with focus on issues that are concerns of theirs (wedge issues that do not effect day to day life – Abortion, gay marriage, FCC decency standards, etc) while the issues that effect the general populous (being of any race, creed or color) get ignored. Infrastructure is falling apart in the US, schools are in atrocious conditions, health care and insurance are domineered by for-profit corporate interests that keeps people from protection and medical care they need. Poverty is on the rise (and has been the last 4 years) yet you are told a rosie economic picture from the government or talking head economists because the only thing that matters is the statistics or the investor class… Not the people working, not the pay rates of the blue collar class. Not the fact minimum wage has not been raised for 8 years. Just profit margins.

I don’t think it’s a black-and-white thing that Kanye said (and other African Americans are going to agree with) as-so-much a rich-vs-poor thing. Aristocrats-vs-commoners thing. Many of us commoners can’t even begin to comprehend how bad poverty is… You can hear it anyplace they talk about the tragedy that is New Orleans: “They should have gotten out! They should have gotten to Superdome, they should have… they should have…” We can assign blame but we can’t understand the logic. We can assign blame but we can’t grasp their lives. We can assign blame but many of us would take the same route in our suburban homes that these people did in their urban apartments and houses.

We truly don’t understand shit with regards to poverty and the plight of the working class if we’re going to keep allowing corporate interests and special interests to control the country with their interests at heart, not the interests of the citizens of the United States. I don’t believe Bush can grasp what the common person suffers. I could never believe John Kerry (or Hillary Clinton) would be able to comprehend it either, or Al Gore… It’s the same-old aristocrat class that is so out of touch with America that we suffer at their ineptitude.

In fact we’re dying because of their out-of-touch status.

Kanye’s blast at Bush is a blast at the fact the government has turned a blind eye on these people — and they’ll continue to do so from both parties unless we wise up and vote with our heads… We need leadership in this country, and we’re not going to get it from someone who doesn’t understand what it is to live among the people.