W-T-F Wi-Fi Blame Game

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I am not an IT guy. I am not a professional network administrator. I am not even an able bodied person. I’m a month off friggin’ head surgery for God’s sake!

With that in mind, I would appreciate it if someone would stop saying “You don’t, you can’t, you don’t, you won’t” and other such bitching and complaining when the wireless network at home goes down. I see the problem, I do what I can to fix it, I apologize for shit getting in the way. Now say thank you, bow before me and respect me.

The only WON’T or DON’T in this bitching fest is the willingness of certain residents in my home to learn shit about a home wi-fi network. Someone with better eyesight, someone with a brain that he won’t use. Someone who defaults to others because he’s a lazy misanthrope.

I’m sick of being blamed. You don’t like my shit or how I do it? Do it yourself.


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2 Responses to W-T-F Wi-Fi Blame Game

  1. hell YEAH !!

    I had this experience with a copying machine once. Being the unlucky person who was around while the guy was explaining it upon delivery. No matter that I was responsible for EVERY DIME and GL account in the place AND half the employees AND the trust, software and THE VAULT … that copying machine became mine.
    I did what I could to get rid of it.

    I wonder to this day who is getting the paper jams out.

    NOT ME !!!

  2. Oh GOD, Copy machines… My pain is TRIVIAL compared to that! I’ve taken a class a dozen years ago in HS, I’ve worked in offices, etc… While the Wi-Fi just has me running around the house trying to fix it, a paper jam or other problem with the copier would certainly be more hideous to deal with than this.

    You put it in perspective, thanks! 🙂 Now back to whining and moaning of those not happy with what they have with the network :p