Daddy's nervous

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I’ve waited longer than I should to have Madeline spay. She’s a frisky 21 months old now and as sweet as ever… So now that I have some things in better order in my life, I figured I better go and get this done for her. After all, I am contractually obligated to her breeder to have this done.

And I find myself nervous about it.

I mean, things are scheduled — got the clinic, got the date (February 26th), got the time, got the pre-surgery instructions… I’ve personally dealt with this (well, not having my sex organs removed — but I mean surgery) before so I know the deal. I’m just worried.

Madeline, a year-plus old at the time.

Worried about what happens immediately after, how to deal with things, what coudl go wrong, etc… Likely things will be fine but… Hey, I’m a worrier. Once I get this out of my system, I’ll be fine. Maybe.


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2 Responses to Daddy's nervous

  1. Jenna

    And you always scolded me for worrying about my dogs before they got spayed/neutered 😉

    I’m glad she did well!

  2. No, I scolded you for embellishing every time something went wrong with the animals.

    Rigby hurt his leg and “He’ll never run again!” was an example of this.