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A tale of tunings; An update on the Softer Side of Indie 2019 Spotify playlist

Back in December I launched a little Spotify playlist project of the chill variety – The Softer Side of Indie 2019 is intended to have music of the easy listening/soft rock variety (with blues, folk, country, pop, and alt/indie mixed in. I don’t truly know how fitting the adult contemporary title is to describe the list’s target sound). The playlist is open for songs released after December 15th, 2018.

At this point in time, the playlist is 45 songs in length, spanning about 3 hours. Not all the tunes are of the underground/unknown/unsigned variety as I have included a couple of mainstream releases of the alt/indie variety by he likes of WYO and Australian group Babe Rainbow.

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Poll: Does listening to Spotify Playlists lead you to buy music?

I posted a poll on Twitter on my Music Twitter account, it’ll be running until the evening of May 9th. It’s aimed at Spotify users, asking a bit about habit:

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