There ain’t no Comin’ Back

There ain’t no comin’ back
There ain’t no comin’ back

Find my worth’s reduced to zero
Feelin’ less than a fuckin’ hero
Your silence tells the total tale

And there ain’t no goin’ back
There ain’t no goin’ back

You tore me down for the wreck I was
Ripped my soul without a pause
Singed my heart for a fucking cause
Chained me to your iron bars

You check to see that I’m “OK”
Wanting you in the baddest way
Now your crimes take away the day
Anything you say
Anything you say

Picked the lock and forged the key
Blessed by silent misery
Dwelt on pain and lost my way
Yet found some sun to stop the rain

The key to song is melody
The key to story is fantasy
The key to the soul is through the mind
The key to your panties is too much wine

You called me up the other day
Crying sorrows and whining pain
Tried to reach with a bit of tact
But hell, my dear, you’ve forgot a fact

You pissed on us and tossed away
Spit on memories every day
Shit on me and screwed the pooch
Wake up, honey! You were bound to lose!

So listen close to this lessons end
Your actions are nothing that you can defend
Don’t try to get me back on your track
‘Cause there ain’t no comin’ back
There ain’t no comin’ back

© 2003 John P. Fontana