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Drown my sorrows
This bitter dream
Your saucy looks
And warm ice cream
The master race is but a crock
You’re oh-so close, you ought to knock

The score is nothing, that means I win
I’ve given you nothing, just everything
It’s not fair, I have a heart
The choice was yours, part of the plot
It˜s not easy being a fool like me,
But darling, I reach out,
I’m everything

The solstice comes, I am not bait
I love your beauty while you love to hate
I’m none to proud of the past we led,
But we weren’t the Beatles, Paul isn’t dead

It’s not enough to own my soul
You need my cancer, consume it whole
A bitch that’s fine, that’s what you are
I’m lucky we never got that far

Lust is an illusion, just as a mortal sin
The score remains at nothing,
You know that means I win


© 1996 John P. Fontana