New Found You

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Cirrus streaks across the sky
Madness screaming from your eye
I’m lost inside the new found you
And I don’t know what I should do

Seems you march to a different beat,
Instead of that, you should find a seat
Add your voice to the Promised Land
May you never be so damned

Only look inside the room,
Doesn’t do you any good
Been lost inside the music score
Quote the Raven, “Nevermore”

And not a thing is to be found
As you fall – pleading – to the ground
Seems that jealous is a last resort
The new found you, without remorse

The bitch I know is plenty cold
(he plays a tune on the Saxophone)
Oh, why now must you see me bleed?
The end has come, I must concede

And concede the fact that we had hope
We’re lost, A silly anecdote
Please contest, I once loved you
You left me hanging and feeling blue

©1998 John P. Fontana