All and Nothing

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The wine has no flavor anymore
The spark from her lips has died
Her words have faded and now mean nothing
Was my love just a precious lie??

The gifts have long since been used
My smiles have turned to frowns
She makes no effort in hopes to arouse me
With sweet kisses or elegant gowns

The title “best friend” has now gone to sorrow
And dreams of her never enter my brain
I fear that our loving does now escape us
And I will end up living the blame

My loving for her used to be like a candle
That dances and savors the air
But the wick has grown short
And the air has grown fogged
And I’m dying, but she does not care

Was it a lie, the feelings I felt?
Should I have taken another trail?
Should I have avoided her caress –
And her sweet, somber sorrow
And not felt whole when she touched my flame?

I know not the answers to these idle problems
I do not know who’s guilt is to blame
I only sit back writing poems and anthems
Of regret and my feelings of shame

© 1999 John P. Fontana