My hockey blogging history got taken down…!

SB Nation, the online sports publication, has always sort of made access to archival posts difficult. I founded the Tampa Bay Lightning site Raw Charge in 2009 and it was founded with four years of weblog posts I wrote as an independent blogger on the site called Boltsmag.

What I found while I ran Raw Charge was that unless you knew exactly what you were looking for, content from the past – be it recent or long-ago – didn’t appear in search engines that well. Hell, author-archive pates don’t show long-term archive results or grant access to the past writings of post authors.. Thar point was accentuated for me after I resigned as Raw Charge site manager in October 2016. I wanted to highlight articles I had penned and what I got instead was a search-engine chore and mixed results.

And now? Now the original posts that built Raw Charge – the articles from Boltsmag – have been taken offline by SB Nation with 404-error results.  That’s four years of Lightning history (written by an amateur. Hi. 😁) erased. It’s almost as if SB Nation was out to compliment the disappearance of available newspaper articles from the past here in Tampa Bay; the Tampa Tribune is gone and the Tampa Bay Times shuttered theirs in the spring of 2018.

The catch in all this is that I still have the database archive tile of the Boltsmag blog. That, and ownership or the domain name

I don’t know ir I’ll do anything… One of my phrases I grew to use on Raw Charge when talking about major player transactions and changes for the Lightning franchise: “And so we move forward. Always moving forward.” But as I already remarked how the proverbial Boltosphere is a dead zone, it’s odd to feel a push to remind people there has been at least one Lightning weblog since February 2004.

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