The stagnation of results with any and all attempts

The stagnation of results with any and all attempts

I’m in a vacuum. Call it space. I’ll call it futile efforts in life.

I don’t even know where to begin in saying this. It’s a list of things that are out there but no opportunity has come from it. No achievement has been reached. This weblog is an example of it as web traffic is minimal. The local blogosphere of the 2000s is not in existence anymore and web society seems to have moved past what we had. I write about a wide variety of topics and the site includes posts since I started blogging… While you see ads on this site, I have never earned a penny from them. That should tell you about web traffic.

I resigned from Raw Charg– which I founded in 2009 – e in October 2016 (…and nearly croaked that December). My tenure as a hockey blogger was (is… I still do that topic) more than a decade and my time running SB Nation’s Tampa Bay Lightning blog taught me more about coverage and content promotion. It also screwed me and my staff over. I was naïve enough to think the network would use a high-tide-raises-all-boars payment system to compensate site manages and writers. I was vastly under-compensated in a job (a $50 monthly stipend for staff oversight, writing, editing social media promotion, sire maintenance — and the only hint of a raise was a goal of 110,000 page views monthly. A notion told to me with no followup). My staff was non-compensated.

Besides rambling, I guess I don’t have much of a reputation (that or it’s a bad reputation), I haven’t been contacted regarding site management or writing. Okay, I was contacted by a Florida Panthers blog that asked me to do recaps for them. That was a lot of wrong because:

  1. It would be uncompensated
  2. I have avoided recap work because I don’t like being attacked for “missing” incidents or what is notable to other fans I did almost all of the game previews at Eaw Charge for 7 years.
  3. I’m no Florida Panthers fan which would further the last point; I wouldn’t take interest in such

This summer I intended to set up a hockey blog link aggregation web site to promote writing from the hockey blogosphere. After messing around this summer, I launched Hockey Daily while thinking the link aggregation was going to be easy to find in WordPress’ plugins.  Nope. RSS Post Import seemed to do the trick when I was beta-testing the intended site. It didn’t upon site launch. WP RSS Aggregator is supposed to be the most powerful aggregation platform for WordPress. The software wouldn’t follow the setttings I chose. (all of this after paying $150 to get all the bells, whistles and tools of the platform). After that failed I asked for a refund and looked elsewhere.

Yet any web search associates link aggregation and that plugin.

For those of you who are reading and don’t know what “link aggregator” means, it’s basically a site that promotes links directly to the content of the source headline. RSS aggregators take the content from source sites.As a long-long time blogger who depended on a link aggregator to help me make a name for myself in the early days of hockey blogging, I have no want or intention to use a take aggregation system. As a long-long time WordPress user, I know you can’t depend on a plugin that ignores basic settings.

So, in essence, my intentions with Hockey Daily are outright screwed.

Then there’s music, sweet music…and the silence I have going on there.

I’m a would-be lyricist and the closest I truly came to getting a song produced came in the spring of 2018 when I earned the interest of an artist I won’t name here. The chance at song died as said artist lost time to work on music (regular work and life took it away). What I’ve discovered since is that indie artists don’t take interest in covering other people’s writing unless it’s covering music that’s already been released by a big act.

I have no reputation in music as a writer or as a promoter. That’s the other dead-in-the-water thing for me (or so it feels like). Be it with Spotify playlists, be it with helping submit music to radio stations for airplay (and thus exposure), even writing reviews…I don’t draw eyeballs, I don’t draw interest, I don’t give attention. I don’t get asked, requested, or offered. Small-time indie acts aren’t going to pay for consulting, or promotion… much less to someone with no reputation for doing that.

So I’m just…here.

Then add to it my own physical limitations – I’m not a reporter, I can’t be a music journalist. My condition is growing increasingly challenging to get through day to day stuff. I may have an operation this fall. Who’s going to hire a guy like that? In the current state of America among a segment of the population that’s in a key political and economic position of society, I’m a nothing. As long as I don’t take their assets or ask the government to do such things in my favor in care/assistance, or ridicule the voodoo economic trickle-down economic theory, everything’s just dandy if I go away and stop distracting.

Yeah, I pay attention to politics too. I write about it. But like my sports writing or music stuff, I don’t draw eyeballs by way of it. That’s a good thing these days as certain viewpoints bring hostility and violence (help us, John Winston Ono Lennon, you’re our previous hope).

There’s a path forward, with the dedication to one topic or another, but I’m not having luck in any route I try. That, and my physical body is taunting me. I’ll keep trying, but it’s high past the time things clicked and worked. Where an opportunity turns into productivity and I don’t just get fairly compensated but it leads to more (more responsibility, others investing in me).

One last thing: I’ve got a friend who tells me I should write a novel. I cynically know that’s dead in the water because of the system… let alone my writing. Shit, I’ve had poetry and short stories on this site for years and web traffic/expressed interest in them is negligible at best.

If what I just wrote isn’t of interest, who the hell would pay to read another 300+ pages?