An example of how’s deal-a-day can conquer

An example of how’s deal-a-day can conquer

I’ve long been tied to deal-a-day websites. Woot (the original version; the site is currently an Amazon site) started it all. Shnoop had its moments (last time I checked it wasn’t a deal-a-day site anymore). Then came meh, which is run by the guys who founded Woot. A lot of this stuff can be looked at as novelty, but the sites had/have their moments.

Meh sometimes offers Ricola cough drops in bulk — we’re talking 400+ tablets in 20 bags — for $15. This looked like a novelty purchase to make and I took a chance on it late last winter because, Hey, why not? Little did I know how effective the drops would be for elder members of my family who can have a coughing habit.

Last week (days after meh had their last Ricola sale, by the way), we ran out of the drops. And coughing ensued…

Last night, after a few days of hacking not being mued by cough drops, I decided to make a quick purchase off Amazon as a hold-over (one of many, perhaps) until I can bulk re-order from Meh.

Four bags with 84 total cough drops cost $12.49. Thar’s 83% of the cost of the Meh bulk order!

Meh sometimes posts a price-comparison to Amazon offers for the same item. The real issue with money-saving in point-of-purchase is finding an item for sale that you want or need. Most of the daily deals truly are a novelty, want items. Sometimes that novelty can prove rather useful. And so much cheaper than Amazon.