Background music to chill to can be round on this playlist

Background music to chill to can be round on this playlist

Do you want an extensive playlist of liter tunes to listen to while you’re at work or perhaps while you are studying? Want a playlist of music that you can pipe in as background music during a social engagement (that doesn’t DISTRACT)?

I’ve been putting together an extensive stream of music on Spotiy for the last yea-and-a-half or so. It’s almost entirely indie artists covering the genres of rock, pop, country, blues and folk among others. There is no explicit content either.

It’s chill music, plain and simple.

This playlist was put together in part because I want to help the artists get exposed, and the best way to actually accomplish this is to have people listen.

There’s one act – one – who’s name is more out-there than the others: Michael Burrows has made the Billboard Adul Contemporary charts. He only had a limited library or music when I put him on this list (two songs; only about 3,000 plays each). He just released his first alum, and his last single is getting expensive airplay.

As for the playlist: It has only 107 followers (and followers does not equate listeners), so these acts remain highly underexposed. I also haven’t gotten much feedback regarding this list. I have had one person tell me I shouldn’t have a long-long-logg list but should be doing short lists weekly. You need a reputation for that (and submissions too) and I don’t have that with listeners.

I do add songs to the list (though I haven’t in a week as of this writing). I also take submissions (preferably content not from this year; there’s another playlist I oversee for that one… which also has no listeners). Just drop me a line if you’d like to submit a tune.