How America of the moment is ruining America of song and principle

I have a political question but it’s a music/entertainment tied one. Especially relevant because of a song that was at the top of the charts 38 years ago, which was aptly tied to the forthcoming, annual U.S. holiday:

Has Neil Diamond said anything on-the-record in the media regarding what’s ongoing in the United States with immigration? The last mainstream news of Neil I heard was a year ago as he ceased touring due in part o health reasons.

This song, “America”, is painful to hear right now — that’s not a critique, that’s noting how it contrasts with the moment in United States history when the government tries to stop people from migrating to America and treats many who do cross into these United States, with a maliciousness that is not what the nation is built upon.

I was introduced to this song as a toddler; my father had it on radio stations he tuned to and played the song on record and tape recorder. It was just one tune that introduced me to music and I stood by it (and 1980’s American Pride and national history) for so many years. Between this song and the Don Blooth film, An American Tail, And other pieces of American history in school and in general pop culture, immigration and the multitude of cultures, ethnicities, colors, and creeds was hammered home. We’re different but America is supposed to provide us all with a chance.

And now…? With what is going on where cruelty is being enacted by the country? It contrasts what this nation has stood as: The land of the free; the land of opportunity.

There are more words and viewpoints to share that are my own, but this post wasn’t published due to wanting to share my words. It’s about knowing the thoughts of aa musical artist who belted out a number that made citizens take pride in what the United States is supposed to stand for.

Where is Mr. Neil Diamond and what does he have to say to both the citizens of America and those seeking asylum within?