A touch of rock history as an indie music radio “Experience”

I hear a lot of small-time, unknown artists on Lonely Oak Radio. I’ve been listening to that Internet streaming radio station for two and a half years now and while I’ve taken to some of the tunes and the performers that I’ve crossed on the station, I don’t think I’ve ever listened to someone of even moderate fame.

That changed today when I  heard a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member early this afternoon.

By name, the Chris White Experience is ambiguous, isn’t it? It certainly appears that way unless you’re reading the news or know much in music history. I didn’t know that much depth to associate the name Chris White to anything. (That person is associated with something? What, is he related to Jack White?)

This is the song I heard, “Like a Shotgun”, which is part of The Chris White Experience’s debut album, “Volume 1”:

I looked up the song on Spotify, listened to it again, looked at the band’s bio page on Spotify which is my general habit to gauge the popularity of a group. The bio page was blank and the few listeners all heralded from Europe. There were only 8 “Followers”, or fans. All this made me think that it must be really small time, hobby band…They’ll get a real kick out of knowing I added their song to a Spotify playlist. I get that type of reaction from artists who I find on Twitter when I tell them they are on a playlist…

I looked up the group on Twitter and  I read the profile description… My jaw went slack:

A stunning new assortment of recordings from 2019 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Chris White of The Zombies.

The Zombies? Chris White is from The Zombies???

Why, yes, yes he is[JF1] !… If you’re a music fan and know the group and can take an interest in history, here’s an audio interview Chris did with other members of the Zombies from last year:

As for White’s new musical endeavor, you can find more information about The Chris White Experience on the official site, you can also sample music from their album, Volume 1, on the site. You also can find the full of each song by way of YouTube.

I’ll admit I haven’t listened to every track from the Experience’s album, I’m still left in shock I’ve crossed someone of this musical magnitude on Lonely Oak Radio. It’s a station I’ve helped promote here and I do encourage indie recording artists to submit their work. I also encourage music fans to give it a shot – these are artists from the world over… All small time, but many worth listening to.


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