I fear Donald Trump’s reaction to the United Nation’s laughter

My initial reaction to news of Donald Trump at the United Nations today was, “He said what?” That’s not intended as an I-want-to-know-his-remarks question; those are clear as day in the headlines. The President of the United States, with all the issues on the home front that have flared, and divisions that have been stressed since his election to the office of the Presidency, boasted about his administration’s achievements. He boasted about them and put himself above every presidency in United States history.

He was fittingly met with laughter from the audience at the United Nations. The world has been exposed to the gaffes and follies and tactics that have alienated America from its allies in favor of isolationism and self-importance. The issues within the United States can’t all be foreign to those doing the laughter either. With how the world works these days, news isn’t a local-audience-only item.

Now, I could elaborate further on the world of geopolitics and media exposure around the world. That would be skipping out on what is on my mind right now about the Dotard in Covfefe and what is on the agenda by way of his habits proved through his time as Commander in Chief: His own reaction to the laughter aimed at him by those audience of the United Nations and what it may result in. And this does not please me. Not one bit.

See, there’s history that springs into my mind, helped along by Trump’s own reaction in recent days to the idea of Puerto Rico being granted statehood in these United States. Trump will not sign off on such an idea and administers blame toward his critics in Puerto Rico in part over that. Trump earned criticism from the isle for how he handled Hurricane Maria relief in the past year. With Trump taking this criticism so personally (and putting it above the actual citizens of the island of Puerto Rico), it repeats the rumors and scuttlebutt tied to Trump’s presidency: It’s not about service, it’s about him. And if you cross him, look out.

Tuesday’s laughter at the UN is the latest place blame will be assigned, where the geo-political world will be damned in the name of Donald J. Trump’s personal ego;.one man over all. I will not be shocked (but I will be upset) when Trump pushes for the United States to leave the United Nations.

Does that sound outlandish? Oh, the concept of America leaving the UN is outlandish. And the concept was pushed at the very start of the 2017 congressional year. The bill didn’t get anywhere or I wouldn’t be writing about this now, and even if it had it would have hurried the divisions of the American public; why the bloody hell leave the UN? Sovereignty is part of the nations that participate in the global body – they’re also accountable. Seeing the United States has been a world leading superpower for decades, it isn’t like the country was submitting over and over again, or ceding land and domestic political control to other countries.

Yet, now the President has a beef of a personal variety. He was held accountable for boasting a lie about the accomplishments of his Presidency, and that accountability was all of honest reaction to a bold-faced lie. A bold-faced lie that insults the legacies of Ronald Reagan, Dwight Eisenhower, Barack Obama, Franklin Roosevelt and others who have done so much more (with unity behind them, or bringing unity) than Trump. Reagan especially comes to mind with his grand challenge to Europe that freed the continent from its own political perils of the 20th Century, “Mr. Gorbachev? Tear down this wall.”

Donald Trump doesn’t believe in tearing down walls such as the Berlin Wall. He’d rather they were constructed to keep the less fortunate out.

In almost 2 years since his election (…with outside interference, still denied by some of Trump’s blind-faith supporters) we’ve learned of Trump’s bully tactics and his inability to work diplomatically. We’ve learned recently (by a rogue in the White House) of how the Presidency truly is akin to the Madness of King George. For Trump to knee-jerk react isn’t unlikely. However, what is unclear is how those around him (and the Republicans in office in an election year) will do to thwart or rein-in Trump’s outlandish reaction. For midterm election sake, the sitting members of the GOP better not approve of such ideas as leaving the UN. They’re already blundering things grandly by looking past sexual assault allegations from multiple women aimed at the nominee for the Supreme Court.

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