Spanning the world and united in melody, the music of Lucy, Racquel and Me

The Internet is the land of opportunity for musical artists. Any artist/group of any music genre from any location who has access to the Net can communicate with producers and other artists to hone and refine their work. You can see this playing out daily on Reddit’s WeAreTheMusicMakers subreddit message board. They’re able to offer their art to the masses with thanks to distribution companies who will place finalized music copies on major digital-sales web sites (such as Apple Music, Amazon MP3 and Google Play) along with putting the tunes on streaming services utilized by the general masses (Spotify and YouTube).

Indie music can be an art form in itself with thanks to the basic element of the Internet in the form of communication. It’s like I already said – you can talk to others in music, hone and produce songs with others from all over. And certain recording artists are just that – groups comprised of elements from different places. They may have never personally met and yet they’ve created by working together.

An example of this is the pop music c work of Lucy, Racquel and Me.

I listen to a lot of indie music by upstart performers and getting-nowhere artists on Lonely Oak Radio. I’m not trying to speak down about the groups when I say this. I’m trying to emphasize that getting out there in the music world is a tough task. While labels dominate with the big, big name musicians and indie artists do what they can to get noticed or spread the word that their tunes are out there.

In the case of this trio, they submitted songs to Lonely Oak, it gets airplay and this blogger’s interest was piqued when they heard them on-air. Who are they? Where are they?

It just so happens that Lucy Prasad, Racquel Roberts, and Philippe Perelman (“Me”) have never met. They don’t perform together, they don’t tour, yet they have two singles and a full album out that they created. They’re not in the easiest “let’s meet!” positions. They all reside on different continents. Lucy, lyricist for the group, is in Australia. Philippe, the composer and musical performer, is in France. Racquel, vocalist, is in Los Angeles and has her own for-hire web site.

Like I said, they embody how the Internet provides opportunity for musicians. How they met furthers the notion. Here’s part of the explanation off of the group’s web site:

It all began because of Lucy 🙂 Both of us [Philippe and Lucy] were registered on a songwriting forum.

I worked with another member, lyricist too, and I posted some songs recorded with a danish singer. I guess Lucy found those songs interesting enough to make contact with me. She sent some lyrics, I wrote some music, sent it to her, and that was it

As Gabby, the danish singer wanted to work on her own songs, I start searching for an online a singer. Voice has always been the main instrument in my music, the key of all.

IHow could we not be convinced] by the result 🙂

You can read more about the trio off of their web site. What it really comes down to in the music world, I can’t help but think of Tiffany when I listen to Racquel’s vocals. Not to suggest that the works of the three are 80’s pop songs. Just, perhaps, a vocal tone similarity is there. That or my memory is worse than I thought.

In general, things are sound; Lucy’s lyrics are poetry while Philippe’s arrangements set a musical stage that isn’t lost in the tech-drumming pacing that too many pop hits of today are lost in. It’s another element – the arrangement – that seems fit to point back to days gone by where pop music wasn’t just dance numbers.

Here is one of their single releases, “Pull Down the Moon”, which is listed as their second most purchased song on Google Play. It’s been listened to on YouTube 122 times since November 2017 as of this writing. SoundCloud would provide a glut more of has-been-listened totals, but YouTube is the more common platform among the general masses… That, and there is a YouTube Music out there that isn’t commonly highlighted by musicians (despite the fact so much of indie music is placed on the YouTube platform).

Lucy, Racquel and Me’s SoundCloud page does feature more works in the development process of songs, as well as the full and official versions of tunes out there on the web on the market.

The Internet is a land of opportunity for musicians, who just need to converge to create. How far they go is a different story – that’s where the Internet becomes a bit of a different beast. Accomplishment comes when attention is attained. The trio of participants who are Lucy, Racquel and Me deserve a moment of yours.

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